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Published on March 14, 2008

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State of I2CAM/I2CAM Coordinating meeting ICAM Annual Conference, Nov 10, 2005:  State of I2CAM/I2CAM Coordinating meeting ICAM Annual Conference, Nov 10, 2005 UCSB Outline:  Outline Reminder, what is I2CAM Summary of workshops occurred/scheduled Discussion of Fellow Awards Overview of web pages Discussion of Budget What is I2CAM?:  What is I2CAM? On Aug. 15, 2004, the NSF awarded an International Materials Institute Award for 5 years at $700,000 per year for the establishment of an International Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter (I2CAM). The goal of I2CAM is to nucleate an international ``institute without walls’’ networking between the 18 US ICAM branches and our European partners at Cambridge, Paris Consortium, Karlsruhe Consortium, Ecole Polytechnique Federale Lausanne (affiliate), Dresden Max Planck Consortium, Erice, ICTP Trieste, and Leibniz Institute Dresden, Sabanci University (Istanbul), The University of Zurich, our Israeli partners in the Tel Aviv University/Weisman Inst./Hebrew University consortium, and our Japanese partners at the University of Kyoto and the Institute for Solid State Physics of the University of Tokyo. Exploratory Workshops, 2004-2005:  Exploratory Workshops, 2004-2005 Chemical Physics of Strongly Correlated Oxide Materials 2005-02-06 - Ringberg Castle, Germany; Organizers- F. Steglich, MPI Dresden; S. Kauzlarich UC Davis Strong Correlations and ARPES: Recent Progress in Theory and Experiment 2005-04-04 - Organizers: J. Fink, IFW Dresden; K. Matho, CRTBT, Grenoble; E. Mueller-Hartmann, U. Koeln Protein Aggregation and Amyloid Formation in Systemic and Neurodegenerative Diseases 2005-07-16 - Location: Lausanne Organizers: H. Lashuel, P. Aebischer, EPFL Lausanne; F. Chiti, U. Florence; D.Cox, R.R.P Singh, UC Davis WEBCAST Strongly Interacting Systems at the Nanoscale 2005-08-01 - ICTP Trieste Organizers: V.I. Falko, Lancaster; A.J. Millis, Columbia U.; B.N. Narozhny, ICTP Trieste Exploratory Workshops Scheduled, 2005-2006, :  Exploratory Workshops Scheduled, 2005-2006, 2005-2006 The Nanoelectronics and Dynamics of DNA 2005-08-28 - Location: Waikiki Beach Resort and Spa, Honolulu Organizers: A. Balatsky, Los Alamos National Labs; H.R. Tanaka, Osaka University... Correlated Thermoelectric Materials 2005-09-25 - Location: Hvar Croatia V. Zlatic, U. Zagreb; J. Freericks, Georgetown; M.B. Maple, UCSD; F. Hellman, Berkeley NMR/EPR of Correlated Electron Superconductors 2005-10-15 - Location: Dresden J. Haase, Leibniz Inst. Dresden; N. Curro, LANL; D. Pines, ICAM Cell mechanics and Cellular Mechanosensation 2006-June 19 Location: Dresden Organizers: F.Julicher, MPI for Complex Systems Research and J. Howard, MPI for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden Low Energy Electrodynamics of Solids, 2006 July 2-4 Location: Talinn Estonia – Organizers T. Room, Estonian National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics, G. Blumberg, Lucent Bell Labs Physics of the Cobaltates (conditional approval) 2006, July, France, Organizer: H. Alloul Also possible: Physics of Nanodevices, Workshop. Trieste, July 2006 (P. Littlewood, Cambridge, Organizer; V. Falko, Lancaster Exploratory Workshops 2007-2008:  Exploratory Workshops 2007-2008 Computational Approaches to Quantum Critical Phenomena, ISSP Tokyo, Aug. 2007 (Conditionally approved) New States of Quantum Matter, Trieste, Aug. 2007 P. Coleman organizer (possible support) Self-organized assembly of soft matter, G. Whitesides, C. Bain, R. Nuzzo, Grunze (approved, no date set) 2007, July 22 - August 10 Biomaterials: From Basic Science to Technology Scientific organizers: S. Chaieb (U. Urbana Champain), D. Bensimon (École Normale Supérieure Paris) (Possible support) Other ideas: Summer school on many body approaches to soft matter, NEST, Pisa; Glycomics (C. Lebrilla, UC Davis, K. Moya, ENS Paris); Biologically inspired engineering (D. Bensimon, ENS, with UIUC); Sequel to ``Chemical Physics of Correlated Matter’’ (F. Steglich, MPI Dresden); I2CAMYLOID II Advanced Workshops (Summer Schools) at Cargese :  Advanced Workshops (Summer Schools) at Cargese Slide8:  Scope Committees Program Invited lecturers Venue & Location Important dates Applications Contact us “Strongly Correlated Electrons:  Diverse Examples and Unifying Themes”   August 8-20, 2005 Institut Scientifique de Cargèse, Corsica (France) MENRT I2CAM Advanced Study Workshop Sponsored by Biological Physics Aug. 2006 (J. Joanny, Curie, V. Croquette ENS, F. Julicher, MPIPKS) :  Biological Physics Aug. 2006 (J. Joanny, Curie, V. Croquette ENS, F. Julicher, MPIPKS) -DNA protein interactions: N.Cozzarelli (Berkeley)* > -Bacterial motility: H.Berg (Columbia) > -Physics of the cytoskeleton: J.Prost (ESPCI Paris) > -Networks: S.Leibler (Rockefeller University)* > -Ciliated cells and sensoriality: J.Huspeth (Rockefeller University) > -Cell adhesion: S.Bershadsky (Weizman Institute) > -Physics of viruses: R.Bruinsma (UCLA) > -Trafic and intracellular transport: M.Zerial (Dresdes) > -Cell division and mitosis: T.Hyman (Dresdes)* > > *Confirmed > > Conseil scientifique > > M.Sheetz (Columbia) > S. Kowalczykowski (UC Davis) > M.Dogterom (Amsterdam) > E.Frey (Munich) > T.Duke (Cambridge) > M.Bornens (Institut Curie Paris) > J.Howard (Dresdes) > D.Nelson (Harvard) > C.Veigel (Londres) > A.Triller (ENS Paris) > B.Fourcade (Grenoble) Proposal for 2007:  Proposal for 2007 50 years of BCS – BCS to novel superconductivity (H. Alloul, Fellows Awards to Date :  Fellows Awards to Date Also::  Also: Supported John Janik, Darko Tanaskovic, Marcus Mueller, Claudio Castelnovo -> Leiden workshop on Complex Behavior in Correlated Electron Systems (extended) organized by V. Dobrosavljevic Fellowship Guidelines :  Fellowship Guidelines Can send from US branch -> anywhere abroad (preference to ICAM nodes abroad) ICAM branch abroad can send to any US ICAM branch Fellowship timeline 2-6 mos Support travel costs and perdiem (ballpark of $100/day +/- depending upon local environment) Can be applicant driven (two mentors at home and host)-needs brief proposal, applicant CV letters from mentors-all online now Mentor driven: two mentors at home and host propose exchange then identify candidate Fellows/Travel Awards:  Fellows/Travel Awards Fellows: Underfunded by ~60% this past year. Not enough applications. (90K of 210K spent) Extended time frame to up to 6 months. Will consider fellow packages to bolster particular field (eg, DMFT) Travel Awards: Underfunded by about 40% this past year. Web pages:  Web pages i2cam.org Will add:  Will add On line workshop proposal submission Great explanations interviews from this meeting Fellow interviews from this meeting Virtual poster session Virtual whiteboard Searchable data base for ICAM/I2cam expertise (among registrants) Slide17:  Budget details- general $700K/yr *Spent 530K this past year (underfunded workshops by 1, fellows and travel awards). *Have residual money to spend on fellows, travel, one extra workshop. *Additional substantial commitments: -Great Explanations/I2CAm fellow interviews ($25K) Slide18:  40 Organizational Structure of I2CAM:  Organizational Structure of I2CAM Updates to organization:  Updates to organization I2CAM ``CEO’’: Daniel Cox, Deputy Director of ICAM for International Activities (required by NSF) Full time (and exceedingly eager) administrative assistant Paula Douglas (Paula.Douglas@ucop.edu) Please give me names for external advisory committee (materials sciences, biological sciences, Europe, Japan, US, Canada…) Composition of I2CAM Management and European Steering Committees:  Composition of I2CAM Management and European Steering Committees I2CAM Management Committee: Bob Austin, Princeton University,Zachary Fisk, UC Davis,Greg Boebinger, NHMFL ex-officio, Ka Yee C. Lee, University of Chicago,Larry Coleman, UCOP, ex-officio, Peter Littlewood, Cambridge University, Piers Coleman, Rutgers University, Jose Onuchic, UC San Diego, Daniel Cox, UC Davis, Chair,David Pines, UIUC and LANL, ex-officio,Laura Greene, U. Ill. Urbana-Champaign,Myriam Sarachik, CUNY I2CAM European Steering Committee: Henri Alloul, U. Paris Sud, co-chair; Peter Littlewood, Cambridge, co-chair; A. Georges, Ecole Normale Superiore; F. Steglich, CPFS Max Planck, Dresden; E. Tosatti, ICTP Trieste; N. Bontemps, ESPCI; J. Joanny, Paris; D. Bensimon, Ecole Normale; C. Pepin, CEA Saclay; Y. Grin, CPFS MPI Dresden; J. Haase, Leibniz Institute, Dresden; F. Julicher, MPIPKS Dresden; G. Benedek, Erice; D. Pavuna, EPFL, Lausanne; H. von Lohnheysen, U. Karlsruhe Slide22:  I2CAM invites graduate students/post-doctoral researchers to apply for its Junior Fellowship and Travel Awards. Fellowships available to support for 2-6 months between I2CAM institutions for collaborative research. Full travel and generous perdiem support Students may apply directly (Track 1) or through mentors (Track 2). Junior Travel Awards available for short visits to I2CAM related conferences or for research I2CAM sponsors various workshops around the globe and an annual advanced workshop at Cargese. Applications will be evaluated by the I2CAM Subcommittee of the ICAM Fellowship Committee. Please visit our website for more information and to apply online. Junior Fellowship and Travel Awards for Correlated or Biological Matter Research HELP US SPEND OUR MONEY!:  HELP US SPEND OUR MONEY!

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