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Published on March 27, 2008

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Slide1:  Presented by DIR. ELIZABETH F. NELLE Department of Tourism “New Tourism Products” Slide2:  ﴀ ﴀ Slide3:  ﴀ ﴀ Definition “Tourism associated with travel to health spas or resort destinations where the primary purpose is to improve the traveler’s physical well being through a regimen of physical exercise and therapy, dietary control, and medical services relevant to health maintenance.” -- WTO-- Slide4:  ﴀ ﴀ Rationale The HEALTH AND WELLNESS craze is big business and is growing at a very fast pace. Its impact on travel and tourism is very evident as its likely future growth in demand has been identified by market research, signaling health tourism’s future potential. The increased awareness of the importance of healthy living and the need to take time off to relax and re-charge is a fairly widespread phenomena Slide5:  ﴀ ﴀ Rationale Good potential for Asia to develop Health Tourism since health and wellness using traditional healing methods is very much part of Asian culture The Philippines is bestowed with the required natural resources for the development of Health Tourism Goal:  Goal To position the Philippines as a premier health holiday destination in Southeast Asia Specific Objectives :  Specific Objectives To broaden the marketability of the Philippines by promoting spa and medical tourism To increase investments relative to health holiday activities To contribute to regional development in terms of employment generation and increase in local government revenue To promote and develop the country’s thermal springs and other resources for health tourism program Slide8:  ﴀ ﴀ Components Spa Tourism Medical Tourism Slide9:  ﴀ ﴀ Spa Tourism The Philippine Spa Industry :  The Philippine Spa Industry 7.9% growth rate per year 71% increase in the number of spa establishments in 1999 Average of 1,296 spa visits per day or 35 spa visits per establishment The Philippine Spa Industry :  The Philippine Spa Industry Annual income 4 M – 10% 1 to 1.5 M – 10% 1.5 to 2 M – 10% .5 M to .8 M – 10% .8 M to 1 M – 5 % Less than 500,000 – 5 % Generates 1,069 jobs or an average of 29 jobs per spa facility Slide12:  ﴀ ﴀ Medical Tourism Expected Economic Gains From Medical Tourism in Selected Countries :  Expected Economic Gains From Medical Tourism in Selected Countries Comparative Health Care Costs:  Comparative Health Care Costs Advantages in Developing Medical Tourism :  Advantages in Developing Medical Tourism Filipino doctors are trained with western medical orientation Competitive medical costs Availability of state-of-the-art medical equipment Advantages in Developing Medical Tourism :  Advantages in Developing Medical Tourism Filipino medical practitioners have a nurturing and caring attitude Fluency in the English language The Philippines is recognized as having highly skilled medical professionals Investment Areas :  Investment Areas Medical Tourism Tertiary Hospitals Ambulatory Clinics Spa Tourism Day Spa Resort/Hotel Spa Destination Spa Incentives :  Incentives SPA TOURISM Reduced Import Tariff on Selected Spa Equipment MEDICAL TOURISM Income Tax Holiday Reduced Tariff (1%) on Selected Medical Equipment Competitors :  Competitors THAILAND SINGAPORE MALAYSIA INDIA INDONESIA Significant Accomplishments :  Significant Accomplishments Prepared Health Tourism Investment Kit & turned it over to OTC-IPU Inclusion of Medical Tourism in 2004 Medium Term Investment Priorities Plan Organization of the Spa Association of the Philippines SPA Association of the Philippines :  SPA Association of the Philippines Organized 15 April 2004 President : Cathy Palma, Nurture Spa Vice President : Karen Reina, Mandala Spa Secretary : Farah Villanueva, Club One Health & Fitness at Oakwood Premiere Treasurer : Madelaine Edejer, Peninsula Spa PRO : Jennifer Sanvictores,The Farm Induction Date : June 16, 2004, 5:00 pm Coconut Palace (poolside) SPA Association of the Philippines :  SPA Association of the Philippines Objectives To unite the members on common purposes, working in a close bond of cooperation, fellowship and assistance in furthering and protecting the interest of the members and the Philippine Spa Industry in general To promote and protect the spa industry and its consumers, by upholding the highest standards and ethics of the spa industry and ensuring professionalizm among its members To encourage, support and develop the Philippine spa industry towards