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Published on March 18, 2008

Author: cooper

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Slide1:  Implementation of EMAS in Public Authorities Phare Program 2002/000-605.05.01 – Implementation of EMAS in Poland Public Authorities and EMAS:  Public Authorities and EMAS Participation in EMAS has been open to the public administration sector since 2001, however before that many authorities (particularly in Germany and UK) implemented EMAS Today the public administration is one of the fastest growing sectors as regards EMAS uptake Local Authorities use of EMAS:  Local Authorities use of EMAS Local authorities are key players in the local economy They have an important influence in the environmental habits of the general public and business community EMAS provides a structured framework for managing and improving the local authority’s own environmental performance Example for the community Local Authorities use of EMAS:  Local Authorities use of EMAS Local Authorities use of EMAS:  Local Authorities use of EMAS Local Authorities use of EMAS:  Local Authorities use of EMAS Different ways to implement EMAS in a local authority The whole authority approach Department by department Key sites/municipal companies Key environmental effects (e.g transport, waste management, energy supply, water management, procurement, etc) Local Authorities use of EMAS:  Local Authorities use of EMAS Several projects and activities related to implementation of EMAS in Local Authorities EMAS - Peer Review for Cities (several municipalities around the Baltic Sea region incl. City of Gdansk participated) EMAS Peer Review Guidebook prepared Further information: www.emascities.org EU EMAS webpage www.europa.eu.int/comm/environment/emas – Local Authority corner (cases, examples of env. statements, events, etc) Toolkit for Local Authorities Implementation of EMAS in Governmental Authorities:  Implementation of EMAS in Governmental Authorities Several Governmental Authorities have implemented EMAS German Federal Environmental Agency – main office in Berlin (2001), later all other sites (www.umweltbundesamt.de/uba-info/emas.htm) EMAS Competent Bodies Danish Wallonia (Belgium) The Federal Environmental Agency in Vienna Estonia Finland Implementation of EMAS in Governmental Authorities:  Implementation of EMAS in Governmental Authorities Estonian Ministry of Environment, Department of Environmental Management and Technology – Estonian EMAS Competent Body Reducing the environmental impact of its everyday activities (travel, using resources, waste issues, etc) and office buildings Capacity building and training of the officials working with EMAS related issues – it gives them a good insight into the EMAS implementation process Occupational health and safety issues Useful istrument contributing to a more efficent organisational and communication structure Green public procurement and related issues Evaluation of its studies, drafting of legislation, decision-making To set a good example – MoE expects higher respect and visibility for EMAS in Estonia EMAS Easy methodology based on ecomapping is used Implementation of EMAS in the European Commission:  Implementation of EMAS in the European Commission European Commission decision (2001) to apply the EMAS Regulation into its activities In 2002 a project entitled “EMAS in the European Commission – pilot phase” started EMAS will be implemented in two phases: In the first phase in five services in Brussels – the Secretariat-General, DG Environment, DG Administration, DG informatics and the Infrastructure and Logistics in Brussels In the second phase other departments Other EU institutions are also responding to the challenge to implement EMAS – the European Environmental Agency is expected to register under EMAS in spring 2005. Also European Parliament and European Investment Bank have started the implementation of EMAS Green Public Procurement and EMAS:  Green Public Procurement and EMAS The role of public authorities in promoting sustainable development does not stop in the implementation of EMAS Public authorities can significantly influence the environmental performance of other economic actors (public sector contractors) Public procurement accounts for 14% of the EU GDP The Commission has published a handbook on Green Public Procurement The role of EMAS in the assessment of technical criteria has been clarified by pointing out that Directives 2004/17/EC and 2004/18/EC explicitly recognise EMAS registration as a possible means of proof for companies in public procurement procedures. Ohter future developments:  Ohter future developments The European Commission is developing a Strategy to improve the environmental performance and quality of urban areas and to secure a healthy living environment for Europe's urban citizens. The Strategy will reinforce the environment contribution to the sustainable development of urban areas. It relies on four pillars: sustainable urban design and construction, sustainable transport and environmental management systems. As regards management systems, future directives may propose cities and towns with more than 100,000 in habitants to implement environmental plans properly managed by systems such as EMAS. http://europa.eu.int/comm/environment/urban/thematic_strategy.htm

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