18. Algorithms

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Published on February 24, 2014

Author: JosephHenryMurphy

Source: slideshare.net

From last time… • Using the PGraphics object as image layers or off-screen image buffers! • Collision detection based on distance vs. color–using an off-screen image buffer! • Iteration 1 graded and returned via email

Algorithms I CAP

Pseudo-coding 1. Tackle one object at a time! 2. Decide what it needs to know (its data), what it needs to do (its methods), and how it needs to be built initially (its constructor)! 3. Write pseudo-code first, then translate it into real code in small chunks

Demo! Refactoring Pong

Demo! Add Game Methods 1. Reset! 2. Pause! 3. Count Down

For next time… • Read Shiffman, p. 178–198 (Algorithms II, Debugging, & Libraries)! • Decide what to do about Friday…

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