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Published on August 4, 2009

Author: rashmi.mitkar


Slide 1:  Slide 2: Presentation By Mr. Deepak Bhingardeo Slide 3: Introduction of Corporate Social Responsibility. Slide 4: Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate social responsibility also known as corporate responsibility , corporate citizenship, responsible business , sustainable business and corporate social performance which is in the form of corporate self regulation integrated into a business model. Slide 5: Corporate Social responsibility is inclusion of public interest into Corporate decision making and honoring triple : People , Planet , Profit. Corporate Social Responsibility is how a company should conduct their business in a way which is ethical. Slide 6: Corporate Social Responsibility is a form of strategic management which would encourage the organization to scan and think laterally about its relationship , which will contribute for long term in changing world. Corporate Social Responsibility is a forwarded action which flows company’s vision and mission as a part of company’s everyday action’s. Slide 7: Corporate Social Responsibility is being aware of and bringing about change to working practices to eradicate exploitation and promote fairness and safety . Corporate Social Responsibility is that which company gives back sometimes to the community locally and internationally purchasing on a ethical basis . Slide 8: Concept were by company integrate social and environment concerns in their business operation and in their interaction with stakeholders. Slide 9: Definition of Corporate Social Responsibility. Slide 10: Definition of Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility acts as a voluntary action that business can take, over and above compliance with minimum legal requirement to address both its own competitive interests and the of wider society. Slide 11: Corporate Social Responsibility acts as a umbrella term for variety of views and practices all of which recognize the following: A) That company have a responsibility for their impact on the society and its natural environment sometimes beyond legal compliance liability of individuals. Slide 12: B) That company have a responsibility for the behavior of others with whom they do business. C) That business needs to manage its relationship with wider society whether for reasons of commercial viability or to add value to society. Slide 13: Corporate Social Responsibility is a commitment to improve community well- being through discretionary business practices and corporate resources. Corporate Social Responsibility means company conduct their business in a way which is ethical , means taking account of their impact socially , environmentally , economically in terms of human rights. Slide 14: Scope of Corporate Social Responsibility Slide 15: SCOPE OF CSR. Slide 16: Scope of Corporate Social Responsibility Environment. Community. Suppliers. Health and safety. Work force . Human rights. Standards of business conduct. Slide 17: Types of Corporate Social Responsibility. Slide 18: Types of Corporate Social Responsibility Cause related marketing. Cause promotion. Socially responsible business practice. Community volunteering . Corporate philanthropy. Corporate social marketing. Slide 19: Perspective of Corporate Social Responsibility. Slide 20: Main Perspective of Corporate Social Responsibility Effective Perspective. Social Perspective. Slide 21: Codes of Corporate Social Responsibility. Slide 22: Corporate Social Responsibility Codes External Internal Feature of Corporate Social Responsibility Codes Whether they are mandatory or advisory in nature. Mechanisms put in peace to monitor implementation or whether they are instigated by management alone or negotiated with trade unions or employee representative. Slide 23: Structural characteristics of Corporate Social Responsibility Slide 24: Corporate Social Responsibility Codes are shaped under structural characteristics which include : Sector. Company Size. Nationality. Key aspect of HR function. Slide 25: Codes of Corporate Social Responsibility Arises. Slide 26: Corporate Social Responsibility Codes Tend to Arise From Ethical. Punitive. Economic consideration. Slide 27: Codes to be Effective for Corporate Social Responsibility Slide 28: Corporate Social Responsibility Codes to be effective : For the effective in times when the weight of advance public opinion is less influential , institutional supports in the form of labor law enforcement , procedures for skill enhancement, will be necessary. Slide 29: Codes Enforced for Corporate Social Responsibility. Slide 30: Corporate Social Responsibility Codes might be enforced Basic labor rights. core labor standards. Slide 31: Codes appear to the be a principal way in which multinational company seek to achieve a degree of consistency across their operations and a degree of legitimacy in their external environment. The Corporate