13 1300 and 1800 inbound numbers by vTelecom

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Information about 13 1300 and 1800 inbound numbers by vTelecom

Published on February 26, 2014

Author: johnslater

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PowerPoint Presentation: Inbound Numbers 1800 Numbers 1300 Numbers 13 Numbers PowerPoint Presentation: 13 Numbers Why choose 13 numbers ? A 13 number is shorter than a regular telephone number it is 13 followed by only 4 digits. A 13 number is a virtual, inbound number that functions like a 1300 number. The main difference is that 13 numbers has an additional annual government surcharge. www.vtelecom.com.au PowerPoint Presentation: 13 Numbers Benefits of 13 numbers Easy and convenient in remembering a 6-digit number than a 10-digit number. A 13 number creates the impression that your business is a professional and a customer-friendly company with a nationwide presence. Effective Marketing: Track results and gauge the effectiveness of the promotional campaign with a 13 number in your advertisements and promotions. Portable and Flexible: Keep the same number when you change office location or expand the business. www.vtelecom.com.au PowerPoint Presentation: 1300 Numbers Why choose 1300 numbers ? Effective Marketing : 1300 services are powerful communication and marketing tools. Turn your telephone number into a powerful marketing tool. It is more economical and simple to market and advertise one single number that is same across the country. Create a corporate identity : 1300 numbers are a cost-effective way to project a big, professional image for your small to medium business. Toll free numbers lend immediate credibility to your business and put you in a “bigger playing field.” Routing Feature : Calls to 1300 numbers can be re-routed to your Landline or Mobile Number. Build Customer Satisfaction : Customers are more likely to be satisfied if they get information, complaint resolution, reservation, and sales help on a single number, without paying for their time on the phone. www.vtelecom.com.au PowerPoint Presentation: 1300 Numbers Benefits of 1300 numbers Receive a minimum of 15 minutes free on all calls to your 1300 number terminating/re-routed to a Landline number Never miss a call: manage call distribution and improve call handling with Call Routing features No need to change phone numbers if your business is moving: the 1300 number helps you to establish a consistent profile for your business regardless of location changes Tailored pricing for various business sizes www.vtelecom.com.au PowerPoint Presentation: 1800 Numbers Why choose 1800 numbers ? The FREE Concept : Customers love the word Toll Free. Reach : One number for millions to reach your business. Simplicity : Of having to advertise One number in print, media and web advertisements. Recall : Customers find it easier to recall your number based on company name and brand. Stay Ahead : of the competition with a 1800 Number. Cost Effective : Range of cost effective plans to choose from for small or high volume users. Routing Feature : Re-route your 1800 number to a designated landline or mobile and experience no downtime Branding : Of your corporate identity across the country. www.vtelecom.com.au PowerPoint Presentation: 1800 Numbers Benefits of 1800 numbers Portable : Maintain a single 1800 number for the life of your business Flexible : Routing gives total control over which phone rings based on Time of day and caller location National presence : An essential tool in providing customers with a single point of contact Augment Professional image : Improve your professional image even if you are a sole trader or a start-up company www.vtelecom.com.au PowerPoint Presentation: To know more… Just Visit 24 / 4a Bachell Ave, Lidcombe NSW 2141 1800 883 532 www.facebook.com/vtelecom plus.google.com/+VtelecomAustralia

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