having its own unique branding and image To establish and maintain affiliation and cooperation with other spa organizations globally. To develop the industry and enhance its professionalism through education and training, and the sharing of ideas and information among members. On-Going Activities :  On-Going Activities Spa and Hospital Accreditation Investment Promotions for Health Tourism Development of Spa Holiday Packages Development of Medical Tour Packages Drafting of Philippine Medical Tourism Marketing Plan Preparation of Health Tourism Product Manual On-Going Activities :  Launching of Philippine Medical Tourism Full blast on Marketing and Promotional activities, e.g. - production of brochures - foreign trade and media invitationals - Philippine participation in Annual Spa and Medical Travel Expos - Link up with overseas medical institutions, Philippine Medical Associations, tour wholesalers, etc. Continuous research and development of Pinoy Spa concept On-Going Activities Slide25:  Mandala Spa Package Price: For rates info, visit www.mandalaspa.com Contact Person: Ms. Karen Reina Owner Tel. Nos. (063)(036)288-5858 Fax No. (063)(036)288-3531 www.mandalaspa.com Mandala is a perfect resort spa destination. It is located in the famous Boracay Island and exudes an ideal rest and self-pampering haven Mandala offers a wide array of spa services, from massages to beauty rejuvinating regimen. It is a perfect complementing haven after a day under the sun and sea. . Slide26:  The FARM at San Benito : Hippocrates Health Resort of Asia Contact Person: Ms. Jennifer Sanvictores Marketing Director Mandarin Oriental Hotel Makati Ave., Makati City Tel. No. (632)751-3498 Fax No. (632)751-3497 www.thefarm.com.ph Nestled at the foothills of Mt. Malarayat, The Farm is a 49-hectare world class health resort that addresses every aspect of rejuvenation. It is fully integrated medical facility specializing in alternative, preventive healthcare and natural healing. Slide27:  Nurture Tropical Spa Area/Location: Tagaytay City Packages/Programs Offered: Face of an Angel, Nurturing Touch, Body Scrubs, Body Wraps, Garden of Eden, Crowning Glory, Special Treatments, Delight, Ultima, Elation, Euphoria, etc. Package Price: For rates info, visit www.treasures.com.ph Season: Year Round Ms. Cathy Palma Manager 1202 Price Tower Tordesillas cor. Bautista St. Salcedo Village, Makati Tel. Nos. (632)830-0876 to 77 (632)810-2024 www.treasures.com.ph Contact Person: Nurture Tropical Spa is health haven in Tagaytay. It offers Ifugao inspired accommodation facilities, spa services, health and fitness programs and rejuvenating and wellness packages at very reasonable prices. The place is ideal for weekend hideaways. Slide28:  The Sanctuary Spa at Maya-Maya Slide29:  Package Price: For rates info and other inquiries, visit: www.plantationbay.com Plantation Bay Resort and Spa Plantation Bay is known for its stunning waterscapes, magnificent laggons and gardens, , excellent service and a totally different spa experience Slide30:  Cebu Paradise Health & Beauty Spa is a perfect hideaway in the bustling city of Cebu. The spa offers the best body pampering and relaxation with the first class amentities of Wtaerfront Hotel and Casinos, one of the best in Cebu. Cebu Paradise Health & Beauty Spa Slide31:  Contact Person: Ms. Madelaine Adejer OIC- Manager G/F Peninsula Manila Hotel Makati Ave. cor. Ayala, Makati City Tel. Nos.(632)810-3456 Fax No. (632)815-34-02 www.peninsula.com The Peninsula Spa The Peninsula Spa is one of the features of Peninsula Manila Hotel. It is located in Makati City making it near to shopping, food and leisure establishments. Slide32:  Season: Year Round Contact Person: Mr. Andy Benwick Manager 5F Networld Hotel Roxas Blvd., Pasay City Tel. No. (632)536-5830 Fx No. 536-58-35 www.networldhotel.com SM Kenko SM Kenko specializes on modern spa facilities like sauna baths and massages. It is housed at Jipang Building, accessible to a hotel, restaurant and other commercial establishment in the area. Slide33:  The Ritz Spa Offering a wide selection of spa menus, The Ritz is popular among spa buffs in the country. It is located in Manila, making it accessible to other attractions in the area. Slide34:  Contact Person: Mr. Jeff Ofiana Oakwood Premier 6F Glorietta 4, Ayala Center,M akati Tel. No. (632)755-8112 Fax (632)728-0000 Email: hclub@oakwood.com.ph Club One Health and Fitness Center Club One is located in Oakwood Premiere Hotel situated right at the heart of Makati City. It has complete