15 Enz kinetics NARRATED v3

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Information about 15 Enz kinetics NARRATED v3

Published on March 10, 2014

Author: dylankerber

Source: authorstream.com

Lecture 15 : Enzyme kinetics: Lecture 15 : Enzyme kinetics Raw data: Raw data N-01: N-01 N-02: N-02 N-03: N-03 N-04: N-04 N-05: N-05 N-06: N-06 Simple system of 3 k’s: Simple system of 3 k’s N-07: N-07 N-08: N-08 N-09: N-09 k-cat = k 2 N-10: N-10 Michaelis-Menten variations: Michaelis-Menten variations N-11: N-11 N-12: N-12 N-13: N-13 N-14: N-14 N-17: N-17 Effects of inhibitors: Effects of inhibitors N-18: N-18 N-19: N-19 S-init N-20: N-20 N-21: N-21

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