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Published on April 24, 2014

Author: wget2013

Source: slideshare.net

New Technologies and Methods for Sustaining Key Communications During and Post Disaster A Case Study from Typhoon Haiyan

Andrew Schroeder Director of Research and Analysis Direct Relief (www.directrelief.org) Brian Fishman Disaster Relief | Humanitarian Response | Resilience Palantir Technologies (www.palantir.com)

Implementing Partnerships: Local National International Coordination and Analytics Technology Development

Who needs help? What kind? How much? Where? Have needs been met? Have needs changed?

Four Smaller Parts of the Big Problem: 1. Damaged networks impede real- time digital data collection. 2. Coordination and data sharing either fails to occur or occurs intermittently in face-to-face meetings. 3. Field data collection is not linked directly to open public data. 4. Evaluation occurs after the fact, not continuously.

1. Remote Data Collection

Typhoon Haiyan Deployment: inReachSE by Delorme • Delorme InReach • Satellite-connected SMS using the Iridium network • Drop-down data forms populate 160- character messages • Palantir parses messages into objects • Common data framework • Integrated with mobile and web- based data collection • Open APIs allow for rapid and flexible deployment at scale

2. Real-Time Coordination

3. Open Data Integration

4. Continuous Evaluation

Bantayan Island, PH

Lessons Learned

THE GOOD • Technology works off the shelf • Three Dimensional Collaboration • Horizontal: across organizations • Vertical: operations and strategy • Temporal: Planning, response, and recovery • Lack of connectivity does not need to limit real-time coordination THE HARD • Crisis coalition-building is difficult • Need to establish programmatic mechanisms to utilize data • Clear vision for data-sharing • Ontology design • Collaboration between international and host-nation NGOs and the private sector

Thank you. Andrew Schroeder (aschroeder@directrelief.org) Brian Fishman (bfishman@palantir.com)

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