17 inspirational public relations quotes

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Information about 17 inspirational public relations quotes

Published on May 8, 2014

Author: prezly

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A collection of 17 famous PR quotes

PublicRelations Quotes 17

Eitherwritesomething worthreadingordo somethingworth writingabout. BenjaminFranklin FoundingFatheroftheUSA tweetquote

Publicrelationsarea keycomponentofany operationinthisday ofinstant communicationsand rightlyinquisitive citizens. AlvinAdams Diplomat— 1804-1877 tweetquote

Someareborn great,some achievegreatness, andsomehire publicrelations offi cers. DanielJ.Boorstin Historian,professor,attorney,andwriter tweetquote

Nexttodoingthe rightthing,themost importantthingisto letpeopleknow you aredoingtheright thing. JohnD.Rockefeller Businessmagnate tweetquote

Journalism isprinting whatsomeoneelse doesnotwantprinted: everythingelseis publicrelations. GeorgeOrwell Author tweetquote

Advertisingis sayingyou’regood. PRisgetting someoneelseto sayyou’regood. Jean-LouisGassée FounderBeOS tweetquote

Itisalwaysarisk tospeaktothe press:theyare likelytoreport whatyousay. HubertH.Humphrey VicePresidentoftheUnitedStates tweetquote

IfIwasdownto mylastdollar, Iwouldspendit onpublicrelations BillGates ChairmanGatesFoundation,Microsoft tweetquote

PRcompanieshave intelligencein spades,theyneed moreartistry JohnMescal CreativeDirector McCannMelbourne tweetquote

Weneedmore dataanalystsand plannersinPR PaulHolmes CEOatTheHolmesGroup tweetquote

PRisaboutcreating contentandmanaging communications— inwhateverformatitis. LordChadlington CEOatHuntsworthPLC tweetquote

Thebestanswerto thequestion‘How do Icreateaviralvideo?’ is‘Shutup’. RobFlaherty Ketchum CEO tweetquote

Publicityis absolutelycritical. AgoodPRstoryis infinitelymore effectivethana frontpagead. RichardBranson FounderatVirginGroup tweetquote

PRisamixof journalism,psychology, andlawyering –it’sanever-changing andalways interesting landscape. RonnTorossian Founder5W PublicRelations tweetquote

Ifwewantaseatat the‘grownupstable’ wehavetoearnit viametrics DavidRockland Partner&ManagingDirectoratKetchum tweetquote

ThehistoryofPR is…ahistoryofa battleforwhatis realityandhow peoplewillseeand understandreality. StuartEwen Author,historianandlecturer tweetquote

Peopledonotbuy goodsandservices. Theybuyrelations, storiesandmagic. SethGodin Author&entrepreneur tweetquote

Thankyoufor theinspiration

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