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Published on February 11, 2008

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PRODUCT IDENTIFICATON AND AREAS FOR ENTERPRENEURESHIP Dr. T. R. RAMA MOHAN CONSULTANT POWDER METALLURGY, CERAMICS AND DIAMONDS:  PRODUCT IDENTIFICATON AND AREAS FOR ENTERPRENEURESHIP Dr. T. R. RAMA MOHAN CONSULTANT POWDER METALLURGY, CERAMICS AND DIAMONDS Slide2:  PRIMARY METALS / CERAMIC RAW MATERIALS LARGE SCALE, HIGH VOLUME LOW VALUE ADDITION ORES / MINERALS → METALS / INORGANIC CHEMICALS IRON, STEEL, ALUMINIUM, COPPER, LEAD, ZINC, TIN, NICKEL, FERROALLOYS, COBALT, TUNGSTEN, MOLYBDENUM etc. Slide3:  ALUMINA, ZIRCONIA, MAGNESIA, SILICA, TITANIA, SILICON CARBIDE, BORON CARBIDE, DIAMONDS etc. SMALL AND MEDIUM SCALE INDUSTRIES LOW VOLUME, HIGH VALUE ADDITION ALLOY AND SPECIAL STEELS, METAL WORKING, METAL CASTING, POWDER METALLURGY, CERAMICS, COMPOSITES COATINGS AND FINISHING Slide4:  RESEARCH LABORATORIES → PRODUCT CONCEPT → PILOT PRODUCTION → CERTIFICATION → TRIAL MARKETING → TECHNO ECONOMIC FEASIBILITY→ ESTABLISHMENT OF PLANT AND PRODUCTION Slide5:  PROBLEMS ENCOUNTERED RAW MATERIALS EQUIPMENT ENERGY COSTS DUTIES AND TAXES QUALITY AND PRODUCT COST MARKETING FINANCE PROBLEMS OF GROWTH Slide7:  Chart 1: Particulate Materials Industry Classification Slide8:  Chart 2: Metallic Powders produced in India Slide9:  Chart 3: Metallic Powders likely to be produced in future Slide10:  Chart 4: Non-Powder metallurgy applications of metallic powders   Slide11:  Chart 5:Non-metallic Powders Likely to be Produced in Future Slide12:  Chart 6: Consolidated Metallic Components Slide13:  Chart 7: Consolidated metallic components likely to be produced in future Slide14:  Chart 8: Consolidated non-metallic components Slide15:  Chart 9: Consolidated non-metallic components likely to be produced in future Slide21:  Catalytic converter Slide22:  Engine materials Slide23:  Spark plugs Slide24:  Turbocharger rotor blades Slide25:  SiC parts Slide26:  Si3N4 parts Slide27:  Zirconia parts Slide28:  Zirconia parts

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