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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: floramaegaamil

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PowerPoint Presentation: www.victoryglobal.vg WELCOME BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY MEETING TO PowerPoint Presentation: Health Concept PowerPoint Presentation: Bad health is caused by TOXINS Water Food Stress Air PowerPoint Presentation: Regular Exercises VG Products Balance Diet Eat Alkaline Forming Food PowerPoint Presentation: THE PHILIPPINES 7 MOST POWERFUL VEGETABLES SALUYOT DAHON NG SILI PAPAYA MALUNGGAY KAMOTE AMPALAYA GABI PowerPoint Presentation:  In India: it is used to treat more than 300 + diseases. An Anti-bacterial and antibiotic compound Good for skin problems Anti-inflammatory Can lower blood sugar in 3 hours Increases milk production Good for HIV and AIDS infected individuals Endorsed by Sen. Loren Legarda to DOH Sept. 14, ‘07 Rich in iodine Rich in protein & fibers Contains antho-cyanidins vs. leukemia cells Strong anti-oxidant with anti-tumoral compounds Has chemo-preventative action against cancer Lowers blood sugar and cholesterol in patients with type 2 diabetes High in Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C content Very good source of thiamin, Riboflavin, Iron, Phosphorous, Niacin, potassium, Copper, Manganese and Zinc which are important in human body’s health maintenance and recovery from illnesses Rich in vitamin C and potassium Use to relieve pain and itching, colds, nasal congestion, fever and headaches Treatment for obesity Good for diabetics Vs. inflammation Relieving pain and treating arthritis For poor appetite and improving digestion Scientifically validated herbal medicinal plant that can lower elevated blood sugar levels. ( D.O.H. 2007) Used to treat type II diabetes Improving the pancreas’ ability to produce insulin. Used to treat skin diseases Treats infertility Preventing / Treating malaria & HIV infections Rich in Vitamin A, C and E which Used for health and beauty Rich in Beta Carotene Rich in iron for healthy red blood cells. Rich in calcium good for teeth and Bones Rich in Vitamin C for skin, immune cells and wound healing are anti-oxidants Helps skin look younger Rich in Vitamin A A powerful anti-oxidant vs. free radicals that cause cancer Used as dewormer Used as prophylaxis against malaria Rich in enzymes called Papain & chemopapain Papain is used to treat arthritis It is also used in treatment of cuts, rashes, stings and burns THE PHILIPPINES 7 MOST POWERFUL VEGETABLES C A M O T E (Ipomoea Batatas) : C A M O T E (Ipomoea Batatas) PowerPoint Presentation: The only vegetable that is rich in iodine.Contains anthocyanidins that include apoptosis in humanpromyolocitic leukemia cells Anthocyanidins (anthocyanins) are strong anti-oxidant with anti-tumural compounds that has chemopreventative action against cancer. Lower blood sugar and cholesterol in patients with type  diabetes. A M P A L A Y A (Momordica Charantia) : A M P A L A Y A (Momordica Charantia) PowerPoint Presentation: Contains momordicin used to treat type II diabetes and used to increase production of beta cells by the pancreas thereby improving body’s ability to produce insulin. Endorsed by the department of health (DOH) Used to treat skin disease, sterility in women and also function as purgative. Used for treating and preventing malaria and HIV infections. G A B I (Taro Leaves) : G A B I (Taro Leaves) Very good source of thiamin, riboflavin, iron, phosphorous, niacin, potassium, copper, manganese