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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: Dr_Dave



PowerPoint Presentation: Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience Earthquake-induced landslides - lessons from Taiwan, Pakistan, China and New Zealand Dave Petley Dean of Research and Wilson Professor of Hazard and Risk Twitter: @ davepetley Blog: http :// PowerPoint Presentation: “Landslides just aren’t a s ignificant hazard…” “After all, I’ve never heard of any…” Fatal landslides: 2004-2010: Fatal landslides: 2004-2010 Number of deaths recorded: 80,058 people Number of non-seismic landslide events that i nvolved at least one death: 2,620 Causing: 32,322 deaths Number of deaths from s eismic landslides: 47,736 Petley 2012 Geology Global distribution of landslides that led to loss of life 2004 - 2010: Global distribution of landslides that led to loss of life 2004 - 2010 PowerPoint Presentation: 7.6 km Mount La Perouse, Alaska 16/02/2014 Image: Colin Stark PowerPoint Presentation: Image: Brett Olson and Marten Geertsema PowerPoint Presentation: “But landslides aren’t important in earthquakes…” PowerPoint Presentation: Image: Runqiu Huang Case study – Beichuan Town: Case study – Beichuan Town Beichuan Fault, Wenchuan Earthquake zone Image: Runqiu Huang PowerPoint Presentation: Image: Runqiu Huang PowerPoint Presentation: Beichuan Middle School landslide Location of school Image: Runqiu Huang PowerPoint Presentation: Old Town Landslide (10 mins after m ain shock) Image: Runqiu Huang Tangjiashan landslide dam crisis: Tangjiashan landslide dam crisis Image: Runqiu Huang Post-seismic debris flows: Post-seismic debris flows Image: Runqiu Huang PowerPoint Presentation: “They’re just a superficial, transient effect…” The 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake: The 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake The two big ones…: The two big ones… Chen et al. (2014) C.T. Lee PowerPoint Presentation:  1986 1999 2000 2000 2004 PowerPoint Presentation:  2000 2004 Before the earthquake: Before the earthquake Hydroelectric scheme inlets Image: J-C Lin November 2006: November 2006 Image: J-C Lin PowerPoint Presentation: “But their effects are just localised…” PowerPoint Presentation: Image: A. Kausar :  PowerPoint Presentation: Dunning et al. Breach event can release devastating floods: Breach event can release devastating floods Image: K. Hewitt And local drawdown landslides: And local drawdown landslides Image: K. Hewitt But multiple small slides can be devastating to roads : But multiple small slides can be devastating to roads PowerPoint Presentation: “But they’re local events in the scale of earthquakes…” PowerPoint Presentation: Daguangbao landslide >1000 million m 3 Largest non-volcanic landslide since 1911 4km 1km 2km Image: Runqiu Huang PowerPoint Presentation: Da Guangbao (3047m) 2208 m 2027 m 1690 m 1230 m 沟 Image: Runqiu Huang PowerPoint Presentation: “And really they’re quite simple – it’s just a matter of friction…” PowerPoint Presentation: “But only really big earthquakes cause landslides…” PowerPoint Presentation: Map: GNS Science, New Zealand Mw = 6.2 Mw = 7.1 Mw = 6.0 Mw = 5.9 PowerPoint Presentation: Space – the final frontier… PowerPoint Presentation: N Kashmir landslides 2252 landslides > 625 m 2 NB: Chi-Chi= 9272 PowerPoint Presentation: 0.8 g Ground accelerations : Ragukanth 2008 0.6 g 1.0 g 1.2 g 1.4 g 1.6 g 0.6 g 0.8 g 1.0 g 1.4 g 1.2 g Landslide distribution does not match modelled horizontal ground accelerations PowerPoint Presentation: Landslide density/ratio map – Wenchuan Earthquake Distance from Beichuan fault Hanging wall – footwall effect Beichuan fault Pengguan fault Images: Robert Parket PowerPoint Presentation: Chi Chi Finisterre Northridge Distance from fault rupture Wenchuan Meunier et al 2007 Main graph: Robert Parker PowerPoint Presentation: Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future . Niels Bohr PowerPoint Presentation: Kathmandu destroyed in an earthquake in 1934 ?20,000 deaths PowerPoint Presentation: Himalayan Seismic gaps (Roger Bilham) Previous hazard map with major roads: Previous hazard map with major roads Wellington 2% in 50 yrs – GNS Science: Wellington 2% in 50 yrs – GNS Science PowerPoint Presentation: Conclusion The future, according to some scientists, will be exactly like the past, only far more expensive . John Sladek PowerPoint Presentation: Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience David Petley Email: Twitter: @ davepetley Blog: http ://

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