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Information about מדפסת תלת מימדית צבעונית בחומר פלסטי
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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: Caliber_Engineering



מדפסת תלת מימד של חברת 3D Systems האמריקאית, אשר מסוגלת להדפיס בצבעים מלאים על חומרים פלסטיים.

ProJet® 4500 Full Color Plastic 3D Printer 2014年3月4日 v11.22.13

ProJet 4500 Combine the power of vibrant full color with durable plastic parts.

The benefits of color combined with strength Which communicates your idea better? Both parts are functional prototypes

High-Quality Full-Color Printing Life-like. Photo-quality. In Three Dimensions. Enhance communication and design Improve marketing Impress customers

Applications Customized end-use products

Applications Durable concept models

Applications Digital 3D art

Key features Almost 1,000,000 brilliant colors Amazing small feature detail Relative size to model

Key features Fast Print Speeds ProJet 4500 FDM Printer Print time 10,488 cm2 (640 in2) build volume 27 tennis balls in a single build Processing

Powerful software included 3DPrint™ •Set-up and prepare build volume •Mobile App support •3DEdit™ Pro Integration 3DEdit™ Pro • • • 64-bit support Multiple input/output formats Edit, color, and prepare models for printing

Simple Control and Monitoring Print3D Mobile App

How it works - ColorJet Printing (CJP): Video

Materials Revolutionary VisiJet® C4 Spectrum™ materials bring full-color capability to plastic parts.

Efficient, economical, eco-friendly Efficient material use = low part cost Just $7-10 per in3 €0.39 - €0.53 cm3 No support material needed

ProJet 4500 tech specs Build size 8” x 10” x 8” (203 x 254 x 203 mm) Color Continuous-Tone CMY Print resolution 600 x 600 dpi Layer thickness .004 ” (.102 mm) Build speed Up to ½ in/hour (12mm/hr)

VisiJet® C4 Spectrum material specs Tensile Strength 24.8 MPa Tensile Modulus 1600 MPa Elongation at Break 3.6% Flexural Strength 36.5 MPa Flexural Modulus 1125 MPa Hardness Shore D 79 Heat Distortion Temperature 57 C

ProJet 4500 Summary • Prints both flexible and strong high-res CMY color plastics fast • Ready-to-use parts and assemblies directly from the printer • Only continuous-tone full-color plastic 3D printer available today • Green safe print process reduces part cost by as much as 25x

ProJet 4500 Thank You Return to navigation 2014年3月4日 v11.22.13

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