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Published on June 28, 2017

Author: TomMallens

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1. 17 profitable things to say on Linkedin Your guide to generating high- quality B2B sales leads from your Linkedin status updates By Tom Mallens, founder of the Social Sales Academy

2. If you were at a business exhibition full of potential customers, would you expect to get many leads, opportunities and enquiries if you sat by yourself in the corner refusing to talk to anyone? I guess not. The same rules apply to Linkedin. Whether you've got 5 connections or 5,000, you won't get much benefit if you don't interact with them through status updates in the home newsfeed, direct messages or longer blog-style articles Get your Linkedin updates right and you'll find it easier than ever to do the most important thing a B2B sales or marketing person can do with social media; get ideal potential customers OFFLINE and into qualified, rapport-filled phone calls and face-to-face meetings. You'll also build your reputation, create awareness of who you are and what you do and get a quick and easy way to keep in touch with new potential customers and useful people who can put you in touch with them. Here are four important points, to bear in mind: The golden rules of great Linkedin updates 1. Avoid directly pitching your products (it puts people off). 2. Write in the same conversational way that you speak. 3. Get your key message in the first 218 characters. 4. Wherever possible, use happy eye-catching pictures In a moment, you'll get 17 effective ways to update you Linkedin status. But first, here's some important background info so you can find the things that will work best for you first time. L I N K E D I N U P D A T E S Tom Mallens +44 (0)1926 800 428 tom@tommallens.com

3. When it comes to Linkedin, status updates are the cornerstone of communicating with your network. Unfortunately, a lot of people miss the opportunity because they either don't know what to say and, as a result, say nothing OR what they say is simply ineffective and doesn't create conversations with people who might become customers. You get 1,300 characters (including spaces) to update your Linkedin status. Once you do, everyone in your network has the potential to see it. If someone likes, shares or comments on your update, people in their network will have the chance to see it. Linkedin's algorithms are still not as restrictive and powerful as Facebook's, meaning it's far more likely a popular update will be seen by more people; generating valuable visibility and opportunities to speak to useful contacts in the process. Questions? Grab 15 minutes with me at: Calendly.com/ TomMallens/quickchat Tom Mallens +44 (0)1926 800 428 tom@tommallens.com

4. The psychology of Linkedin status updates In business networking, some people dismiss small talk as a trivial waste of time. In the same way, many B2B sales people fail to see the value of regularly updating their Linkedin status. In reality, small talk in business is FAR from trivial. It's a deeply seated part of the human communication process that people use to create rapport, establish trust and find common ground that will build win-win relationships. Linkedin updates are the small talk of B2B social media. They might seem trivial but they're a VITAL part of creating rapport, trust and initiating relationships in a way that will transition into more productive phone calls and meetings later. The changing face of the B2B buying process According to marketing research company Fleishman-Hillard, 89% of B2B decision-makers now start their buying process with an online search. While consulting firm CEB says 57% of the buying process in B2B purchasing now takes place BEFORE any direct contact with a sales person. Sales people that are active on Linkedin are far more likely to profit from being involved in those initial conversations before face-to-face meetings take place.  Before I forget, here's what NOT to do . . . L I N K E D I N U P D A T E S Tom Mallens +44 (0)1926 800 428 tom@tommallens.com

5. Key rules for successful Linkedin status updates Write the way you speak The best updates start profitable sales conversations. So it makes sense that they should be written in a conversational way. Before you update your status, ask yourself, is this something I would say to someone face-to-face? If not, rewrite it so it reads likes something you would say. You'll get a lot more responses as a result. Don't focus on vanity metrics Not every update you do has to get thousands of likes and shares to be useful. Just one potential customer or useful contact has to react for it to be worth your while. Worry less about the vanity metrics of likes and shares and more about how many potential customers you can get onto the phone as a result. Use attention-grabbing pictures Great pictures grab people's attention and make your updates much more effective. I'm absolutely serious when I encourage people to take selfie-style pictures on their phone for Linkedin. Selfies (whether they're of you or a group you're with) give a much more personal sense of connection with people. Old-fashioned line-up shots taken by 'proper' photographers often look boring and uninvolved by comparison. Get people OFF Linkedin and onto the phone I stress this in all the Linkedin, sales and social sales training I run for companies. A great Linkedin update alone doesn't put money in your pocket. Following up with people you interact with to get rapport-filled calls and meetings does. Don't forget that.    Questions? Grab 15 minutes with me at: Calendly.com/ TomMallens/quickchat Tom Mallens +44 (0)1926 800 428 tom@tommallens.com

