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Published on September 30, 2007

Author: Lassie

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Setusamudram:  Setusamudram What is Sethusamudram? :  What is Sethusamudram? GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION :  GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION Palk Strait Palk Bay Adam’s Bridge Gulf of Mannar INAGURATION OF THE PROJECT :  INAGURATION OF THE PROJECT 2ND JULY, 2005 (MADURAI) Project Details:  Project Details Features      Two way channel Bottom Width of Channel = 300 m Depth of Channel = 12 m Permissible Draft of Vessel = 10m Permissible Speed of Vessel in Channel = 8 Knots Navigation by day and night   Over all length of Channel = 167 Km     Dredged Channel at Adam’s Bridge = 35Km     Dredged Channel at Palk Strait = 54 Km Maximum Vessel Size      Length = 215 m,  Breadth = 33 m,  Draft = 10 m        TOTAL DREDGING:  TOTAL DREDGING Segment length dredging Adam’s bridge 35 48 Palk bay 78 0 Palk strait 54 34.5 Total 167 82.5 DREDGING SEGMENT:  DREDGING SEGMENT Financial Aspect:  Financial Aspect A special purpose vehicle, Sethusamudram Corporation, has been set up with a debt-equity ratio of 1.5:1 for the Rs 24.27-bn project. The remaining equity of Rs 2.26 bn is to be raised through a public issue, with UTI Bank as facilitator. Advantages:  Advantages 1. Saving of upto 30 hours or 424 nautical miles 2. Considerable savings to vessels and earnings of foreign exchange. 3. Beneficial for naval defence 4. Increased economic activities like transportation, fishing and ancillary industries Augmentation of external infrastructure like road/rail, water & water supply A stable system with least maintenance cost STAKEHOLDER ANALYSIS :  STAKEHOLDER ANALYSIS The SSCP Gulf of mannar & local marine biodiversity Fisher folk families Srilanka Tamil nadu MOFE Vessel operators About gulf of mannar:  About gulf of mannar Some features: First marine Biosphere Reserve in South East Asia, a chain of 20 island Home to 3,600 rare Species of flora and fauna like fishes, coral reefs, sea horse, algae, marine plants 2nd highest marine biodiversity on earth Assessment not on the basis of USEPA but on a rapidly conducted EIA Questions about turbidity, land slides, surface disposal unanswered Imbalance in O2- CO2 ratio Threat to Adam’s bridge Environmental Aspect:  Environmental Aspect Some of the flora and fauna of this region EFFECT ON FISHER FOLKS:  EFFECT ON FISHER FOLKS Among the worst affected, more than one million families devoid of their only source of income No concrete rehabilitation and employment plan arrived at A meager budget ( 60 cr.approx.) The trauma of Orissa, Bhopal and tsunami still to be felt ADVERSE EFFECT ON SRILANKA:  ADVERSE EFFECT ON SRILANKA Extinction of more than 700 fish verities EIA Report prepared without any consultation More susceptible to future cyclone and tsunamis Disastrous effect on marine life, fisheries, virgin beaches in case of an accident India’s secret military and nuclear agenda Decreased importance of Colombo port (60% revenue reduction) TAMILNADU…..:  TAMILNADU….. Political parties playing hide and seek SSCP may lead to large Influx of unemployment Devastating effect on marine ecology and increased risk of tsunami and cyclone ROLE OF MOFE:  ROLE OF MOFE 1. The EAI is a bunch of false claims ---- green peace 2. EAI a hastily completed report ignoring details and some times falsifying 3.Major point of misinformation Sedimentation dynamics Role of cyclone & landslides ignored Site identification for disposal 4. EAI not accordance with UN regulations 5. All the stakeholders not involved Mixed fortune for ships:  Mixed fortune for ships 50% of the resultant saving for them on the fuel and chartering cost is going to go by way of increased tariff THE YAKSHAPRASHNA:  THE YAKSHAPRASHNA Whether to go for short term financial gains or long term ecological balance ? Why is the entire process executed under carpets ? Why not all the stakeholders were invited to express their views ? Is the EAI report adequate and up to the mark ? What is the exact impact on the fragile ecosystem ? Should the ecological boundaries be treated the same way as territorial boundaries ? Who will be answerable in case any thing goes awry ? REFERENCES:  REFERENCES http://www.flonnet.com/index.htm http://sethusamudram.tamilar.org/2005/07/sethusamudram-project-india-terms.html http://www.climate.lk/sethu/docs/balac001.html http://www.tamilinfoservice.com/manitham/environment/sscp/ir1.htm http://www.hindu.com/2004/09/20/stories/2004092001701000.htm http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/2005/07/02/03hdline.htm http://envfor.nic.in/icrmn/dist/mannar.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rama%27s_Bridge Thank you Presented by Nimish (24) and Deepak (61):  Thank you Presented by Nimish (24) and Deepak (61)

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