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Published on April 8, 2008

Author: Vincenza

Source: authorstream.com

The Practice of Deploying DSM:  The Practice of Deploying DSM Report from a Japanese Appliance Maker Trenches http://www.dsmforum.org/events/DSM06/ Laurent Safa Today’s Menu:  Today’s Menu Software Modeling at MEW Tool & Scope More Scope: HA Domain DSM Challenges Proposed Solutions DSM and Cognitive Dimensions Question to the Workshop Software Modeling at MEW:  Software Modeling at MEW We see modeling and code generation as a way to significantly reduce human-factor in embedded software Traditional development Modeling Tool Model-driven Development Embedded application Embedded application use produce write human factor Stop Human-Factor Safe Software Software Risk Tool & Scope:  Tool & Scope Find solution Deploy solution New technology First-of-a-kind application Pass-over to Product Division Technical Creativity Problem solving Functional Creativity Solution variations Classic Software Engineering Software Process Improvement Domain-Specific Modeling More Scope: HA Domain:  More Scope: HA Domain Budget KLOC DSM Productivity x10 +14% Estimate improvement DSM ? Today Next http://biz.national.jp/Ebox/kahs/index.html DSM Challenges:  DSM Challenges Framework 1 Framework 2 Traditional Environment is Fluid Modeling Tool 1 Model-driven Development is Viscose Embedded software Embedded software write “C” Framework 3 Embedded software Modeling Tool 2 Modeling Tool 3 Many languages to master Many tools to maintain New (expensive) practitioner New tool to use What happens to me? Who’s the tool user anyway? Proposed Solutions:  Proposed Solutions Framework 1 Framework 2 Traditional Environment is Fluid Modeling Tool 1 Model-driven Development is Viscose Embedded software Embedded software write “C” Framework 3 Embedded software Modeling Tool 2 Modeling Tool 3 Family of similar languages Test-driven metamodeling Configurable metamodeling tool (DSM tool’s toolkit) HCI Present DSM as a pain-killer Focus on creative developments Problem-based user selection DSLs and Cognitive Dimensions:  DSLs and Cognitive Dimensions http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~afb21/CognitiveDimensions/ Question to the Workshop:  Question to the Workshop What are other approaches to Foster usability Sustain deployment Reduce initial cost of DSM tools? Knowing To foster usability we do escape semantics, convention over configuration, unknown, only-one-view DSL, default behaviors To sustain deployment we do test-driven metamodeling To Reduce initial cost we use a configurable modeling tool More from the paper…:  More from the paper… DSM Capsule:  DSM Capsule Software Engineering Framework DSM capsule Product Variations Market Evolution Marketing Technologist domain Product domain “classic” design and modeling DSM Development Life Cycle:  DSM Development Life Cycle Software Engineering Domain-Specific Modeling Metamodeling Research New Product Product Variations Product Line Software Engineering Product Line Development Only Once Development Simulink, etc... Metamodeling Delay:  Metamodeling Delay Tomorrow’s tool Today’s practices Yesterday’s practices Today’s tool Well-known problem range lower value New problem range higher value Metamodeling delay Escape semantics bridge the gap Escape Semantics:  Escape Semantics tu : bit dimmer : integer [0..127] dimmer : integer [0..127] group : bit pattern Union by: A. Tanaka (2006/01/25 16h30) With Full2Way, the address space from 0 to 255 is shared between “tu” and “dimmer” equipment. Each address within that space can be either bit or integer[0..127]. The selection can be changed at run-time by loading a new configuration file. Lighting equipment 256 16 127 72 Testing DSLs:  Testing DSLs appli. source appli. model meta model input expected output actual output modeling tool build system test management system executable product test result framework

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