and  zinc which are important in human body’s health maintenance and recovery from illnesses PowerPoint Presentation: S A L U Y O T ( Corchorus Olitorius ) PowerPoint Presentation: Used for health and beauty by the Egyptians like Cleopatra. Rich in beta carotene which is anti-oxidant ( ANTI-CANCER) and good for eyesight Rich in iron for healthy red blood cells. Rich in calcium, vitamin A,C and E which are all anti-oxidants. Regular consumption makes skin look younger. PowerPoint Presentation: S I L I N G L A B U Y O (Capsicum Frutescenes ) PowerPoint Presentation: Used to relieve pain and itching, nasal congestion, colds, fever and headache Active ingredient is a compound called ‘CAPSAICIN’ which is cardio vascular stimulant. For obesity and add-on treatment of diabetes Anti-inflammatory – used for relieving pain and treating arthritis Rich in potassium, phosphorous, calcium, iron, vitamin  A, B and C For poor appetite and improving digestion PowerPoint Presentation: P A P A Y A ( Carica Papaya) PowerPoint Presentation: Used as dewormer Used as prophylaxis against malaria Rich in enzymes called as papain and chemopapain Papain is used to treat arthritis. Papain is  used in treatment of cuts, rashes, stings and burns PowerPoint Presentation: M A L U N G G A Y ( Moringa Oliefera ) PowerPoint Presentation:  Called as “The Miracle Tree” in  “ Ayurveda medicine” by  India healers. It is used to treat more than 300 kinds of disease. Powdered dried leaves can clean contaminated water Contains “ Pterygospermin ”, a bacterial and fungicidal compound that pushes its strong antibiotic property Acts as coagulant PowerPoint Presentation:  Good for skin treatment. Contains Lutien Anti-inflammatory in healing wounds and swelling Its juice can lower blood sugar in 3 hours Anthelementic - can kill intestinal worms For lactating mothers it increases milk production Used for feeding livestock’s (mixed in feeds) PowerPoint Presentation: Seeds contains Ben oil ( behenic acid) used for cooking and beauty products. Used by HIV and AIDS infected  individuals Continuous consumption increases sperm count Actively cultivated by AVRDC, the principal internationalcenter for  vegetable research and development in the world. PowerPoint Presentation:  7 times the Vitamin C found in oranges. 4 times the Calcium found in milk and twice the Protein. 4 times the Vitamin A found in carrots. 3 times the Potassium found in bananas. 3 times the Iron found in almonds. PowerPoint Presentation: *Benefits* Increased physical energy. Mental and emotional balance. Faster recovery. Nutrient – dense mother’s milk. Healthy blood sugar levels. PowerPoint Presentation: All types of Cancer Diabetes Heart diseases Asthma Osteoporosis Arthritis Rheumatism Goiter Lung problems Liver problems Obesity Kidney problems Ulcer / Colon Hemorrhoids Weak eyesight Cataract Menopausal problems Dysmenorrheal Hormonal imbalance Urinary tract infections Hypertension Malnourishment Insomnia Leukemia Brain disorder Stroke Parkinson Alzheimer Cerebral disease Fibromyalgia Pre-mature aging Other degenerative diseases. VG Caps Help People Recover From: VG CAPS AWARD: VG CAPS AWARD 2009 Most Outstanding Nutritional Supplement PowerPoint Presentation:  Most popular form of Vitamin C, In the US and Europe, today, because of it’s Non-sodium and Non-Acidic properties For prevention and treatment of Vitamin C deficiency. w/ CGF, Zinc, Vit . B Complex & Minerals Hasten wounds healing and increase body resistance for infectious diseases. For health gums, teeth, bones and other connective