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Published on September 8, 2010

Author: prejish


PowerPoint Presentation: PRESENTED BY:- PREJISH NAIR CYBER TERRORISM PowerPoint Presentation: What is cyber terrorism? It is a criminal activity committed on internet. In general “It is a unlawful act wherein computer is either a tool or target or both” PowerPoint Presentation: Illegal access Illegal interception System interference Data interference Misuse of devices Fraud Forgery It includes the foll conducts :- PowerPoint Presentation: why should WE care ? It is important for computing professionals to understand cyber terrorism for benefit of themselves, their profession & society as whole. The computer is being used as a new weapon to obtain results similar to use of bombs, kidnapping, etc PowerPoint Presentation: Threats to computer system :- Hacking Sniffing Spoofing Cont….: Cont…. Viruses Worms Cont…: Cont… Denial of service Trojan horse PowerPoint Presentation: Terrorist groups PowerPoint Presentation: Types of attack done in various sectors Financial fraud 11% Theft of information 17% Denial of service 27% Unauthorized access by insider 71% Viruses 85% PowerPoint Presentation: Protection against threats Use of firewalls Passwords and login- Id Antivirus Change network configuration Backup of data and information PowerPoint Presentation: New technology to monitor cyber Terrorism Cyber Café Monitoring System This technology comprises of a biometric system for recording finger prints of persons who use a workstation. This potent system has some other features like facility to take live snapshots , public IP address and MAC address PowerPoint Presentation: The importance of cyber law Person found doing activities such as :- Tampering with computer source documents Hacking with computer system Publishing of information which is obscene in electronic form Misrepresentation Breach of confidentiality and privacy PowerPoint Presentation: Cont… Publishing digital signature false in certain particulars Publication of unlawful document for fraudulent purpose Can be charged up to rupees 1 to 3 Lakhs OR Can get imprisonment for 2 to 10 Years OR Both can be implemented according to the law PowerPoint Presentation: Without careful attention to these issues, the uncontrolled interconnection of existing system on which people and organization are critically dependent will continue to create huge, ill defined and defenseless super system. So we must pay attention to all those issues and protect world from cyber crime and terrorism Conclusion PowerPoint Presentation: THANKS!!!

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