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Information about degrees of ADJECTIVES

Published on November 5, 2011

Author: blackmilk


ADJECTIVES: ADJECTIVES They help you describe people or things REGULAR ADJECTIVES: REGULAR ADJECTIVES SHORT ADJECTIVES LONG ADJECTIVES This car is expensive . €€€€€€ This car is comfortable . Beautiful Wonderful Fantastic I am old . I’m 75. I am strong . Nice; young ; high ; tall ; fast COMPARATIVE DEGREE: COMPARATIVE DEGREE SHORT ADJECTIVES (ONE OR TWO SYLLABLE) I am old . I’m 65. I am old er . I’m 75. Mike is strong . Martin is strong er . COMPARATIVE DEGREE superiority: COMPARATIVE DEGREE superiority LONG ADJECTIVES (TWO OR MORE SYLLABLE) This car is expensive . €€€ This car is more expensive . €€€€€€ SHORT ADJECTIVES (One or two syllable) Vowel + consonant Big Bigger Hot Hotter Thin Thinner Ending in – y easy easier ; heavy heavier : SHORT ADJECTIVES ( One or two syllable ) Vowel + consonant Big Bigger Hot Hotter Thin Thinner Ending in – y easy easier ; heavy heavier Compare two people (short adjectives): Compare two people ( short adjectives ) Martin is strong er than Mike. Sue is young er than John. Comparative degree equality: Comparative degree equality S.L. Benfica is as good as F.C. Porto. BMW isn’t as fast as Ferrari. Comparative degree inferiority: Comparative degree inferiority The blue chair is less comfortable than the black one . SUPERLATIVE DEGREE Use it to compare three or more things or people: SUPERLATIVE DEGREE Use it to compare three or more things or people Short adjectives: Short adjectives The pink bottle is the bigg est . The orange bottle is the small est . Long adjectives: Long adjectives This is the most wonderful landscape I have ever seen . IRREGULAR ADJECTIVES: IRREGULAR ADJECTIVES Good Better The best Benfica is good ; Porto is better ; Sporting is the best ! Bad Worse The worst “ Satisfaz ” isn’t bad ; “ Não satisfaz ” is worse ; “ Fraco ” is the worst ! Far Farther The farthest Coimbra is far ; Lisboa is farther ; Faro is the farthest The best of you.: The best of you . Song by The Foo Fighters The Best of You

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