tissues. PowerPoint Presentation:  With mangosteen that helps support visual and cardiovascular functions while promoting flexibility of joints, reduces the severity of allergies and inflammatory process. With veggies regulating the pressure in the arteries, preventing the thinning of bones “osteoporosis” and suffering of tissue “ osteomalacia ” while regulating the secretion of various enzymes within our body. With minerals neutralizing harmful acids in our body and replenishes mineral reserves needed for both physiological and biological functions w/ Mangosteen , Vegetables & minerals PowerPoint Presentation: 2009 Consumer’s Choice Award Best Health Herbal Coffee w/ Mangosteen , Vegetables & minerals PowerPoint Presentation: Our New Product PowerPoint Presentation:    It is found in almost parts of the body.   It has an anti - aging effect.   It whitens the skin.   Most powerful antioxidant.   Fights Free - radicals.   It nourishes the body on the cellular level. PowerPoint Presentation:  Is an essential nutrients naturally found in fruits.  It helps to boost your energy everyday.  It strengthens the immune system.  Stimulate normal blood formation.  Regulates fats Oxidation.  It increases the use of fats as an energy source by transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria, where they are "burned" to release energy for body functions. PowerPoint Presentation: Our New Product PowerPoint Presentation: Category:  Product Testimonials                                                                                                                                                                                                      PowerPoint Presentation: www.victoryglobal.vg Our Most Innovative Agri Products PowerPoint Presentation:  BEST FOR: Farming and Agriculture Ornaments & Vegetables Water Conditioning FEEDS for Aquaculture Poultry & Livestock Septic Tank Biohazard Safety Security Waste Management Probiotics Microbial Inoculants ( Biofertilizer & Soil Conditioner) FPA REGISTRATION NO. 1-LP-761 PowerPoint Presentation: Microbial Inoculant (Soil Conditioner) FULLHARVEST PGPB (Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria) root associated bacteria which influence root growth by producing hormones and nutrients Accelerate the decomposition of organic wastes. Improve soil structure, moisture retention and addition of wide range nutrients. PowerPoint Presentation: How to prepare M.I. before use? Mix 1 pack of FullHarvest M.I. on 20 liter container, (prepare the solution before use). Put 2-3 liters of solution in to 1 knapsack sprayer, add water to fill up the sprayer, then mix well and spray. PowerPoint Presentation: Roll down or plow the remaining rice stalks that are still standing. Disperse or scatter them all ( do not burn rice stalks). Irrigate and maintain the water level at approximately 1cm. above the scattered rice stalks. After mixing FullHarvest M.I. solution 7-8 knapsack sprayer per hectare. After 10-15 days, do the same procedure of field preparation. APPLICATION PowerPoint Presentation: FPA REGISTRATION NO. 1-LP-761 COMPLETE FERTILIZER Fortified with: NPK – Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium & Chelated Micro-Nutrients Full harvest Pro-organic Root & Leaf fertilizer BEST FOR: Farming and Agriculture Plants & Ornamentals Food & Meat Cleanser PowerPoint Presentation: FULLHARVEST Foliar Fertilizer Pro – organic root and leaf foliar fertilizer blended together with enzymes synergistically to provide nutrients. It replace the lost nutrients in the soil from abuse