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Published on January 16, 2008

Author: Rainero

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ESA’s General Studies Programme (GSP):  ESA’s General Studies Programme (GSP) Andrés Gálvez – DG-PI Clovis Jacinto de Matos- DG-PI Ian Carnelli- DG-PI An overview Introduction:  Introduction In spite of its relatively modest in resources (28 MEUR in 2007), the GSP provides the environment for key ESA preparatory work GSP activities cover a wide range of topics with links to all ESA programmes – it is difficult to group activities Still, activities can be classified in 3 wide categories: Strategy (A), Programmes (B) and Interdisciplinary Projects (C). What are the contents: GSP activity categories 1/3:  What are the contents: GSP activity categories 1/3 A. Strategy and policy activities Studies that contribute to the formulation of the overall ESA strategy: industrial sector & policy studies, communication and legal issues, Analysis of evolving environment (e.g. Sustainable Space Operation and Development Private Spaceflight, assessments linked to Space Debris) What are the contents: GSP activity categories 2/3:  What are the contents: GSP activity categories 2/3 B. Programmes Feasibility phA studies of new mission concepts including D/SCI’s CV 2015-25, Exploration NEXT mission (TBC) “Horizontal” phA mission studies e.g. In- Orbit Demo serving several user directorates Pre-phase A studies leading to mission proposals (D/EOP’s Sentinel and Explorers, D/HME’s NEXT) -often as CDF activities- & related scientific studies User requirement surveys, roadmap definition and pilot projects, for new programme proposals e.g. in the past Aurora, Multimedia (ARTES3), GNSS2 (Galileo), RLVs (FLPP); currently Space Situational Awareness (SSA) What are the contents: GSP activity categories 3/3:  What are the contents: GSP activity categories 3/3 C. Interdisciplinary Projects (IPs): Assessment studies & cross-domain activities IPs are more general activities, potentially serving one or several programmes and/or involving several technical domains e.g. “Feasibility Study For a Reduced Planetary Navigation and Communication System ” IPs also include analysis of new working methodologies and tools for several ESA users. Past examples SpaceGRID, CDF, ACT, etc. Especially relevant for technology R&D, they provide systems perspective (≠missions!) How does it work: The GSP cycle /1:  How does it work: The GSP cycle /1 Biannual implementation cycle (in blue) Slide7:  Strategic guidelines for the GSP call DG-PI + directorates LTP i/F GSP Call GSP Proposals Final selection and evaluation Defined internally but in consultation with Industry and MS, addressing their concerns AC IPC Pre-screening Internal workshops with only 1 rep. per directorate + GSP manager + DG-P representative. aiming at: Assessing relevance to GSP Consistency with corporate or directorate level objectives Workshops with Senior Advisors appointed by DG Late June (backup 1st week of September) Preparation of plan and AC/IPC documents March 1st week April 1st week June Late June October September November (year y-1) Target study K-O In 1stQ year y Decision on GSP plan Decision on GSP plan January (year y-1) Implementation DG/DC Approval of GSP call guidelines ESA staff submit their proposals Inputs from Nat. Agen. And Eurospace incorporated The GSP 2007-2008: Completed ITTs:  The GSP 2007-2008: Completed ITTs A. Strategy and Policy Space industry workload forecast tool Industry Survey for the preparation of Member States industry dossiers in preparation for the 2008 ministerial conference DICTE: Diffusing Information and Collaboration Technologies in ESA B. .Earth Sciences and Applications Geo-Oculus: A Mission for Real-Time Monitoring through High-Resolution Imaging from Geostationary Orbit Air density models derived from multi-satellite drag observations Study and Monitoring of Earth Mesosphere by means of Lidar Technique B. Navigation Interference Information System (IIS) and Interference Local Isolation (ILS) Methods for Satellite Navigation Feasibility Study of a Wide Area High Precision Navigation Service for EGNOS and Galileo C. GS, Operations and Simulation Space System for On-Line Flexible Sciences Operation (CCN to 04/S50) Novel Time Sychronisation Techniques for Deep Space Probes Distributed Agents for Autonomy The GSP 2007-2008: Open ITTs:  The GSP 2007-2008: Open ITTs B. Earth Sciences and Applications Towards a Generic Radiative Transfer Model for the Earth Surface-Atmosphere System: : ESAS-LIGHT A Spontaneous Rayleigh-Brillouin Scattering Experiment for the Characterization of Atmospheric Lidar backscatter METAWAVE - Mitigation of Electromagnetic Transmission errors induced by Atmospheric WAter Vapour Effects Aerosols and clouds: long term database from spaceborne lidar measurements Assessment of propagation effects in the W frequency band for space exploration A novel approach for wide-band SAR interferometry Definition and Prototyping of an Autonomous Image Processing Chain B. Navigation Advanced Integrity for Satellite Navigation Systems 4D Matrix SISMA and 4D Matrix SISA Navigation Systems ("Transparency" in Navigation Systems) B. Technology Flight Demo System studies Concepts for the demonstration of enhanced EO technologies Demonstration and validation of a complete tele-echography solution System of Systems reference models C. Interdisciplynary Research Projects Auto-rotation in Martian Descend and landing Applications and Implementations of atom-based Inertial Quantum Sensors Tracer Behaviour under Microgravity and Terrestrial Conditions (Combined )Telecommunication and Earth Observation mission options offered by small Hall Effect Thrusters propulsion The GSP 2007-2008: ITTs in preparation:  The GSP 2007-2008: ITTs in preparation A. Strategic and Policy studies Sustainability and space activities, industry and ESA: Improve sustainability of ESA operations Study on the Effects of Geographical Return New Design Methodologies and Techniques B. Earth Sciences and Applications Quantitative assessment of the operational value of space-borne radar and lidar measurements of cloud and aerosol profiles Radiative transfer modelling for the characterization of natural burnt surfaces B. Technology Demonstration System studies In flight research on radiation / ablation coupling filling a 40 year gap after FIRE2 Optimised, highly reliable nano-satellite platform C. GS, Operations and simulation On line short term planning of Sciences operations Final Remarks:  Final Remarks The 2007-2008 is now about to conclude, and a new cycle is already in preparation. Information on Spanish general strategic and system study priorities is welcome (no later than Dec 07) GSP is also investigating the definition of “themes” that provide system focus, “clustering” activities with a common or related goal It is proposed to regularly exchange views and discuss priorities / activity themes in e.g. a bilateral per year Slide12:  Backup slides GSP Interdisciplinary Project “Themes”: examples Interdisciplinary Projects & System Scenarios 1/3:  Interdisciplinary Projects & System Scenarios 1/3 1. Scenarios for in-orbit technology demonstration 1.1. Visual-Nav, Auto r-d-v and tracking experiments in a small (interplanetary) mission 1.2. “System of micro-Systems” (SoS): system integration in micromecatronics and avionics. 1.3. Operational and payload techniques demo for small EO missions – “PROBA 1+” Interdisciplinary Projects & System Scenarios 2/3:  Interdisciplinary Projects & System Scenarios 2/3 2. New engineering methodologies for efficiency, quality and dependability 2.1 - Novel working methods and tools e.g CE, SoS-Sim 3. Context analysis of areas of application of technologies 3.1 - Suborbital crewed spaceflight & related technology 3.2. -The future of the Earth environment monitoring 3.3… ,,,, Interdisciplinary Projects & System Scenarios 3/3:  4. Basic research with long-term implications in technology R&D … : Interdisciplinary Projects & System Scenarios 3/3 In house research e.g. DS4G thruster ACT / Ariadna univ. research studies “QUEST” study Isp 19,300 s 2.5 N thrust 250 kW

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