spa facility with the ambience of a first class hotel. Slide35:  Asian Hospital Medical Package Asian Hospital is a one-stop shop facility that offers medical packagae complete with up to date medical treatments coupled with a leisure component that brings tourists to the country’s major tourist attractions.. Slide36:  St. Luke’s Medical Center Medical Package A medical facility that offers hotel-type amenities, St. Luke’s Medical Center offers modern medical treatments coomplemented by the leisure of traveling to major tourist attractions of the country. PHILIPPINES ESL TOUR PROGRAM:  PHILIPPINES ESL TOUR PROGRAM RATIONALE English is a universal language Studying English as a second language – a regular program in non-English speaking countries like Japan,China, Korea, Latin America, etc. PHILIPPINES ESL TOUR PROGRAM:  PHILIPPINES ESL TOUR PROGRAM OBJECTIVES To make the Philippines a destination in Asia for learning English as a second language (ESL) To develop tours combining English language courses with holiday / vacation activities To enrich visitor’s experience by providing opportunities for cultural immersion, thereby, enhancing appreciation & understanding of Philippine culture To increase visitor arrivals by tapping the ESL market especially from Japan, Korea, China & Taiwan, thereby contributing to the country’s tourist receipts To provide a venue for learning institutions to participate and foster a highly competitive English language program for the target markets PHILIPPINES ESL TOUR PROGRAM:  PHILIPPINES ESL TOUR PROGRAM WHY STUDY IN THE PHILIPPINES? English is widely spoken Proximity to target markets (by air) from Japan : 4 – 5 hours Korea : 3 hours China : 2 – 3 hours Affordable costs Rich in natural and cultural assets COMPARATIVE COSTS OF ESL TOURS:  COMPARATIVE COSTS OF ESL TOURS PHILIPPINES ESL TOUR PROGRAM:  PHILIPPINES ESL TOUR PROGRAM TARGET MARKET POTENTIAL Korea : High school & college students Professionals China : High school & college students Professionals Japan : MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Sciences and Technology) 5-year strategic plan (2003-2008) re “Cultivating Japanese with English Abilities” - 10,000 high school students / year - University students & teachers Professionals PHILIPPINES ESL TOUR PROGRAM:  PHILIPPINES ESL TOUR PROGRAM COMPONENTS A. TOUR DESIGN / PROGRAM PHILIPPINES ESL TOUR PROGRAM:  PHILIPPINES ESL TOUR PROGRAM COMPONENTS DURATION 1 week - 6 months (maximum) C. ENGLISH COURSE Content : Basic English Communication Skills Advanced English Course Business English Other English Programs PHILIPPINES ESL TOUR PROGRAM:  Inland Transportation Accommodation Meals English course (including materials, facilitator / instructor, lectures, etc.) At least one (1) excursion or tour activity Cultural activity PHILIPPINES ESL TOUR PROGRAM COMPONENTS D. TOUR PRICE INCLUSIONS Slide47:  PHILIPPINE ESL TOUR PROGRAM Clark Polytechnic Module Contact Person: Ms. Rita D. Vinculado Tourism & Cultural Affairs Office Clark Development Corporation Clarkfield, Pampanga Tel. Nos. (6345)599-2854,599-6235 Clark Polytechnic offers an exciting way of learning English as a second language wherein leisure travel becomes part of the learning experience. The program includes basic English learning module and visit to famous tourist spots within the area. Slide48:  Galing ng Pilipino...sa Pagluluto! Promoting the Philippines as a Culinary Destination… Slide49:  To promote Philippine cuisine internationally as a way of enticing tourists to visit the country. It also hopes to standardize the preparation and styling of classic Filipino dishes. Slide50:  Cuisine has always been an effective means to promote a country and showcase its culture and heritage (e.g. Thailand, Spain, Mexico, Japan, Indonesia, etc.) The Philippines has a rich culinary tradition. Slide51:  INTERNATIONAL and DOMESTIC Slide52:  Philippine Food Standardization Investments for Philippine Restaurants Abroad Food Trip for International Editors International Food Expo Special Promotional Events Slide53:  Description: Identification of signature Filipino dishes and standardization of presentation and styling Lead Agency: Asia Society, TESDA, DTI, HRAP Cooperating Agencies: Cooking Schools, DOT Possible Output: Philippine Food Recipe and Style Guide Training Module Short Philippine cuisine courses for various audiences (e.g. tourists, restaurateurs) VCD/ VHS and Manual featuring demonstrations and visuals on the preparation, styling and plating of selected Filipino Dishes