of inorganic fertilizers. A complete balanced NPK, secondary nutrients and chelated trace elements When applied during periods of stress, it will promote healthy growth and help the crop to overcome adverse conditions. PowerPoint Presentation:  UREA provides only Nitrogen. Plants or crops does not survive or produce quality yield with Nitrogen alone. Plants or crops require NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) as macro-nutrients and micro- nutrients or trace elements like Calcium, Magnesium, Boron and Zinc that are present in FULL HARVEST Foliar Fertilizer. OUR ADVANTAGES VERSUS UREA PowerPoint Presentation: OUR ADVANTAGES VERSUS UREA Urea is for vegetative stage of crops while FULLHARVEST™ provides complete nutrition. 4 - 7 bags of UREA is required for one hectare while FULLHARVEST™ requires only 2 liters per hectare per cropping. With FULLHARVEST™, you can expect additional yield in Vegetables, rice and Corn yields. 1 liter of FULLHARVEST™ can be mixed to 300 to 400 liters of clean water. PowerPoint Presentation: Recommended Application Rice Transplanted Rice Direct Seedling Corn Vegetables Mango PowerPoint Presentation: 7 – 15 days before transplanting: Apply Soil Conditioner 25 days after planting: 50mL/16 liters of spray tank 35 days after transplanting:50mL/16liters of spray tank Booting Stage: 50mL/16 liters spray tank Milking Stage: 50 mL/16 liters spray tank Rice Transplanted PowerPoint Presentation: 7 – 15 days before transplanting: Apply Soil Conditioner Soak seeds overnight: 50mL/16 liters of water 15 days after planting: 50mL/16 liters of water 30 days after planting: 50mL/16 liters of water Booting Stage: 50mL/16 liters of water Milking Stage: 50mL/16 liters of water Rice Direct Seedling PowerPoint Presentation: Soak overnight before planting 1 bag corn seeds – half liter of FULL HARVEST to 1 pale of water. Follow steps 1-4 on rice transplanted procedure. Corn Vegetables Apply 40mL of FULL HARVEST per 16 liters spray tank on the 10 th , 20 th and 30 th day. Add 50mL FULL HARVEST per 16 liters spray tank and apply twice during flowering and twice during fruiting until 55 th day after flowering induction. Mango PowerPoint Presentation: OUR PRODUCTS PowerPoint Presentation:  A Filipino-Owned Corporation, Established in 2008 and Started its Full Manila Operation in 2009, by a Team of Industry Leaders with expertise in the Fields of Finance and Marketing. Its Main Objective is to help People Become Global Entrepreneurs Applying a Systematic Approach to Marketing. Is a Manufacturer and Distributor of Nutraceuticals and Organic-Agri Products Approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Fertilizer Pesticides Authority (FPA) & Bureau of Agriculture & Fisheries Product Standards (BAFPS) Company Profile PowerPoint Presentation: SEC CS200826287 BIR 3RC120000455182 DTI No. 00349586 LTO No.: RDJ-M-FW-4413 Reg. No.: FR-89646 PhilGEPS No. 69594 Our Legalities PowerPoint Presentation: Our Main Office G/F Floor. Victoria 1 Bldg.,1670 Quezon Ave. South Triangle, Quezon City, 1103 Philippines / Tele Fax: (02) 332-2589 / Website: www.victoryglobal.vg PowerPoint Presentation: www.victoryglobal.vg PowerPoint Presentation: Vision Statement To be the most leading Leverage Marketing Company Taking Wellness to the world! PowerPoint Presentation: Mission To promote good health by superior products and services of high Quality, unique & at a reasonable price. To bring unmeasured business opportunities and livelihood to people. To cultivate individuals into well rounded entrepreneurs. To develop