1985 Supra

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Information about 1985 Supra

Published on March 22, 2009

Author: supra.5

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1985 Supra <CLICK HERE> TO WIN THIS CAR <CLICK HERE> TO WIN THIS CAR 1985 Toyota Supra Review : The 1985 Toyota Supra saw a few small changes from the previous model year. This time, all Supras got a small power boost in the engine. The sunshade and spoiler were redesigned, and all Supras got standard theft deterrent systems. The 1985 Toyota Celica came with a 2.8-liter dual overhead cam engine with 1601 horsepower. It also came in two trim levels, the P-type (Performance Type) and L-type (Luxury Type.) The P-type came with sporty options such as eight-way adjustable seats. The L-type was available with higher end options such as a digital dash, and a high-tech trip computer. Drivers love the 1985 Toyota Supra because it handles well, especially at high speeds, got good gas mileage, and lasted forever.

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