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Published on January 5, 2017

Author: parthsojitra3

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2. Difference between Hearing and Listening Hearing---physical process Listening---active mental process; attempt to make meaning of what we hear

3. Steps of Listening  1. Hearing---electrochemical impulses are transmitted to brain  2. Attending---what we decide to focus on based on our needs

4. Types of Listening  1. Informational used when dealing with facts gather as much accurate data as possible

5. Types of Listening  2. Evaluative purpose is evaluation and decision- making Informational listening MUST come before this

6. Bad Habits  1. Pseudolistening---acting like you are listening when your mind is elsewhere  2. Self-Centered---Rehearsing what you will say while speaker is speaking

7. Bad Habits (that interfere with effective listening)  Selective---listen only to those parts of message that are of particular interest or immediate relevance  Fill-in---gaps left in understanding by selective listening filled by what we expect to hear

8. Bad Habits (that interfere with effective listening) Defensive---focus on ideas not even there and interpret as personal attacks when they were not intended that way Insulated---choose not to listen to what we don’t want to hear

9. Bad Habits Reconstructive---take a new message and rebuild it so it’s like a previous message. (Telephone Game)

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