as developed by the country’s leading chefs Includes 40 well-loved Filipino recipes and annotations on how recipes relate to Philippine history and culture To be distributed to Hotels, Restaurants and Cooking Schools Slide54:  Description: In line with DTI’s Kusina Project, encourage the setting-up of restaurants abroad specializing in Philippine cuisine Possible Output/s: Guidelines and Incentives Guidelines for exportation of Philippine ingredients Promotional Activities Lead Agency: DTI, CITEM Cooperating Agencies: BOI Slide55:  Description: An editorial food trip (location shootings) for international and local editors and writers of international and national travel, lifestyle and food publications such as Gourmet, Food, Town and Country, Conde Nast, Mabuhay, Hola and other In-flight magazines Possible Output/s: Different stories in international and local magazines featuring Filipino chefs/ Philippine cuisine at the same time promoting our major tourist destinations The best Filipino chefs will prepare different menus of dishes from the manual in a backdrop of famous Philippine destinations The possibility of featuring well-known Filipinos based abroad entertaining guests with Filipino food set against a Filipino-inspired setting may also be explored (e.g. Lea Salonga, Isabel Preysler) Lead Agency : DOT, Asia Society, CITEM Cooperating Agencies: LGU & Local Tourism Councils, Private Sector Slide56:  Description: In line with CITEM’s mandate, various food expositions will be conducted in the country and will be participated abroad on a regular basis to showcase various Filipino ingredients. Possible Output: International Food Exposition in the country (IFEX) Participation in International Food Expositions abroad Promotional Activities Lead Agency: CITEM Slide57:  Description: Conduct of various activities/events to promote Philippine cuisine within the Philippines and abroad Possible Output/s: Dinner with the President - dinner of Filipino dishes prepared by the best Filipino chefs in Malacanang Lead Agency: Asia Society Cooperating Agencies: DOT, CITEM , Tour Operators, Media, Private Sector Slide58:  Food Trip Philippine Cultural Dinner Show Special Culinary Events Promotional Activities/ Materials Slide59:  Description: Development of culinary tour packages in prime tourist destinations Cooperating Agencies: DOT, Accredited Tour Operators, PHILTOA/ PTAA, HRAP, Cooking Schools Possible Output/s: Culinary tour packages Training of culinary tour guides Promotional materials (e.g. brochures, flyers) TV Show featuring cooking demonstrations filmed in leading tourist destinations and culinary centers Slide60:  Description: Coordination with the private sector for the regular offering of quality dinner packages featuring the best of Philippine cuisine served against a backdrop of traditional performance arts Cooperating Agencies: HRAP, Ayala Malls, City of Manila, NCCA, Cultural Performing Groups, Tour Operators, DOT, LGUs Possible Output/s: Promotional Activities Identification of a venue for regular cultural dinner show Slide61:  Description: Organization of special culinary events to generate awareness about Philippine food Cooperating Agencies: DOT/ DTI/CITEM, HRAP, Malls, Food Publications Possible Output/s: Regional Food Festivals Culinary Competitions Philippine Food Exhibitions Slide62:  Description: Conduct of activities to promote Philippine cuisine within the Philippines and abroad Cooperating Agencies: Asia Society, DOT, PCVC, CCI/ Living Asia Channel, ABS-CBN Lifestyle Channel, DTI, Island Flavors (Channel 5), Local and International Food Magazines, Newspapers, other Publications Possible Output/s: Website for Philippine Food Write-ups and features on Philippine food in local magazines, publications and broadcast programs Slide63:  Area/Location Albay and Sorsogon Provinces Season Year-round Contact Details T.R.I.P.S. 7524772 Sharp Travel Service 817-0071 The said tour features cooking demonstrations of Bicol’s most well-known recipes such as Bicol Express, Pinangat, and Pili among others. It also includes visits to the region’s popular tourist destinations, restaurants and pasalubong centers… Slide64:  Galing ng Pilipino para sa kapwa Pilipino… Slide65:  OBJECTIVE To entice 2nd and 3rd generation Filipinos to visit and tour around the Philippines, familiarize themselves to the country’s native culture and heritage and provide community service to their fellow Filipinos. Slide66:  RATIONALE There is a large number of 2nd and 3rd generation Filipinos