How to design your own motivational posters

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Published on February 11, 2014

Author: carolyngiles752



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How to Design your Own Motivational Poster in 3 simple steps Creating the right poster, means that you need to have the adequate amount of tools, references and ideas so that the finished product can be a perfected one. But does this mean that making a motivational poster is quite a complex task? Absolutely not let’s find out how you can design your own motivational posters in just three simple steps. Step No-1 Search you’re way out Look for awesome ideas. You can start your path for designing your poster, by looking over some examples of the same, and this will help you to have a good thought about, what this is all about and then, you start your search for the pictures, that will be used in your poster. Do remember that motivational posters are all about pictures, and purity that one can find in them. Hence, it is advisable to go for those pictures that matches with your concept of motivation, and at the same time portrays an in depth meaning, which has the ability to touch the heart of millions. As if you have the right picture that brings motivation, then you can never go wrong with the poster. Step No-2 Type down Meaning full messages This is the most crucial time for any motivational poster maker , to make a poster that speaks your heart out. The essence of any poster which is meant for motivation comes out from the words that are mentioned in them. And most of the poster that are based on motivation should always have a central them or idea. Try to focus more on that central them and idea, and probably then you can get, the words that should be written in the poster.

Make sure, that the message mentioned in the poster should connect with the theme of the poster and you should even add up a title to create a foundation for your poster’s theme. And always try to insert your message right below the picture of your poster. Step No -3 complete it up with Final Touch-ups Now, it’s time to give your motivational poster a face that it needs. In this step you have to deal with the size, color, frame, font and borders of your poster. This step will decide how unique and noteworthy your poster is going to be. To make your poster appealing, try to use a splash of black color in the background, and go for simple fonts, at normal size of the message. But, when you are working on the title of the poster, you can go for the stylish fonts, but try to keep it as simple as it can be. In the color part inside the poster, go for lighter colors that will complement the dark black present at the borders. And always remember to create a border for the image and the message mentioned in the poster. So, here are the 3 simple steps that will allow you to create great motivational posters , in just a fraction of minutes.

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