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Published on October 18, 2012

Author: desi13


Adjective Order

An opinion adjective explains what you think about something (other peopleOpinion may not agree with you). For example: silly, beautiful, horrible, difficult A size adjective, of course, tells you how big or small something is.Size For example: large, tiny, enormous, little An age adjective tells you how young or old something or someone is.Age For example: ancient, new, young, old A shape adjective describes the shape of something.Shape For example: square, round, flat, rectangular A colour adjective, of course, describes the colour of something.Colour For example: blue, pink, reddish, grey An origin adjective describes where something comes from.Origin For example: French, lunar, American, eastern, Greek A material adjective describes what something is made from.Material For example: wooden, metal, cotton, paper A purpose adjective describes what something is used for. These adjectivesPurpose often end with “-ing”. For example: sleeping (as in “sleeping bag”), roasting (as in “roasting tin”)

O Here are some examples of nouns modified with three adjectives in the correct order based on the list above. Notice that the adjectives are not separated by commas.O A wonderful old Italian clock. (opinion - age - origin)O A big square blue box. (size - shape - color)O A disgusting pink plastic ornament. (opinion - color - material)O Some slim new French trousers. (size - age - origin)

1. He wears a ________ shirt. a. dirty old flannel b. flannel old dirty c. old dirty flannel2. Pass me the ________ cups. a. plastic big blue b. big blue plastic c. big plastic blue3. All the girls fall in love with the ________ teacher. a. handsome new American b. American new handsome c. new handsome American4. I drive ________ car. a. a blue old German b. an old German blue c. an old blue German5. He recently married a ________ woman. a. young beautiful Greek b. beautiful young Greek c. beautiful Greek young

6. This is a ________ movie. a. new Italian wonderful b. wonderful Italian new c. wonderful new Italian7. She is a ________ supermodel. a. beautiful slim Brazilian b. Brazilian beautiful slim c. slim Brazilian beautiful8. Its in the ________ container. a. large blue metal b. blue large metal c. blue metal large9. He sits behind a ________ desk. a. big wooden brown b. big brown wooden c. wooden big brown10. She gives him a ________ vase. a. small Egyptian black b. black Egyptian small c. small black Egyptian

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