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Published on July 1, 2013

Author: whitedolma



training-oriented presentation of the basic idea behind Johari window

The JOHARI Window known to us unknown to us known to others unknown to others

The JOHARI Window known to us unknown to us known to others unknown to others ARENA  The information that you know about yourself that others also know  Things you tell others when you introduce yourself  All the information you want others to know

The JOHARI Window known to us unknown to us known to others unknown to others FACADE  Everything we don’t want others to know about us  A closet of feelings, insecurities and not so great experiences  Private information

The JOHARI Window known to us unknown to us known to others unknown to others BLIND SPOT  What others know about you but you don’t know about yourself  “You’re a good listener.”  “You snore.”  “No one likes the way you laugh.”

The JOHARI Window known to us unknown to us UNKNOWN  Information that neither you, nor other know about you  Abilities and potential still undiscovered  You could be an amazing PR or personal counselor but no one knows that yet known to others unknown to others

The JOHARI Window ARENA FACADE BLIND SPOT UNKNOWN Self- disclosure Feedback


An experienced member of a team ARENA FACADE BLIND SPOT UN- KNOWN

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