living abroad The students alone (high school/college/university) comprise a large number of this generation and have the disposable income & freedom to travel Slide67:  I. Orientation/ Lecture on Filipino Heritage, History and Culture II. Dinner with the Tourism Secretary III. Tour of various tourism destinations IV. Food Trip V. Community Interaction VI. Community Service Slide68:  Direct selling by DOT Overseas Offices and Embassies to Filipino associations abroad Promotion in DOT and DFA websites Advertisements in Filipino newspapers abroad as well as Filipino cable TV channels Slide69:  DAY 15 Debriefing Closing Ceremony DAY 13-14 Participate in a “meaningful” project by tying up with an NGO such as the Couples for Christ’s Gawad Kalinga DAY 4-12 Start of Tours I. Manila and Environs II. Northern Luzon III. Southern Luzon IV. Central Visayas V. Eastern Visayas VI. Western Visayas VII. Mindanao DAY 3 Tour of Manila (visits to Intramuros, Metropolitan Museum of Manila, Coconut Palace, Show at CCP or Metropolitan Theater, Drive thru Malacañang and Rizal Park, Shopping in Greenhills and Nightlife in Malate, Greenbelt, Rockwell or Libis /Eastwood) DAY 2 Lecture 1: Overview of the Philippines Visit to Museum of the Filipino People Lecture 2: Conversational Filipino (Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino) Lecture 3: Philippine Culture and Arts (NCCA) Lecture 4: Philippine Games Philippine Indigenous Games (Sports Savers Association, Inc.) Afternoon of Games Overnight Manila DAY 1 Arrival of participants Registration and check-in Program Orientation Welcome Dinner with the DOT Secretary (Intramuros, WOW Philippines) Overnight Manila NOTE: This above program will be staple for all itineraries Slide70:  Manila and Environs Visit to Villa Escudero for Cooking Demonstrations and Cultural Show Visit to Puerto Galera Taal, Batangas Shrines and local crafts workshops Taal trek Tagaytay Tour (Spa treatment at Nurture Spa) Shooting the rapids at Pagsanjan, Laguna Visit Rizal Shrine, IRRI and Los Baños Tour of Malolos and San Miguel,Bulacan Corregidor Island cruise with lunch Slide71:  Northern Luzon Visit to Malolos, Bulacan (Barasoain Church) Bonfire, night-out, tour and shopping in Baguio City including Camp John Hay Interaction with PMAers Visit to 3 World Heritage Sites in Ilocandia Pagudpud Beach Kayaking and Rafting in Chico River Trekking in Ifugao Rice Terraces/ Sagada Slide72:  Southern Luzon Visit to Villa Escudero for Cultural Show Culinary tour and shopping for native crafts in Bicol Butanding interaction in Donsol, Sorsogon and visit to Firefly Sanctuary Tour of Puerto Princesa City Visit to St. Paul Subterranean River National Park Shopping of native arts and crafts in Puerto Princesa Northern Palawan (El Nido) Diving at Anilao, Batangas The Farm at San Benito (Spa Treatment) Slide73:  Central Visayas Arts and crafts tour and Cultural Show in Cebu City Lunch of Lechon Cebu and seafoods Overnight at Badian Resort Bohol Tour Visit Tarsier sanctuary and Chocolate Hills, Loboc cruise with lunch and interaction with Loboc Children’s Choir Diving in Balicasag Islands Whale-watching in Bais City Slide74:  Western Visayas Boracay beach Spa treatment at Mandala Night-out in Boracay Heritage Tour, Arts and Crafts demos and cuisine demo in Iloilo Province Visit to Miag-ao Church/ Piña Weaving/ Asilo de Molo Agricultural and heritage tour of Guimaras Slide75:  Eastern Visayas Leyte Loop Historical Tour Tacloban City Heritage Tour MacArthur Landing Site Sohoton Natural Bridge National Park Higatangan Island, Biliran Shopping of handicrafts Cuisine demonstrations Slide76:  Mindanao Tour of Davao City (Phil. Eagle Center, Orchids Center, Fruit and flower market) Shopping at Aldovinco’s for arts and crafts Pearl Farm Beach Resort or Samal Island Eden Bayabas Resort Cagayan de Oro Whitewater rafting or canopy walk in Cagayan de Oro Camiguin Island Tour and Trekking Slide77:  Nature-based Tourism is travel geared towards the experience and appreciation of nature. Slide78:  Whale Shark Interaction in Donsol, Sorsogon Dolphin and Whale Watching in Pamilacan Island Slide79:  Whale Shark Interaction Donsol, Sorsogon Swim with the largest fish in the world!!! This organized whale shark interaction tour is surely an experience of a lifetime! Enjoy the sight of the gentle giants in their natural habitat while providing livelihood to the local community of Donsol, Sorsogon and contributing to the conservation of the whale sharks… Slide80:  Whale Shark Interaction season