our distributors into pillars of the nation who will contribute to their family, society and country. To upgrade and set the highest standard in the MLM Business industry. PowerPoint Presentation: SOON TO OPEN BRANCHES… REGIONAL BRANCHES Baguio City Bacolod City 48 Center Stockist 209 Mobile Stockist Legaspi City And more to come… Batangas City Davao City Cebu City VG Baguio City VG VG VG VG VG VG Bacolod City VG Davao City VG Cebu City VG Batangas City VG IloIlo City VG Iloilo City 7 Mega Stockist M PowerPoint Presentation: SOON TO OPEN… Indonesia Dubai Singapore Taiwan Malaysia Thailand and more to come… International Branches Hong Kong Macau Brunei U.S.A. JAPAN CANADA PowerPoint Presentation: Founding President Mr. Jaime B. Buteng PRESIDENT & C HIEF E XECUTIVE O FFICER 15 years in Leverage Marketing (1997- Present) 10 years in Corporate Management Mr. Summer Capital, Baguio City (2000) Founding Chairman, Young Hearts Foundation, Inc. (1997-Present) Multi-Awarded Youth and Student Leader Bachelor of Science in Criminology (University of Baguio-Batch 2000) Publisher/Editor-In-Chief The Philippine Courier Newspaper Businessman PowerPoint Presentation: The Executives Mr. Jaime B. Buteng President  & CEO MS. Mary Grace L. Blaza Vice- President for Finance and Administration DR. ROMEO V. ORTEZA Neuro -Trauma Surgeon Complementary Medicine Specialist &Consultant THE MANAGEMENT T.E.A.M.: THE MANAGEMENT T.E.A.M. “Together get Excellent & Achieve More!” Fr. Benjie A. Fuentes Business Development Officer Mr. Arnold B. Fernandez Sales & Marketing Manager Ms. Brilia V. Catalan Senior Accountant Mr. Dominador Ramos System Administrator Mr. Jaime B. Buteng President  & CEO MS. Mary Grace L. Blaza Vice- President for Finance and Administration ur Business pportunity w/ Pride: 2009 Outstanding Health Business Opportunity Company 2010 Best Network Marketing Company 2009 Most Innovative Health & Business Company ur Business pportunity w/ Pride PowerPoint Presentation: HOW TO GET STARTED? AVAIL THE PACKAGE & SIGN UP 2) FOLLOW THE MARKETING PLAN & ATTEND TRAININGS 3) SHARE YOUR PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE & HELP YOUR VG T.E.A.M. (GOLD PACKAGE ) P6,980.00 PowerPoint Presentation: PACKAGE A 5 VG CAPS BOTTLES AMOUNT: P7,500 GOLD PACKAGE PACKAGE B 5 FOLIAR FERTILIZERS AMOUNT: P7,500 PACKAGE C 2 VG CAPS BOTTLES, 2FOLIAR FERTILIZERS & 1 MICROBIAL INNOCULANT AMOUNT: P7,500 PowerPoint Presentation:  1. 20-40% Discount 5. FREE Medical Consultation 3. Standardized Training Benefits 4. 24/7 Online Business 2. Lifetime Membership 7. 8 Ways to EARN while L EARN ING 6. Crossline Support TYPES OF INCOME: TYPES OF INCOME LINEAR INCOME RESIDUAL INCOME PowerPoint Presentation:  LINEAR INCOME “PEOPLE WHO WORKS FOR MONEY” 1 PERSON = 100% WORK NO WORK NO PAY No Time Freedom No Financial Freedom PowerPoint Presentation: RESIDUAL INCOME “MONEY WORKS FOR THEM” persons = with Time Freedom with Financial Freedom work 100 1% 99 PowerPoint Presentation: 8 Ways to Earn PowerPoint Presentation: 1 st Way to Earn RETAILING PROFIT (RP) PowerPoint Presentation: Ex. VG CAPS SRP Dist. Price Retail Profit 1,500 1,000 500.00 X 10 Client PROFIT = P 5,000.00 Retailing Profit 20-40% (RP) What If: 100 client x 500 (RP) = Php50,000 / month 1,000 client x 500 (RP) = Php500,000 / month PowerPoint Presentation: 2 nd Way to Earn Direct Referral Incentive (DRI) PowerPoint Presentation: A RTHUR A RTHUR G OLD P ACKAGE Php 6,980 RIGHT LEFT GOLD PACKAGE VG Distributors will get Php 500 pesos as Direct Referral Incentives for every Business Builder Package