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Published on December 28, 2007

Author: Gabir

Source: authorstream.com

IHY : Education and Public Outreach:  IHY : Education and Public Outreach EPO part of IHY vision:  EPO part of IHY vision IHY tripartite primary objectives include: History : Continuing the tradition of international research and advancing the legacy on the 50th anniversary of the International Geophysical Year Outreach : Demonstrating the Beauty, Relevance and Significance of Space and Earth Science to the World IHY aims have EPO as central: … Preserve the history and legacy of the IGY on its 50th Anniversary. Communicate unique IHY results to the scientific community and the general public. Celebrating IGY : “IGY Gold”:  Celebrating IGY : “IGY Gold” Preserving the history and memory of IGY 1957. identifying and recognizing planners of and participants in the first IGY preserving memoirs, articles, photographs, and all items of historical significance for the IGY, making these items available to historians, researchers, etc., providing a contact service for these activities, spreading awareness of the history of geophysics, and planning special events and "reunions.“ IGY Gold Club Must have been a participant in the first IGY Must contribute an item of historical significance to the initiative (letter, recollection, article, photograph, etc.) Must be willing to have that item made publicly available. Public Outreach – Overview:  Public Outreach – Overview Objective Get people to know what the ‘Heliosphere’ is? Story Legacy of IGY, Energy flows, … Audience Children, Amateurs, Joe Bloggs, … Medium Exhibits, Lectures, Experiments, Art, … Events Meteor streams, Total Lunar Eclipse, Solar storms, … Audience Story:  Audience Story Children At school At home Amateurs Radio amateurs Society for Popular Astronomy British Astronomical Association Federation of Astronomical Societies Celebrities Patrick Moore Adam Hart-Davis Brian May Astronomers Teach them basic plasma physics! Legacy of IGY IGY Gold Underpinning of things we do now Ways of working we take for granted Analogue precursor of the internet and Grid Collaboration during the Cold War History of Heliophysics in the UK Carrington, Early RGO discoveries Energy flows Human stories Maturing of collaboration Bringing multiple missions together Experiments STEREO, SOLAR-B, THEMIS, Cluster, SoHO VEX (mag, plasma), MEX (plasma) Ground-based instruments Conspiracy theories Exhibits:  Exhibits Public science – ‘Megalab’:  Public science – ‘Megalab’ Art:  Art Funding:  Funding PPARC large awards £15K - £100K This year, deadline 5th November for initial proposal Anything ready to go? TV programme on the Sun (Chris Davis), interest from Channel 4 International but apparently a BBC documentary on the Sun is in production PPARC small awards <£15K Spring 2006 PPARC Science Centre Awards < £30K Spring 2006 Find your local science centre

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