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Published on August 26, 2010

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Slide 1: “One world, One Burger” McDonald’s Slide 2: WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF McDonald’s Slide 3: McDonald’s history…….. McDonald's was started as a drive-in restaurant by two brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald in California, US in the year 1937. By mid-1950s, the restaurant's revenues had reached $350,000 Ray Kroc, distributor for milkshake machines, expressed interest in the business, and he finalized a deal for franchising with the McDonald brothers in 1954 He established a franchising company, the McDonald System Inc. and appointed franchisees In 1961, he bought out the McDonald brothers' share for $2.7 million and changed the name of the company to McDonald's Corporation Slide 4: McDonald a chain of family restaurant Currently operates in 121 countries & having more than 30000 restaurant and serving 53 Million customers everyday. Low price, Speed, service and cleanliness became the critical success factors of the business. In 1965, McDonald's went public…….. McDonald’s History INDIA : McDonald’s History INDIA Entered in India 1996 McDonald's India is a 50 – 50 JV partnership between MCDONALD’S CORPORATION (U.S.A) and two Indian businessman Amit Jatia and Vikram Bakshi Slide 6: MC DONALDS BUSINESS MODEL: Franchise Model – Only 15% of the total number of restaurants are owned by the Company. Act like a retailer and think like a brand Slide 7: McDonald's Mission Statement "McDonald's Mission is to be the world's best quick service restaurant experience. Being the best means providing outstanding quality, service, cleanliness, and value, so that we make every customer in every restaurant smile." Slide 8: 7p’s ……… Product Price Promotion Place Promotion People Physical evidence Process Product : Product Variation: Variety in products ranging from Burgers to softies Wide variety of menu items - traditional items - health-conscious items Product Innovation: Adapting to Indian conditions creating the “CHICKEN MAHARAJA” Product Elimination: Removal of Beef flavored products Menu: Veg, Non Veg, Frozen Desserts, Beverages Successes: Fries, Happy Meal, Big Mac, paneer wrap , Pizza McPuff Failures:, Fajita, Carrot Sticks, McLean, and the Arch Deluxe Product Slide 10: India’s McAloo Tikki Burger A vegetable burger with potato, peas, and spices, tomato, onion, and a vegetable-tomato mayonnaise. Slide 11: Chicken Maharaja Mac has two grilled chicken patties with a smoke-flavoured mayonnaise, fresh onions, tomatoes, processed cheddar cheese in a toasted sesame seeded bun. Slide 12: Price Pricing includes the list of prices & discount available The most important part of marketing mix Price determines profit of the product Special offer such as happy meal ,Value meal Combo meal Traditionally - value-pricing as competitive weapon Now, offer products at range of price points attract both price-sensitive and health-conscious consumers Slide 13: Place McDonald's has opened its door in India in October 1996 since then its has open his restaurants in all the major cities like Mumbai, Delhi,Ahemdabad and many more Fully owned outlets :- Directly selling from McDonalds Franchise owned outlets that does selling from different places McDonald's mainly consists of the distribution channels the product is available to the customer at the right place, at the right time and in the right quantity Offers hygienic environment good ambience and great service Started giving internet facilities Areas for children where they can play and enjoy with their Family and friends Spend some quality time together Slide 14: Promotion Individual communication - Word of mouth, peer group Mass communication – Advertisements and child amusement activities at outlets, drives and campaigns Free distribution of children toys. With every happy meal Some of the most famous marketing campaigns of McDonald’s are: “You Deserve a break today, so get up and get away- To McDonald’s” “Aap ke zamane mein ,baap ke zamane ke daam”. “Food, Folks, and Fun” “I’m loving it”. Slide 15: Target customer- Children. Awareness about products among people by using different Media like TVs, Hoarding, and Bus Shelters. Description of product on paper nuts placed in the trays. The placing of the pamphlets and banners in all around the outlets. I Love Children : I Love Children I Have Gifts For them, They Can play Games also Children- Happy Meal : Children- Happy Meal Slide 19: Stars as per their performance. Gives employees larger role in decisions. Philosophy of quality, Service, Cleanliness and value is the guiding force behind its service. Fast friendly service. Provides clean, comfortable environment specially suited for families. 5P-People Slide 20: 5P-People Each outlet is headed by a Restaurant Manager . He is responsible for the daily operation and customer interaction. Delivery Crew Member carries basic operation of a restaurant. Ensures customer satisfaction at the restaurants. In order to motivate there employees they give them stars as per their performance. Slide 21: 6P-Physical evidence The physical evidence appearance affects not only the impression outsiders have of a business but all the way that business functions. Staff members. Location & appearance. Buildings Maintenance. Slide 22: 6P-Physical evidence Cleanness speed Quality transparency Slide 23: 7P-Process Food manufacturing transparent to customers. Training to the licensees. New methods of food packaging and distribution Segmentation : Segmentation Demographically :- 1]Cater to kids 2] youth 3]Urban upper & Middle class families. Geographically :- 1]Mostly in urban towns and cities 2]Now opening in 2 and 3 tiers cities 3]Mostly situated in malls having independent franchises Psychographic:- 1]Place to chill out with friends and families 2]Place for enjoyment of the kids TARGETING POSITIONIG DIFFERENTATION : TARGET MARKETS Initial focus on Metros,Malls,Multiplex,Highways,Stations & Airports. Exposure to Western food & Culture. Move to smaller satellite towns like Gurgaon,Pune. Jaipur & Agra to attract foreign tourists.. Relatively High Income Groups. POSITIONING MacDonald mein hain kuch baath -a place for an entire family to enjoy. To aaj Mac Donald’s ho jaye. Mac Donald I’m lovin it. DIFFERTATION Highlighting Brand, Food & Variety. TARGETING POSITIONIG DIFFERENTATION Slide 26: SWOT ANALYSIS PLEASE ADD UR POINTS Slide 27: COMPETITORS ANALYSIS Slide 28: Ethical issues Obesity Slide 29: McDonald’s the Future..!! McDonald’s has built his strength in strong brand Customer intimacy Product innovation & Supplier integration It has its independent franchisee models in 2 tiers & 3 tiers cities i.e. Pune,Jaipur and many more McDonald’s undertakes expansion; plans 40 new stores at Rs 150 cr investment in 2009 Coming up with new schemes that suits to every pocket Mc-delivery has been started so everyone can be at home and enjoy McDonald's food Slide 30: BYE BYE SEE YOU AT McDonald's Thanking you

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