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Published on May 8, 2014

Author: meg2606

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Megan Sanders Evaluation Question 3: What have you learned from your audience feedback?

Media A2 Film Trailer Product: Enclosed

Film Trailer Audience: • For our film trailer, we asked our target audience of 9 people to watch our film trailer and answer a survey we produced on it. • We asked them to watch it first so we could record their reactions and then for a second time so they could study it clearly and answer the survey. The survey consisted of 6 questions. We asked these questions as they had complete relevance as to what we wanted to know about how the film trailer impacted the audience.

Film Trailer Audience: Reactions

Film Trailer Feedback: • For our question 1 we asked our audience to list 5 shots/scenes that were most memorable. • This were their answers: Answers Tally Rape scene 9 Gas mask/table card scene 3 Boy reacting violently scene 7 The hanging scene 9 Doctor argument scene 1 Train scene 4 Patient "Shhhh" scene 1 Knife to man's throat scene 5 Baby in bucket scene 1 Establishing shot 3 Blood in sink 2

Film Trailer Feedback: Question 1 • This meant that out of the entire trailer, 10 scenes were most recognisable for our target audience. From our trailer it is clear to see that these specific scenes are all dramatic, meaning they served their purpose of causing an impact on the audience and they stood out. The scene that stood out as most memorable was the hanging scene, which was near the end within the montage and right at the end before the credits. This could have been due to the explicitly hanging man, which was put together with an assumedly innocent soundtrack, but then contrasts with the picture of the man hanging, increasing it’s likability to effect the audience by making them see it as creepy.

Film Trailer Feedback: Question 2 • For question 2, we asked: How did the trailer make you feel, both physically and emotionally? These were our answers.

Film Trailer Feedback: Question 2 • As evident from the answers they are all positive responses towards our film trailer. This is because our film is a psychological thriller, and its purpose is to scare and thrill the audience. These responses show that our trailer stands out as it doesn’t make the audience feel “happy” or “careless” about what’s going on within the trailer, but it instead makes them feel “intrigued” or “on the edge of their seat” which was the most popular responses. There were responses that went to the extent of making the audience feel “sick” and “distressed” showing that the film trailer made them feel physically rather than just emotionally.

Film Trailer Feedback: Question 3 • In question 3, we asked: Please give your interpretation of the plot synopsis, and the genre that you think was represented. These were the audience’s answers.

Film Trailer Feedback: Question 3 • 1) Girl raped, baby given to father to turns him into a patient within the mental asylum, when a doctor arrives and helps the patient. • 2) Mental asylum, patients go off the ropes, causing distress to the owner. The baby was possibly brought up in the asylum? • 3) Based in an asylum, mental patients, and abnormal happenings. • 4) Asylum, story based on the young boy. • 5) Mental institute, patients are abused and everything starts getting out of control, whilst trying to reconnect the mother with her son who is the patient. • 6) A nurse is raped by an unknown individual, who then becomes pregnant. Too ashamed about the whole situation, the child then stays in the mental asylum where he is brought up and becomes mental. • 7) Rape in mental hospital results in a baby being given up and raised as a patient. • 8) Mental institute set in the past. • 9) The nurse was raped and her baby grew up in the mental asylum. The baby was not treated very well and had a mental breakdown.

Film Trailer Feedback: Question 3 • This shows that our product was successful in reaching our target audience. This is because all our responses showed that the audience had understood our trailer’s narrative, and had an idea of what was going. No answers said they were confused throughout the trailer, showing they understood it whilst our trailer still creating a code of enigma encouraging the audience to want to see the full feature film to find out what happens. It also clearly shows that the audience understood that it was of a “scary” nature, with the vast majority of answers saying it was a psychological thriller genre.

Film Trailer Feedback: Question 4 • In question 4, we asked: • Would you be interested in seeing the full feature? Please give your reasons as to why or why not.

Film Trailer Feedback: Question 4 • The responses to this question were very positive for our film trailer product from our target audience. This is because through this question and its responses our target audience proved that we had use the correct target audience for our film trailer. This meant that out film trailer had gripped the target audience’s enough that they would want to see the full feature film, meaning it was successful.

Film Trailer Feedback: Question 5 • Our question 5 was: What age group do you think our trailer is aimed at? Please give your reasons for your answer.

Film Trailer Feedback: Question 5 • Rape scene • Distressing images • Violence • Torture • Mental patients • Disturbing • Too complex and scary for younger audience • Characters represent the age target • Directed to men because of aggressive nature, directed to females through the plot • Murder

Film Trailer Feedback: Question 5 • Our answers for this question showed that 1/3 of our audience thought that it would be a suitable production for 15+ year olds. However, 2/3 of our audience agreed with our initial film rating of suitability for18+ year olds. Our target audience agreed with this as they said it would be much too complex and frightening for a younger audience, and that there were extremely sensitive scenes such as the rape scene and a continuity of violence and torture within a mental asylum. One target audience member also agreed that it would be directed towards both males and females, because of the aggressive nature that would appeal to males due to a lot of action being involved, and females due to the narrative, as there is a lot of nurturing and maternal nature within the film.

Film Trailer Feedback: Question 6 • For our final question, we asked: How well do you think our trailer compares with real existing film trailers? Please tell us the reasons for your opinion. • 1) It is similar to real horror film trailers and is set up well to look like a real trailer. • 2) Well because it grips the audience. • 3) It had a good, gripping atmosphere but the acting could have been better. • 4) I think it sums up to a real existing trailer. The trailer pointed out some of the main features from the film, just like the real trailer. The trailer is also intriguing just like real life trailers. • 5) It had a good atmosphere, thrilling, keeps you on the edge of your seat, interesting, a bit too long but very informative. Good use of music. • 6) I think this trailer is unique compared to others but would fit in with existing trailers. It is a really good trailer including good transitions/soundtrack. • 7) It was very good. Provided the necessary information for the audience to understand the plot but not enough to give away all the details before watching the whole film. • 8) I think it was really good because like professional trailers it built up the suspect well throughout. I think the atmosphere it created was brilliant. • 9) A bit muddled up at times and needed some fuller explanation, however left me wanting to see more which is more than can be said for most current trailers.