begins in December up to May or earlier part of June Package includes boat rental, spotter and Butanding Interaction Officer/guide) Whale Shark Interaction Slide81:  DOT INITIATIVES Product Assessment Conduct of Trainings (Tour Reception & Guiding Techniques, Life Saving Techniques) Coordination with MARINA re standardization and accreditation of tour boats Submission of project proposal to PATA Foundation (grant to be used for physical enhancement of tour facilities, e.g. provision of SOLAS equipment, enhancement of tour boats, installation of signages, etc.) Whale Shark Interaction Slide82:  Whale Shark Interaction Area/Location Donsol, Sorsogon Season December-May Price P2,500 (boat, spotter and guide) +P100/pax (registration fee) Contact Details Donsol Municipal Tourism Office 0919-7070394 Slide83:  Enjoy Pamilacan Island’s beautiful sandy white beaches, a 200-year old Spanish fort and rich marine life. But the most striking feature of the tour is watching the many different species of dolphins inhabiting the waters. If you are lucky, you can also catch a glimpse of pilot, sperm and Bryde’s whales, even manta rays and whale sharks! Dolphin and Whale Watching Slide84:  Dolphin and Whale Watching season is during the summer months Package includes transfers, local guides, lunch and drinks and snorkel gear Dolphin and Whale Watching Slide85:  DOT INITIATIVES Repackaging of existing dolphin and whale watching tour program Conduct of trainings (Product Interpretation, Safety, Catering, Tour Enhancement) Dolphin and Whale Watching Facilities and equipment improvement Business Plan preparation Formulation of guidelines on tourist safety and cetacean interaction Strengthening of marketing linkages and networking Slide86:  Dolphin and Whale Watching Area/Location Pamilacan Island, Bohol Season Summer months Inclusions transfers, local guides, lunch and drinks and snorkel gear fee Contact Details Travel Village (038)4113510; (032) 2311495 Area/Location Bais City, Negros Oriental Season March-October Inclusions P950 (land & boat transfers, lunch and guide Contact Details Orientwind Travel & Tours (035) 2253536; 4225298 Bais City Tourism Office (035) 5415161; 4028174 Slide87:  A very active form of tourism. It is basically outdoor recreation where tourists face nature to experience risks. Tourists who participate in this type of activity are generally more interested in the excitement and thrill that the activities may bring. Slide88:  Adventure sport activities of running down the white water river characterized by swift currents and rapids using a river raft or a kayak which can withstand hitting against rocks and other obstacles on the river. Kevin Hamdorf Slide89:  Whitewater rafting is growing rapidly in the Philippines The Philippines, being an archipelagic country makes it an ideal place for the development of different water sports activities such as whitewater rafting Slide90:  Main Objective: To identify, assess, explore and promote whitewater rafting destinations in the country Kevin Hamdorf Specific Objectives: To identify the existing and potential whitewater rafting destinations with tourism potential To establish a standardized operating procedure on whitewater rafting in the Philippines which will uphold the ecotourism principles and ensure the safety of its clientele -To package and promote whitewater rafting to local and foreign tourists Slide91:  The Chico River runs between mountainsides of centuries-old rice terraces, rustic villages and lush green foliage. The stretch is generally Class III and IV rapids amidst the scenic wonders of Kalinga Heartland. Cagayan River on the other hand is the longest and widest river in the Philippines. It is the lifeline of the pople of the Cagayan Valley. The fertile ground of the Valley and the irrigation provided by the river bestows upon it bountiful crops all-year round. Slide92:  Area/Location: CHICO RIVER/CAGAYAN RIVER Package Duration/Price : 2D/1N, 3D/2N,4D/3N Season/Calendar of Activities July – January Contact Details: Adventures and Expeditions Phils., Inc. MR. ANTON CARAG 29 Burgos cor. Arellano Sts., Tuguegarao City, Cagayan Valley PHILIPPINES Tel. Nos.: (078)844-1298 Website: www.whitewater.ph Manila Office: Tel. Nos.: (02) 872-5478 Slide93:  Area/Location: CHICO RIVER Package Duration/Price : 2D/1N, 3D/2N,4D/3N Season/Calendar of Activities July – January Contact Details: Chico River Quest MR. DANNY BRAVO/ MS. MAY SUGGUIYAO SHIU Callagdao Hills, Bulanao, Tabuk, Kalinga PHILIPPINES Contact Numbers: (0917) 