6. This is, arguably, the most effective tactic for your Linkedin updates. Rather than broadcasting what you’re up to, be interested in what other people are doing and saying. Like their updates, add a fresh point-of-view, a supportive comment or share the update with your network. In the words of Dale Carnegie in his seminal book How To Win Friends And Influence People: “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”  It's amazing how many more people will respond to messages, take calls, and agree to meeting requests when you've made them feel good about themselves with positive or flattering comments, than it is when you're focussed on trying to get them interested in you. 1. COMMENT ON OTHER PEOPLE'S UPDATES EXAMPLE Questions? Grab 15 minutes with me at: Calendly.com/ TomMallens/quickchat Tom Mallens +44 (0)1926 800 428 tom@tommallens.com

7. People love things that are valuable and free. If you can give people a free, zero-risk way to experience your product (whether they ever buy from you or not) you can find out exactly which people are interested in it. Entrepreneur Nigel Botterill once said that while most people in business buy and then sell, the real masters sell first and only buy the product they sell once they know it's already sold. Taking Nigel's advice, I asked if people would be interested in a free guide to Linkedin messages, then stayed up all night writing it once I knew there was a demand. Tap into a hidden pain point that your customers have and you can get similar great results. 2. OFFER PEOPLE SOMETHING VALUABLE & FREE EXAMPLE L I N K E D I N U P D A T E S Tom Mallens +44 (0)1926 800 428 tom@tommallens.com

8. If you’ve bumped into someone interesting or inspiring that you’d like to build rapport with, mentioning them on Linkedin is a great way to help yourself and them. Write a positive and supportive comment that highlights their area of expertise and how other people in your network could benefit from connecting with them. If the person is already in your network, you can mention them in a comment and they’ll receive a notification that you were talking about them. Be warned, the system that picks up you typing their name can be a little erratic and occasionally, you may be have to type it once or twice before it shows their name.  3. THANK AND PROMOTE PEOPLE YOU'VE MET EXAMPLE Questions? Grab 15 minutes with me at: Calendly.com/ TomMallens/quickchat Tom Mallens +44 (0)1926 800 428 tom@tommallens.com

9. In general, most people want to see other people be successful. If something good happens to you in business, share it with your network. It doesn't have to be spectacular. You don't have to have won an award or been promoted. Even a simple meeting, sale or uplifting anecdote can be turned into something people will enjoy hearing about if you explain it with a clear description and, more importantly, an eye-catching photo. Link something good that happens to you to something other people want to achieve too and you'll attract plenty of likes and brand awareness at the same time. 4. SHARE POSITIVE AND UPLIFTING EVENTS EXAMPLE L I N K E D I N U P D A T E S Tom Mallens +44 (0)1926 800 428 tom@tommallens.com

10. Writing blogs, analysing news or sourcing high-quality content to post on Linkedin can take time – something most people don’t always have a lot of. If this is you, write a short quote that the people you want to speak to would find interesting, amusing or inspiring *and* that you find easy to think of every day. Aim to write no more than one or two sentences and you’ve got a quick and easy way to keep your network informed, entertained and reminded of who you are and what you do. Some good examples of this are Caroline Woodward’s ’11AM Coffee Time Tip’, Phil Ingle's 'Stat of the day' and the motivational quotes I've posted every weekday for the last three or four years. I use the Typorama and Crop apps on my mobile to create and size images quickly. 5. SHARE INSPIRATION, QUOTES & QUIPS EXAMPLE Questions? Grab 15 minutes with me at: Calendly.com/ TomMallens/quickchat Tom Mallens +44 (0)1926 800 428 tom@tommallens.com

11. Most people love to give their opinions on things. If you ask people to read your sales pitch, they almost certainly won’t. If you ask people to give their opinion on it, a lot of them will relish the chance to tell you where they think you did well and/or badly. The result for you is the same; they’ve read your sales pitch. For this reason, asking questions is a great way to start conversations with your network. Ask them for their opinions, advice, suggestions, tips or ideas. The value you get from the responses depends on what and how you ask. Either way, it’s a good way to create exposure and get people looking at your profile.  6. ASK FOR ADVICE, IDEAS & OPINIONS EXAMPLE L I N K E D I N U P D A T E S Tom Mallens +44 (0)1926 800 428 tom@tommallens.com

12. Sharing what people, places and appointments are in your diary is a great way to tell a story about you and your business. If you or your company are out and about visiting interesting people and places, or working towards an inspiring goal, sharing regular details of your progress is a brilliant way to generate support for your cause. (With a little thought, it's easy to talk about your diary highlights without giving away any sensitive information that could give your competitors an advantage.) Voice coach Priscilla Morris, business finance trainer Phil Ingle and wills and estate planning specialist Raj Singh Rainu regularly share details schedules with followers. This helps build familiarity to the point that many people will recognise them and be happy to speak to them; what author Jeb Blount calls the 'familiarity threshold'. 7. SHARE HIGHLIGHTS FROM YOUR DIARY EXAMPLE Questions? Grab 15 minutes with me at: Calendly.com/ TomMallens/quickchat Tom Mallens +44 (0)1926 800 428 tom@tommallens.com

