15 reasons why you can call yourself a traveller

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Information about 15 reasons why you can call yourself a traveller

Published on February 17, 2014

Author: Hostelsclub

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If you can't help but wonder when your next trip is going to be, it means you have definitely been hit by the travel bug...

15 reasons why you can call yourself a traveller If you can't help but wonder when your next trip is going to be, it means you have definitely been hit by the travel bug... You can then say you are a traveller if... 1. Somewhere is always home; but when some friends visit your home-town and take pictures of what looks just plain to you, you feel proud of your roots and you start appreciating what's around. 2. You have a great love for life and always treasure what life has to offer; you value your time and recognize the world's beauties. Anything can become source of happiness. 3. You don't like when people complain about their lives and do nothing to change it, you may even have a steady job and a place you call home, but you make an adventure out of your everyday-life, you're not bored with your routine because you fill every single minute up with dreams and adventures in faraway places until you can actually book a cheap flight - no matter where! 4. You believe the unknown is curiosity, not fear. 5. You've got a story to tell for every piece of clothing or accessories you're wearing. 6. You're not a materialistic person, experiences are what make you rich, not your possessions: you don't care about spending money for expensive designer clothes, posh dinners, a car or jewellery, you'd rather save for your next trip. 7. You have great friends from all walks of life, you always hug them goodbye saying you will visit them in their home-country. And then you keep your promises, you know that friendship is not about meeting your friends everyday but it's rather loving each other every day, from wherever you are.

8. You love talking to everyone and sharing your memories even with strangers. You think it's always the right time to experience different cultures, try exotic food, meet new people. 9. You may not suffer from jet-lag, however post vacation blues hit you severely for a day or two, until you start daydreaming about a new destination and everything's over. 10. You forget you don't need your flip flops for a shower at home. 11. You love designing, writing, taking photos; your creativity and imagination fill your room with pictures and memories, you hang boarding passes, museum entrance tickets, postcards, maps... 12. Your half packed backpack or suitcase, with some underwear and t-shirts “just in case”, is right under your bed. 13. You can walk around unknown cities with great sense of direction, but it's when you get lost that you really find yourself. 14. You are extremely adaptable and just have a laugh when you miss flights, take the wrong turn, need to wait ages for public transport delays, or you're half poisoned from bad street food. You are a great problem solver and can be supportive for others too. 15. You feel you're not an ordinary person, you're independent and strong, you are determined and never give up, you love company but can also stay alone, you believe in dreams and inspire others to be brave and do the same.

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