966-8081 (0917) 750-2913 (0920) 205-2680 Website: www.chicoriverquest.home.ph Slide94:  Cagayan de Oro River is the only rafting destination in the country located within the city proper. Fourteen rapids (class II-III) await the adventurer for the Mambuaya to Kabula (end point) run, while 25 (class II-IV) rapids will challenge seasoned raft paddlers for the Uguiaban-Kabula run. Flora, particularly orchids, is abundant and fauna includes a variety of monkeys, monitor lizards, water iguanas, snakes and birds. Slide95:  Area/Location: CAGAYAN DE ORO RIVER Package Duration/Price : Day Tour Season/Calendar of Activities July – January Contact Details: Cagayan de Oro White Water Rafting Adventure MR. RUPERT DOMINGO 14th St. Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro City PHILIPPINES Contact Number: (088) 857-1270 E-mail: cdowwra@hotmail.com Slide96:  Conducted River Guides Training (2002) in Chico, Pinacanauan and Bulu Rivers (Kalinga, Cagayan, Quirino provinces respectivcly) Prepared Whitewater Rafting Product Manual Drafted guidelines for accreditation of river guides and outfitters Facilitated granting of tax holiday to outfitters subject to the guidelines to be developed by DOT and BOI Slide97:  …An adventure sport activity which involves traversing open waters, touring inland lakes and camp on rivers on single or tandem boat using double-bladed paddles. …A silent and unobtrusive way to explore delicate ecosystems without disturbing wildlife or the peace of nature Kevin Hamdorf SEA KAYAKING Slide98:  Kevin Hamdorf Rationale A relatively new sport in the Philippines but is expanding quickly with 7,107 islands offering every considerable variety of tropical seascape Slide99:  Corregidor Island stood as the last citadel before the fall of Manila during WWII. These islands are situated at the mouth of Manila Bay characterized by clear waters and swift channel currents. Novice kayakers may venture from Corregidor to Carabao Island and nearby coves which offer excellent waters for swimming and snorkeling. Caylabne Bay Resort offers a panoramic view of Corregidor Island and Bataan, another stronghold during WWII. Corregidor Island now offers a first-class hotel and other tour amenities for those who intend to stay longer. Kevin Hamdorf Slide100:  Area/Location: CAYLABNE/CORREGIDOR ISLAND Package Duration/Price : 4D/3N Season/Calendar of Activities October - May Contact Details: Sun and Sea Sports Systems, Inc. DIDI OR VAL CAMARA BF Resort Vilalge, Las Piñas City PHILIPPINES Tel. Nos.: (0632)872-5478 Website: www.sunseaphilippines.uni.cc E-mail: sunsea@edsamail.com.ph Slide101:  Taal Volcano is the world’s smallest volcano and the most active in the Philippines. Aside from being fairly challenging and rugged climb, Taal Volcano is a major lesson in earth science. Situated among red oxidized soil and smoking vapor vents is the main crater which houses a small lake of sulfur and water. Up there, the wind is cool, the atmosphere is calm and the view breathtaking. Taal Lake is Southern Luzon’s centerpiece attraction together with Taal Volcano. It is one of the ideal sites for kayaking and is where a panoramic view of volcano island can be seen. George Tapan Slide102:  Area/Location: TAAL LAKE, Batangas Package Duration/Price : 3D/2N Season/Calendar of Activities October - May Contact Details: Sun and Sea Sports Systems, Inc. DIDI OR VAL CAMARA BF Resort Vilalge, Las Piñas City PHILIPPINES Tel. Nos.: (0632)872-5478 Website: www.sunseaphilippines.uni.cc E-mail: sunsea@edsamail.com.ph George Tapan Slide103:  The Hundred Islands National Park is Pangasinan’s provincial pride, consisting of a small archipelago off the coast of Alaminos. Call it a tiny version of the Philippines, its 200+ green-topped, white ringed islets is set amidst a brilliant backdrop of deep blue. Slide104:  Area/Location: HUNDRED ISLANDS, Pangasinan Package Duration/Price : 4D/3N Season/Calendar of Activities October - May Contact Details: Sun and Sea Sports Systems, Inc. DIDI OR VAL CAMARA BF Resort Vilalge, Las Piñas City PHILIPPINES Tel. Nos.: (0632)872-5478 Website: www.sunseaphilippines.uni.cc E-mail: sunsea@edsamail.com.ph Slide105:  Coron and El Nido are two destinations in the Northern part of Palawan where one can enjoy the spectacular limestone cliffs, fascinating bird and wildlife, explore deserted beaches, hidden lagoons and mangrove forests on a kayak. Slide106:  Area/Location: CORON ISLAND, Palawan Package Duration/Price : 4D/3N Season/Calendar of Activities October - May Contact Details: Tribal Adventure Tours PHILIPPINES Tel. Nos.: (0632)821-6706 Website: www.tribaladventures.com E-mail: info@tribaladventures.com Slide107:  Area/Location: EL NIDO, Palawan Package: Sea Kayaking is included in the regular package being offered by El Nido Resorts/Ten knots Contact Details: El Nido Resorts – Ten Knots Development Corporation Tel. Nos.: (0632)8103620 Website: www.elnidoresorts.com E-mail: sales@elnidoresorts.com Wreck Diving:  Wreck Diving ...the experience of exploring sunken vessels, airplanes and automobiles Examples of Wreck Diving Sites:  Examples of Wreck Diving Sites - Subic Bay, Olongapo City - Coron, Palawan Wreck Diving in Subic Bay:  Wreck Diving in Subic Bay Full equipment package - $30 (inclusive of two wreck dives, dive master, boat, regulator, tanks, weights, fins, masks and suits) Basic Package - $25 (inclusive of two wreck dives, dive master, boat, tanks and weights) Bare Package - $20 (inclusive of two wreck dives, dive master and boat) SUBIC BAY AQUA SPORTS Bldg 249 Waterfront Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone Tel # (63-47) 2527343/3005 Fax # (63-47) 2526084 Wreck Diving in Coron, Palawan:  Wreck Diving in Coron, Palawan Coron has fast become known for its excellent wreck diving. 14 wrecks were discovered, all in diveable depths. This makes the area the best wreck diving destination in Asia Wreck Diving in Coron, Palawan:  Wreck Diving in Coron, Palawan Location: Uson Island, Coron RATE: Weekend Diver's Package Php 9,680.00 per diver Package Inclusions: Passage on WG&A Superferry 1 Manila-Coron-Manila, Tourist Class Accommodations with meals; Overnight accommodations at Dive Link. Two dives on World War II wrecks in Coron Bay, with option to do a third dive. Boat, tanks, weights and lunch included. Whole day tour Coron Island's Lagoons and Beaches. Meals: breakfast (2) in Dive Link, packed lunches on diving day and on tour, dinner (2) in Dive Link. DIVELINK RESORT Uson Island, Coron, Palawan Manila Sales Office: Unit 15C Atherton Place, Tomas Morato, QC Tel.Nos.: (632) 371 9928; (632) 412 0644; (632) 375 25 61 Telefax: (632) 372 6031 E-mail: info@divelink.com.ph Slide113:  If you ever envied the couples racing around the world in the reality-TV show “The Amazing Race”, here’s your chance to experience the race for yourself……right here in the Philippines! Slide115:  The Department of Tourism in collaboration with Street Park Productions, Inc. is offering the a two-day, one-night adventure where participants race to top secret destinations with a cameraman documenting their every move! Slide116:  Rationale There is an increasing trend in tourism towards adventure sports activities & destinations The Philippines has a good potential in developing adventure sports tourism The DOT is developing various adventure sports activities under the “Byaheng Pampalakasan” banner Slide117:  Target Market: Sports/Adventure Travel Enthusiasts Corporate/Incentive Groups Organizations Students Family/Couples General Public Slide118:  Marketing Tools: Internet Tri-media advertisements Travel Marts Slide119:  As a kick-off activity of the “Byaheng Pampalakasan” program of the DOT, “The Amazing Racer Experience” was pilot-tested last August 14-15 participated in by representatives from media, tour operators, celebrities, expats and the DOT. A formal launching of the race is scheduled during the Philippine Travel Mart in September. Slide120:  Top secret destinations in Central Luzon…. Mystery adventure… Five teams…. One “Amazing Racer Experience”… Slide121:  For TARE bookings, contact: STREETPARK PRODUCTIONS, Inc. Unit 207, 2F FBR Arcade 317 Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City Tel. No. (02) 4368882 Telefax No. (02) 4368883 E-mail info@streetparkprod.com Website www.streetparkprod.com For all tour inquiries please contact ::  For all tour inquiries please contact : Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA) Ms. Lucille Perez Unit 1806 Cityland 10 Tower I Mr. Ricky Reyes H.V. dela Costa St. Mr. Ryan Faustino Salcedo Village, Makati City Telephone Number : (063) 812-4513 Telefax Number : (063) 817-4608 Philippine Travel Agencies Association (PTAA) Ms. Ma. Sandra P. Cerra 12 G/F EGI Rufino Plaza Taft cor. Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. Pasay City Telephone Number : (063) 552-0025 / 26 / 28 Telefax Number : (063) 552-0029 / 30 Slide123:  Presented by DIR. ELIZABETH F. NELLE Department of Tourism “New Tourism Products” Mabuhay!!!

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