13. EXAMPLE L I N K E D I N U P D A T E S Tom Mallens +44 (0)1926 800 428 tom@tommallens.com Promoting other people is a great way to build rapport with others, facilitate conversations and raise your profile at the same time, provided you do it strategically. Helping your existing and/or prospective customers by sharing their content is a useful strategy for building goodwill. Another useful tactic is to write *about* other people that you want to build relationships with. Finally, look for ways to raise your profile by promoting other people who target the same customers as you but whose products and services do not compete with yours. By sharing these people’s blogs you help your potential customers with valuable advice AND you help build relationships.  8. PROMOTE OTHER PEOPLE'S CONTENT

14. If you’re connected with someone on Linkedin, you get a certain amount of opportunity to interact with them. If you’re connected on Twitter, that amount goes up. If you’re connect on Facebook as well, the amount goes up still further. Inviting people to connect with you on multiple different platforms is a useful way to build stronger relationships with potential customers. You can update your Linkedin status to invite people to connect with you on Twitter (or Facebook, or Instagram or even Snapchat). Importantly, make sure you give them a direct reason or benefit. The days of people getting excited at the prospect of following someone on Twitter for the sake of it are LONG gone. Business coach Andy Robinson is on Twitter as @AndyInNaples. He’s created a custom website domain name to make it easier for people to remember his Twitter handle. Simply go to:  www.AndyOnTwitter.com and you’ll be redirected to his Twitter account where you can follow him.  9. INVITE PEOPLE TO OTHER SOCIAL SITES EXAMPLE L I N K E D I N U P D A T E S Tom Mallens +44 (0)1926 800 428 tom@tommallens.com

15. Is your company changing or starting interesting new ventures, programmes or projects? If so, let your connections and followers know what’s going on at a strategic level. KEY TIP: If you have a sales or marketing team who use Linkedin, you can announce the change via your Linkedin Company Page and simply ask your team to like, share and comment on the update so everyone in their networks see the update too. For this to work, it’s important everyone on Linkedin in your company is following your Linkedin Company Page. Make sure they’ve hit you Company Page follow button. This way, your marketing department ensures the update is in line with the company policy and saves your staff time and hassle too.  10. SHARE YOUR COMPANY'S STRATEGY NEWS EXAMPLE L I N K E D I N U P D A T E S Tom Mallens +44 (0)1926 800 428 tom@tommallens.com

16. If you’re continuing to learn new knowledge or skills that make you better at your job – whether it's through evening classes, online courses, certifications or training seminars – this could be something that helps and interests your existing and potential customers. Sharing news about your qualifications can be interesting to potential customers if you word it in the right way.  And don’t forget to add them to your Linkedin profile. If your new qualifications mean you’ve acquired new skills, add these to your endorsements section too. Far from being a place where strangers can give you an anonymous pat on the back, endorsements are important for Linkedin's algorithms to decide what you are and aren't good at and where, as a result, you should appear in search results for which particular skills. 11. SHARE PROOF YOU'RE GOOD AT YOUR JOB EXAMPLE L I N K E D I N U P D A T E S Tom Mallens +44 (0)1926 800 428 tom@tommallens.com

17. Whatever fancy features and benefits your products deliver, most potential customers only want to know one thing. What results will I get if I buy it? Results are what matter. Sharing the results you or your clients are getting is a great way to highlight the results you’ll get for any new potential customers seeing your updates and considering your services. It doesn't have to be a HUGE new contract or incredible testimonial, even a relatively small result can make a great update if you write an interesting caption combined with an attention- grabbing update. 12. SHOWCASE THE RESULTS YOU DELIVER EXAMPLE L I N K E D I N U P D A T E S Tom Mallens +44 (0)1926 800 428 tom@tommallens.com

18. For better or worse, people make buying decisions based on emotion, rather than logic. Deliberately tapping into people's emotions is a well-used sales tactic that helps create desire for a product and speeds up people's ability to make a decision. Deliberately tapping into people's emotions is also a great way to build awareness of who you are and what you do so that people remember you more easily. You can use the same face-to-face tactic on Linkedin by posting deliberately emotive or controversial updates designed to provoke strong reactions for or against your point-of-view. If you can express strong opinions about topics relevant to your products and services, you'll get a lot more opportunities to start conversations with potential prospects *and* be on their mind when you follow-up with any prospects involved in the discussion. 13. BE DELIBERATELY CONTROVERSIAL EXAMPLE L I N K E D I N U P D A T E S Tom Mallens +44 (0)1926 800 428 tom@tommallens.com

