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Published on May 10, 2013

Author: AndyDavies



Slides from my talk on mobile performance at Port 80, Newport

Making Mobile Sites Faster@andydavies#Port80, May 2013

Imagine… later today…

How long would you wait here?

Some of this advice will expire many devices… lots of variation

Differing Network EnvironmentsGPRS EDGE 3G 4G WiFiFaster, Lower Latency???Special networks…Conference, Hotel & Coffee shop WiFi

Latency is a huge issue“In 2012, the average worldwide RTT toGoogle is still ~100ms, and ~50-60ms withinthe US.”“we are looking at 100-1000ms RTT rangeon mobile”Ilya Grigorik

3G Radio Resource Control CELL_FACHCELL_DCH Idle for 5sIdle for 12s1-2s delay!Exact timings vary and depend on carrier NOT device1s delay’s not just about speed

Some things block’s needed to render the page?

Fast mobile sites have short waterfalls

Do you deploy your CSS like this?<link href="screen.core.css" /><link media="(min-width: 320px)" href="s320.css" /><link media="(min-width: 480px)" href="s480.css" /><link media="(min-width: 750px)" href="s750.css" /><link media="(min-width: 960px)" href="s960.css" />

Do you really need that font?

And what about those scripts?

Remember GZIP and Caching

Re-Use TCP Connections - HTTP Keep-Alive(HTML5 Boilerplate has example settings for Apache)Orange segments arenew TCP connectionsbeing opened

Beware of Redirects367ms and still no HTML!Set a cache lifetime and make them private

#OneLessJPGMisquoted a lot recently, original quoterefers to relative sizes of JS libraries

ImagesScriptsStylesheetsOtherHTMLImages are 70% of an ‘average’ mobile site

Time to bury bitmapped images?

Use vector graphics instead?SVG: 12 KB vs PNG: 86KB

Heydings by Heydon WorksIcon fonts&#x2605; ★&#x2665; ♥&#x2601; ☁“Bog Standard Font”&#x2606; ☆

Use CSSborder-radius: 20px;background: linear-gradient(left, #f06, #ff0);Some combinations produce poor paint performance

What if only a bitmap image will do?

Size images for the viewport

Proposed srcset attribute<img src="beach-desktop.jpeg"srcset="beach-mobile.jpeg 720wbeach-tablet.jpeg 1280w"alt="The beach is gorgeous.">image-set() is CSS equivalent

Compressive Images (experimental)Double the dimensions but lower the quality

As images get smaller need to focus on subject“Art Direction” - Jason Grigsby

<picture><source media="(min-width: 45em)" src="large.jpg"><source media="(min-width: 18em)" src="med.jpg"><source src="small.jpg"><img src="small.jpg" alt=""><p>Accessible text</p></picture>Proposed picture element

Cache-Control: no-transformStop proxies recompressing your imagesUnclear how many proxies follow the standard

Do you really want to do it by hand?Can adapt format for visitor e.g.WebPAutomate generate image versions CMS- Scripts- CDNs- Dedicated services

We’re adapting on the client-side

But we shouldn’t forget about the server

devicewidthClient Hints HTTP Header (proposed) dh=598, dw=384, dpr=2.0deviceheightdevicepixelratio

! "ipinfo": {! ! "ip_address":"",! !"ip_type":"Mapped",! !"Network": {! !! "organization":"vodafone limited",! ! !"carrier":"vodafone limited",! ! !"asn":25135,! ! !"connection_type":"mobile wireless",! ! !"line_speed":"low",! ! !"ip_routing_type":"mobile gateway",! ! !"Domain": {! ! !! "tld":"net",! ! !! "sld":"vodafone"! ! !! }! ! !},Quova GeoPoint APIWhat if we could detect mobile connections?

cache-control: private&vary: user-agentManaging Caching

But loading fast is only the start…

Facebook artificially slowed downscrolling from 60fps to 30fpsUser Engagement Collapsed

So… what wrecks smoothness?

“Rendering Without Lumpy Bits”

Don’t just rely on rules… learn how to measure

Thank You!@andydaviesandy@asteno.com

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