sold. Commission will be given based on weekly calendar cut off through BPI ATM Card. 2. Direct Referral Incentive (DRI) B RENDA B RENDA You You RIGHT LEFT GOLD PACKAGE GOLD PACKAGE GOLD PACKAGE PowerPoint Presentation: 3 rd Way to Earn Match Sales Incentive (MSI) PowerPoint Presentation: A RTHUR ARTHUR LEFT 3. Match Sales Incentive (MSI) B RENDA B RENDA You You LEFT RIGHT RIGHT G OLD P ACKAGE Php 6,980 GOLD P ACKAGE Php 6,980 GOLD PACKAGE GOLD PACKAGE GOLD PACKAGE GOLD PACKAGE DIRECT DIRECT DIRECT DIRECT 3,500BPV 3,500BPV 3,500BPV 3,500BPV PowerPoint Presentation: A B P500.00 DIRECT REFERRAL: P1,000.00 MATCHING BONUS: P1,350.00 P2,700.00 P4,050.00 P5,400.00 P6,750.00 P8,100.00 P9,450.00 P10,800.00 INFINITY 1350 1350 1350 1350 PowerPoint Presentation:  P16,200/DAY P486,000/MONTH POTENTIAL INCOME PowerPoint Presentation: Which means the company allows only 12 pairs/ day 16 16 Q.What if this scenario happens? A B 16 pairs x P1,350 = P21,600 A. You will be paid only P16,200 12 pairs x P1,350 = P16,200 The remaining P5,400 will be given to the company… SAFETY NET PROGRAM VICTORY GLOBAL 12 12 12 PAIRS X P1,350 = P16,200 X 30 DAYS = P486,000 And that’s we called… PowerPoint Presentation: SLOW PLAN IF: X 3 ACCOUNT/HEADS P 6,151,950 MILLION/Year @ G OLD P ACKAGE Php6,980 Assumption . No experience Shy type Sell 2 package . It takes 1 month Duplicate . You January 1 1 1,350 February 2 2 2,700 March 4 4 5,400 April 8 8 10,800 May 16 16 21,600 June 32 32 43,200 July 64 64 86,400 August 128 128 172,800 September 256 256 345,600 October 512 512 453,600 November 1,024 1,024 453,600 December 2,048 2,048 453,600 GRAND TOTAL: Php 2 ,050,650 PowerPoint Presentation: 4 th Way to Earn Redundant Binary (RSV) PowerPoint Presentation: 4. Redundant Binary SCENARIO 1 A RTHUR B RENDA You NEW DISTRIBUTOR NEW DISTRIBUTOR RIGHT LEFT 6,980 3,500BPV 6,890 3,500BPV A RTHUR You NEW DISTRIBUTOR RIGHT LEFT 6,980 3,500 BPV B RENDA PRODUCT RE-ORDER SCENARIO 2 10VG CAPS= 3,500 RSV 1,350 1,350 PowerPoint Presentation: A RTHUR You RIGHT LEFT PRODUCT RE-ORDER SCENARIO 3 10 VG CAPS 3,500 RSV 4. Redundant Binary B RENDA NOTE: PERSONAL SALES IS GOOD FOR 4WEEKS 1,350 PRODUCT RE-ORDER 10VG CAPS =3,500 RSV PowerPoint Presentation: 4. Redundant Binary P ERSONAL S ALES R EQUIREMENT ENTRY CODE PSR 350 RSV 700 RSV 1,400 RSV 2,800 RSV QSP 200 (Pairing) 200 (Pairing) 200 (Pairing) 200 (Pairing) GP 1,350 (Pairing) 2,500 (Pairing) 5,000 (Pairing) 7,500 (Pairing) EXP 2,500 (Pairing) 5,000 (Pairing) 7,500 (Pairing) PP 5,000 (Pairing) 7,500 (Pairing) VP 7,500 (Pairing) 12 PAIRS/ DAY Note: Valid Only for 4 weeks PowerPoint Presentation: 4. Redundant Binary ILLUSTRATIONS OF P ersonal S ales R equirement 3,500BPV/RSV YOU LEFT RIGHT GOLD PACKAGE 350 RSV 3,500BPV/RSV 1,350 7,000BPV/RSV YOU LEFT RIGHT GOLD PACKAGE 700 RSV 7,000BPV/RSV 2,500 14,000BPV/RSV YOU LEFT RIGHT GOLD PACKAGE 1,400 RSV 14,000BPV/RSV 5,000 21,000BPV/RSV YOU LEFT RIGHT GOLD PACKAGE 2,800 RSV 21,000BPV/RSV 7,500 PowerPoint Presentation: 5 th Way to Earn Development Bonus (DB) PowerPoint Presentation: 2500 PV 10% Bronze Distributor 7500 PV 20% Silver Distributor 22500 PV 30% Gold Distributor 45000 PV 35% Platinum Distributor 90000 PV 40% Diamond Distributor Group sales accumulation ( cumulative ) LADDER OF SUCCESS A) REBATES Bonus: Personal sales & monthly maintenance B) OVERRIDE Bonus: The difference from Downline’s position. 5. Development Bonus (DB) 50% PowerPoint Presentation: Crown Diamond 45% 500PV 500PV X 50% P250.00 Php1,000 Note: Achieved Rank on the current month will reflect on the succeeding month. 