19. EXAMPLE L I N K E D I N U P D A T E S Tom Mallens +44 (0)1926 800 428 tom@tommallens.com The days when publishing a few basic tips on social media would build your reputation and make you a stand-out expert are long gone. However, consistently sharing genuinely valuable information still can. Updates where you share insightful advice (rather than blindingly obvious and useless tips) will help sell people on the idea of working with you before they even speak to you in person. A successful business consultant told me he always gave away his most valuable information for free because it would help prove his worth before people had any idea how much he cost. In comparison to the value, his prices would seem lower. Giving away low-value tips on the grounds they're free subconsciously associates you with low value and your prices will seem painfully high in comparison. 14. GIVE AWAY YOUR BEST ADVICE FOR FREE

20. 15. RESPOND TO INDUSTRY NEWS New information is, was and always will be interesting to people precisely because it is, err, new. Decent industry news contains something unusual, intriguing and important for a particular audience that they won’t have heard before. Sharing quality news that’s relevant to your potential customers is a good way to highlight your know-how, expertise and interest in helping them. You probably won’t be able to find high-quality news specific to your niche or industry from general news websites like the BBC, Sky News or Al Jazeera. In which case, content aggregating sites like Feedly, Fark, Google News, Buzzsumo and New 360 will help you be first with the latest high-quality news stories relevant to you and your customers.  EXAMPLE L I N K E D I N U P D A T E S Tom Mallens +44 (0)1926 800 428 tom@tommallens.com

21. Seen a useful video on Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo? Update your status with a link to that video. Try to find videos that are less than three minutes long, to encourage people to take the time to watch them. You can even mention how long the video is in your update. It will seem more appealing to watch if people know exactly how long it will take. To get the best results, simply make sure the the video content is consistent with your brand or area of expertise. And rather than simply posting a link – which is a terrible waste of an opportunity that almost always results in little to no engagement – add a comment that gives insight, context or meaning to the video. 16. SHARE VIDEOS FROM YOUTUBE OR VIMEO EXAMPLE L I N K E D I N U P D A T E S Tom Mallens +44 (0)1926 800 428 tom@tommallens.com

22. If there’s something you’re trying to achieve in business, why not simply ask for it in a Linkedin status update? There’s a famous story about Steve Jobs who wanted to complete a science project for a school assignment. He wanted to build an electronic frequency counter and so, he phoned up Bill Hewlett, of Hewlett Packard fame, and asked if he had some. (It was back in the days when people's numbers, including Hewlett's, was still in the phone book.) Hewlett gave jobs the components AND gave the 12-year-old Jobs a summer job assembling frequency counters on the HP production line. Granted, in those days, Hewlett’s number was easy to find but Jobs still had the chutzpah to simply ask for what he wanted. “I’ve never found anybody who didn’t want to help me if I asked for help,” said Jobs. If there’s something you want to achieve in business, simply ask your Linkedin network if they can help. 17. ASK FOR WHATEVER IT IS YOU WANT EXAMPLE L I N K E D I N U P D A T E S Tom Mallens +44 (0)1926 800 428 tom@tommallens.com

23. This idea is so obvious and powerful, I'm surprised more people don't do it. Whatever you do or sell in business, people seeing you doing it successfully alongside happy customers has a powerful and inevitable positive impact. Very often, people stall buying decisions because they're not sure what it will look or feel like once they've purchased. They're unsure and afraid on a subtle psychological level. So why not take away their fear by showing them exactly what spending money with you looks like. Next time you're doing what you do best, whip out your phone, grab a picture and show people what you do. You'll be surprised how many people that like your pictures are good leads to follow-up. 18. YOUR FREE BONUS IDEA! �� EXAMPLE L I N K E D I N U P D A T E S Tom Mallens +44 (0)1926 800 428 tom@tommallens.com

24. SOCIAL SALES ACADEMY L E A R N M O R E - E A R N M O R E ABOUT TOM MALLENS After starting manufacturing sales agency business Fibrecore 6 years ago, I now help people sell more using Linkedin and social sales tools & strategies. I've delivered training for hundreds of SMEs and larger companies like Suzuki GB, Cranfield University School of Management and Saint-Gobain. SERVICES & PACKAGES The Social Sales Academy is a one-stop-shop for solopreneurs, consultants and B2B sales people to learn the skills, strategies and tools to sell in the 21st century. For free help and advice, call Tom on +44 (0)1926 800 428. IN-HOUSE, 121 & REMOTE TRAINING Custom training design and consultancy Delivery using accelerated learning techniques Suitable for individuals, groups and online CONSULTANCY & COACHING Linkedin & social sales strategy planning Sales coaching and support Social sales consulting and advisory support SPEAKING Seminars and workshops Conferences and exhibitions Interactive, informative and fun!

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