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Published on November 16, 2018

Author: JazzlynHarper

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slide 1: VMware Certified Associate Digital Business Transformation Exam slide 2: Why Earn This Certification Earning this certification would mean you understand the virtualization concepts and how they manipulate an enterprise’s digital goals. Having a VCA- DBT Certification would validate you are familiar with VMware products and technology to support VMware Cloud Foundation and Cross-Cloud Architecture Solutions which includes vSphere vSAN NSX and the vRealize Suite. The exam will only test how much you know about the VMware portfolio and you ability to differntiate and suggest between technical solutions. 1V0-701 Questions Answers PDF 1V0-701 Practice Test Questions slide 3: Exam Information 135 Minutes 50 Questions 300 Marks Non-proctored online - multiple choice drag and drop matching 1V0-701 Questions Answers PDF 1V0-701 Practice Test Questions slide 4: Exam Sections Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Define and describe the VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture Define and describe vSphere solutions Define and describe vSAN solutions Define and describe the NSX solution 1V0-701 Questions Answers PDF 1V0-701 Practice Test Questions slide 5: Exam Sections Section 5 Section 6 Section 7 Define and describe vRealize Suite solutions Define and describe Horizon Suite solutions Recommend the right products for a solution that meets customer requirements 1V0-701 Questions Answers PDF 1V0-701 Practice Test Questions slide 6: How to Prepare Your VMware Exam VMware Certification is no doubt a hard task but there are certain ways that you can adopt to increase your chances at passing. 1V0-701 Practice Test is one way to do that. Moreover our 1V0-701 Exam Questions are way more cheap as compared other all while maintaining the high quality. In order to avoid scams choose TestMayor for buying 1V0-701 Practice Test Questions. We have used the actual exam as the model to mold our 1V0-701 Exam Questions for Practice. 1V0-701 Questions Answers PDF 1V0-701 Practice Test Questions slide 7: Why Should You Choose US Validity Updates Support We have made certain that our 1V0-701 Practice Questions and Answers are all valid and accurate 100. Our Expert Staff is always on a look our for new updates so the appropriate changes can be made timely to our 1V0-701 Dumps We are active 24/7 to offer our full support anytime for anything 1V0-701 Questions Answers PDF 1V0-701 Practice Test Questions slide 8: Free Demo To make sure that our customer is fully satisfied we offer a free demo before the actual product purchase. So you can make sure that all that is required is being provided by our 1V0-701 Practice Test Question Answers Dumps 1V0-701 Questions Answers PDF 1V0-701 Practice Test Questions slide 9: Question NO 1 Which is the main differentiator for VMware vSAN when compared to a Virtual Storage Appliance VSA A. VMware vSAN is integrated into the ESXi Kernel. B. VMware vSAN can be implemented with external storage. C. VMware vSAN is implemented as virtual Appliance. D. A VSA is tightly integrated with VMkernel. Answer: A https://www.testmayor.com/1V0-701-test.html slide 10: Question NO 2 Which two statements about VMware Horizon View Administrator are true Choose two. A. VM ware Horizon View Administrator can be installed on a vCenter Server that manages virtual machines. B. VMware Horizon View Administrator is installed with the Horizon View Connection Server. C. VMware Horizon View Administrator is a software service that acts as a broker for client connections. D. VMware Horizon View Administrator allows administrators to manage Horizon View Connection Server instances from anywhere without having to install an application on their local computers. Answer: B D https://www.testmayor.com/1V0-701-test.html slide 11: Question NO 3 Which feature of VMware vSphere will automate the process of migrating virtual machines to fewer hosts during times of low workloads A. FT B. EVC C. DPM D. HA Answer: C https://www.testmayor.com/1V0-701-test.html slide 12: Question NO 4 VMware offers vRealize Suite in editions that provide different functionality at different points making it easy to license VMware vRealize Suite to meet a customer’s specific requirements and use cases. Which three are vRealize Suite editions Choose three. A. Enterprise Plus B. Foundations C. Advanced D. Enterprise E. Professional F. Standard Answer: C D F https://www.testmayor.com/1V0-701-test.html slide 13: Question NO 5 In which form does Virtual SAN store and manage data A. Files B. Disks C. Objects D. Blocks Answer: C https://www.testmayor.com/1V0-701-test.html slide 14: Discount We don’t stop at just low price of Test Dumps Avail our knock-off deal by using Coupon Code “30MEGADEAL” Use the Coupon above for all Practice Test Dumps 1V0-701 Questions Answers PDF 1V0-701 Practice Test Questions Special Offer slide 15: Good Luck with the Exam If you still have anymore questions visit us at the following link: https://www.testmayor .com/1V0-701-test.html

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