Film Trailer Feedback: Question 6 • These responses for our final question clarifies that the majority of people agreed that it would compare well with real existing film trailers, and pointed out parts of the film trailer which could have been improved. This has helped myself and my group to understand what improvements we could have made.

Film Trailer Feedback: Overall • This overall tells me that we had created a media product of a psychological thriller film trailer that appealed to my target audience. My target audience didn’t just give positive comments, but also criticism which would help me in the future when improving my own work. Overall, my audience feedback was excellent as they all said they would want to see the full feature film, they understood the narrative and were able to pick out key scenes which stood out to them whilst feeling emotionally and physically scared whilst watching it.

Film Poster Audience Feedback

Film Poster Feedback: • For this I used survey monkey to ask a target audience consisting of six people to give me feedback on my film poster. In the first question I asked them to study my film poster, and answer the question: From the film poster, what stands out the most to you? These are the responses. Answers Number Door knocker 3 Face within door knocker 2 Cross in the title 1

Film Poster Feedback: • From the feedback of this question, is clear that the image is most effective out of everything, as the responses were not out of a set of options for the audience to choose from but were simply for the audience to comment in a box what stood out the most. This shows that my image was most effective, and the title afterwards, with one response saying the first thing they noticed was the religious cross within the title, showing the title stood out well.

Film Poster Feedback: • In the second question I asked: Does the film poster encourage you enough to make you want to see the film? All six respondents from my target audience agreed and said they would want to see the film just from viewing the film poster. 6 0 Does the film poster encourage you enough to make you want to see the full feature film? Yes No

Film Poster Feedback: • For my third question, I asked the audience what they liked and disliked about the film poster. • Two of the respondents said they liked the simplicity, as it was effective whilst not making it confusing for the audience. • Three of the respondents said they liked the picture and billing block. • One respondent said they found the face in the knocker interesting as it makes it seem interesting and queries what the film is about.

Film Poster Feedback: • The respondents then commented on what they didn’t like. • Four of the respondents said the title’s font wasn’t effective as it made the film seem childish in comparison to how sensitive and obscene the trailer and real product actually was, which could be misleading, and that there shouldn’t have been blood dripping. This means that if I were to change my poster, I would use the font I previously had before changing it. • One respondent said they didn’t like how there was no social networking logos, although there were links for them such as “#Enclosed”, and it could’ve been improved by including a Twitter logo next to this for an audience to be able to access the “hashtag”. • The final respondent said that they enjoyed the poster as a whole but could’ve had an extra effect to the actual door knocker such as blood dripping from the door knocker’s mouth. However, they also commented saying this could’ve made it seem less simplistic, making it lose it’s quality.

Film Poster Feedback: • My next question for my film poster was Do you think the poster’s title of the film’s name “Enclosed” links in well with the image?” All six respondents from my target audience said yes to this question, and here are some examples the respondents gave towards this question.

Film Poster Feedback: • The final question for my film poster was What questions do you have from the film poster? The responses were: Why is there a cross in the title? What is behind the door? Who’s face is in the knocker? Is the person in the door knocker evil or trapped? Is there a religious aspect within the full feature film? Does the title represent a bloody font? Does this mean people get killed?

Film Poster Feedback: • This shows that my target audience were able to identify the themes within my trailer, and were able to understand the film genre through the film poster. • It also shows that the film poster worked in comparison to a real media text as it appealed to my target audience enough to make them want to see the full feature film simply through the film poster, meaning it was effective towards my target audience.

Film Magazine Feedback:

Film Magazine Feedback: • In my question 1 I asked my target audience From the magazine cover, what stands out most to you? Answers Tally The main image 3 The word "help" on the man's hand 2 The "prize" in the bottom left hand corner 1

Film Magazine Feedback: • This shows that my main image was the main attraction to my target audience, but also the “prize” attracted one respondent’s attention the most. This is because this gives the audience a chance to win a chance to go and see the full feature film in cinemas, therefore making them more likely to buy the magazine. It also shows that they not only just have an interest in psychological thriller films, but they also have a keen interest in my film, showing that I have been successful in reaching my target audience through my media products.

Film Magazine Feedback: • Question 2 asked my target audience What do you like and dislike about the film magazine? My respondents commented they liked the) 1) Main image as it created questions for the full feature film 2) The picture as it looks professional and looks like a proper film magazine cover 3) The opportunity to win 4) The price was relatively cheap 5) The main image as there are questions to be revealed, does he need help or is he trying to help? 6) The magazine cover’s title “Filmography” sounds professional.

Film Magazine Feedback: • My target audience didn’t like: • The main image as they were kept wondering what the link was with the movie as they hadn’t seen the trailer • Writing on hand could’ve been slightly larger • Text around the main image could’ve been bigger • The other three respondents couldn’t comment on anything they didn’t like.

Film Magazine Feedback: • For the final question, I asked my audience What genre they thought the film magazine represents. These are their answers. 2 4 What genre do you think the film magazine represents? Horror Psychological Thriller

Film Magazine Feedback: • This shows that my target audience clearly understood that my film magazine represented a horror/psychological thriller, and it clearly appealed to them by studying my previous questions. This shows that my film magazine product was successful in reaching my target audience as they were able to identify their likes and dislikes through the film magazine as they were a well suited target audience.

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