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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: olibrandon

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Task 3 Oli Georgiou

The Time Broadsheet The header is very large and bold to stand out to grab peoples attention. The cross header is also there to stand out and mention an important part of the new story. The strapline is just a bit larger than the copy in the story but quite a lot smaller than the headline. It has a large image set in the right hand corner to relate to the story. The people in the image are also in line with the three columns. The cutout image adverts on the top also stand out because they are in colour but are not relevant to the story. The left cut-out image goes over the newspaper title which could grab peoples attention when looking for the newspaper in a shop. The font is Times New Roman because it was invented for The Times newspaper. The image in the middle of the Title represents The Establishment and it means that they have connections with the government. The lion and the unicorn as they appear on both versions of the Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom. It is set up into 5 columns with the three inline with he three people. The 6 sections at the bottom of the page explain a small story that is continued on another page and it also shows a small cartoon image which could grab peoples attention.

The Time Broadsheet This broadsheet does not have a drop capital anywhere on the page. The blue text is a pull quote which directs you to another page. There is not a lot of white space as the copy fills up a lot of the space as well as the large image. The writing is all in line and neat as it rests on a base-line. This newspaper does have page numbers which helps people refer to each page so they can remember what page they read it on. It also has page numbers to direct you to the other part of a news story. The first few words of the copy below the large image is red to match the main colour in the image.

The Guardian Broadsheet The main headline has the biggest font with the strapline underneath. The two large columns on the left are sort of inline with the two women on the image as they are side by side. It shows the page numbers on the end of the article on the left if you want to read more about the story. Different parts of the image are sectioned off with the bold black lines across the top and bottom of the main articles. The images at the top have a cut-out so the image overlaps onto the page. The orange text at the top grabs peoples attention because it is in colour and right at the top of the broadsheet. The title of the newspaper is also in colour and very bold so people can spot what newspaper it is easily. The 5 columns at the bottom of the page is another story that has a page number that says it continues on another page. The page is cut into three sections because of the bold black lines. The date line is right at the top in smaller writing. The margins between columns are quite small which makes it look very neat having all the lines of text inline using the base-line.

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