4. Development Bonus (DB) 50% D I A M O N D You D I A M O N D D I A M O N D R O Y A L R O Y A L R O Y A L You Ambassador Diamond 50% You Royal Diamond C R O W N C R O W N C R O W N 48% PowerPoint Presentation: 6 th Way to Earn Leadership Bonus (LB) PowerPoint Presentation: LEVEL Gold Platinum Diamond Crown Royal Ambassador 1 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 2 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 3 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 4 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5 2% 3% 3% 3% 3% 3% 6 2% 3% 3% 3% 3% 7 2% 3% 3% 3% 8 2% 3% 3% 9 2% 3% 10 2% TOTAL 22% 25% 28% 31% 34% 37% MONTHLY INCOME 6. Leadership Bonus (LB) 37% PowerPoint Presentation: 7 th Way to Earn Profit Sharing Bonus (PSB) PowerPoint Presentation: To qualify for monthly profit sharing bonus for CD, RD & AD, you must have 3 active lines with the above, monthly monitoring sales requirements. VP earns Profit Sharing Bonus without requirements once he earns from the Development and Leadership Bonus 90000PV 45000PV YOU 7. Profit Sharing (PSB) 10% 45000PV ACTIVE VP ACTIVE CD ACTIVE RD Ambassador Diamond 2% Royal Diamond 2% Crown Diamond 2% Victory Package 4% PowerPoint Presentation: 8 th Way to Earn Car & House Fund (CHF) PowerPoint Presentation: (Same Requirements with Profit Sharing Bonus) 8. Car & House Fund (CHF) 3% PowerPoint Presentation: Congratulation! Ms. Blessie Pascual Car Achiever PowerPoint Presentation: Congratulation! Mr. & Mrs. Ezekiel Bautista Car Achievers PowerPoint Presentation: Congratulation! Mr. & Mrs. Marty Aquino Car Achievers PowerPoint Presentation: Congratulation! Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Abenojar Car Achievers PowerPoint Presentation: Congratulation! Mr. Butch Basalo Car Achiever PowerPoint Presentation: Congratulation! Mr. Vincent Wayang Car Achiever PowerPoint Presentation: Congratulation! Mr. & Mrs. Dongie Turan Car Achievers PowerPoint Presentation: “To Believe, is to see!” Be a part of US! Live Life with Victory! WHAT EVER YOUR MIND CAN DREAM, YOUR HEART MUST BELIEVE, AND YOUR HANDS CAN ACHIEVE! AND START TODAY!...NOW! PowerPoint Presentation: MECHANICS You 1 1 = 1,350 1 1 1 1 5 TH PAIR = 1 Reward Point 10 TH PAIR = 1 Reward Point You HOW TO QUALIFY: 150 Reward Points 150 T.P. 1 1 = 1,350 1 1 = 1,350 1 1 = 1,350 1 1 = 1,350 1 1 = 1,350 1 1 = 1,350 1 1 = 1,350 PowerPoint Presentation: MECHANICS: * Any distributor who purchases at least minimum of 700RSV (Redundant Sales Volume) or 1000RPV (Re-Purchase Point Value) is entitled with one (1) raffle coupon. When personal purchases reaches 1500RSV or 2000RPV the distributor will claim 2 raffle coupons, it means for every another 750RSV or 1000RPV is equal to another coupon. * The distributor must be in good standing record with VGUSI. * To claim the raffle coupon the distributor must print his/her personal statement from website with the accumulated 700RSV or 1000RPV and present to office to claim raffle coupon/s stated in the statement . PowerPoint Presentation: * Raffle coupon/s will be available for claim every after cut-off of each month, the same process will be done on the next successive months. * Last date of purchase included in the above mentioned raffle program will be until November 30, 2012 (Friday 11.59 PM). * Draw date will be on the date our 2012 Year End Party and Recognition Day. * Venue will be on the venue of our 2012 Year End Party and Recognition day. MECHANICS: PowerPoint Presentation: SAMPLE TICKET

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