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Published on February 23, 2014

Author: bat9ka

Source: slideshare.net

The Present Continuous Tense

V-ing • Play – playing • Make – making • Sit – sitting • Lie – lying

Now you try! • • • • • • • paint go give look swim smile tie - painting - going - giving - looking - swimming - smiling - tying • • • • • • buy shop listen plan call sleep • wait - buying - shopping - listening - planning - calling - sleeping - waiting

Hello! My name is Lucy. Look at me! I am playing the violin. I am painting. I am skipping.

Look at them! They are athletes. He is playing tennis. She is skiing. He is running. She is cycling.

Look out of the window! A dog is barking. A bird is flying. The wind is blowing. It is raining.

Look at us! We are musicians! We are playing music and singing. They are dancing. You are looking and listening.

am=‘m is=‘s are=‘re I am skipping. I’m skipping. She is skiing. She’s skiing. They are dancing. They’re dancing.

Present Continuous positive I am He She It is You We They are V-ing.

not The lion is jumping. – It is not dancing. I am working. – I am not sleeping. We are talking. – We are not working.

Present Continuous negative I am not He She It is not You We They are not V-ing.

Am I skating? No, you aren’t. Am I making a snowman? Yes, you are. Are they having dinner? No, they aren’t. Are they reading a book? Yes, they are. Is he watching a film? No, he isn’t. Is he playing a video game? Yes, he is. Are you sleeping? No, I’m not. Are you playing with your kite? Yes, I am!

What is he doing? How well are they playing? Who is speaking? Why are you shaking hands? Where is the bear going?

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