Social Responsibility code of conduct about the labor content was 16 % in British 11 % in German Multinational companies. Slide 32: Reviews on Corporate Social Responsibility Slide 33: Reviews related on the issue of Corporate Social Responsibility are : Scale of literature. Aspects and approach. Findings and conclusion. There are very limited evidence as to corporate social responsibility used multinational company and that the country of origin also effect the character of the course. Slide 34: Corporate Social Responsibility agreements can be Mandatory. Advisory. Slide 35: Aspects and Status of Corporate Social Responsibility. Slide 36: Corporate Social Responsibility Aspects Covered with code. Codes with international. Code restricted to the company. Status of the codes Mandatory . Advisory. Mandatory in some parts. Slide 37: WHY Corporate Social Responsibility. Slide 38: Why Corporate Social Responsibility ? IT IMPROVES FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE. REDUCES OPERATING COST / LICENCE OPERATE. ENHANCE BRAND IMAGE AND REPITATION . INCREASES AND CUSTOMER LOYALTY / BRAND DIFFERENTATION . OPEN VIEW OF COMPANIES ACTIVITIES. HELPS IN RISK MANAGEMENT . TO INCREASE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE , PROFIT. Slide 39: How to Implement Corporate Social Responsibility in Your Company. Slide 40: MEETING OF BOARD OF DIRECTORS IN IMPLEMENTING CSR. Slide 41: How to Implement Corporate Social Responsibility in Your Company Every company must clearly define its own corporate social responsibility philosophy an objectives stating which issues it intends working on or contributing. Every must spend a minimum of 0.2 % its annual income in corporate social responsibility activities and not by the profit of the company. Slide 42: Education / Training Available for Corporate Social Responsibility. Slide 43: Education / Training Available for Corporate Social Responsibility. Business schools. Universities. Independent training provides. Slide 44: Skills for Corporate Social Responsibility. Slide 45: Skills Required for Corporate Social Responsibility Role. Business skills. People skills. Technical skills. Understanding society. Building capacity. Questioning business usual. Stakeholder relationships. Strategic view. Harnessing diversity. Slide 46: Today’s Corporate Social Responsibility. Slide 47: Corporate Social Responsibility Today. Today beyond traditional philanthropy. Part of mainstream business thinking. How a company understands and a addresses its ‘total impact on society and the environment ’. Slide 48: Activities of Corporate Social Responsibility. Slide 49: PURE AND SAFE WATER PURE AND SAFE WATER Slide 50: PROPER GUILDENCE AND FAMILY PLANING. Slide 51: HELPING TRIBAL PEOPLE. Slide 52: CREATING RALLIES IN PROTECTING PEOPLE FROM DISEASE. Slide 53: DEVELOPMENT OF INFRASTRUCTURE. Slide 54: IMPARTING EDUCATION AND BUILDING SCHOOLS. Slide 55: BUILDING HOSPITALS AND PROVIDING MEDICAL CARE . Slide 56: SUPPORTING PEOPLE EFFECTED BY AIDS / HIV. Slide 57: HOME - BASED COUNSELLING EFFECTED BY DISEASE. Slide 58: CLEAN ENVIRONMENT. Slide 59: Activities Under Corporate Social Responsibility Growth care for environment. Growth is thinking beyond business. Growth is social responsibility and community development. Education i.e. Schooling. Strengthening. Skill development. Slide 60: Empowerment weaker section. Women and youth empowerment. Infrastructure. Use of core competence. Eradicate poverty and hunger. Reduce child morality. Community vitality. Right to workers. Slide 61: Consumers Protection. Financial Services. Art and Culture. Scholarship. Disaster Management. Vocational Training Centre. Building Hospitals. Develop a global partnership for development. Sustainable development. Maintaining and supporting social causes. Slide 62: Eradicate extreme poverty hunger. Reduce child mortality. Improve maternal health. Combat HIV / AIDS other diseases. Community vitality. Science Education. Right to workers. Access to testing and treatment. Slide 63: But through Corporate Social Responsibility activities we can rang economic and tax benefits as 47% , Corporate reputation 45 % competitive advantage 30 %. Survey says most admired company for Corporate Social Responsibility. Tata Motors. Tata steel and globally Nielsen RIL on top. Slide 64: Companies and Activities Regarding Corporate Social Responsibility. Slide 65: MAHINDRA AND MAHINDRA ‘Mahindra groups define Corporate Social Responsibility making socially responsible products , engaging in socially employee relation and making commitment to the community around us ’. IT WAS FORMED WITH INTENTION / OBJECTIVE TO PROMOTE EDUCATION , THROUGH MAINLY WITH SCHOLARSHIP . Slide 66: IT REACHES TO THE UNPRIVILEGED CHILDREN ESPECIALLY IN RURAL AREA . IT WORKS TO THE VISION TO TRANSFORMS THE LIVES IN PEOPLE IN INDIA , THROUGH EDUCATION FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE AND RECOGNITION TO THEN , ACROSS AGE GROUPS AND ACROSS INCOME STRATA. Slide 67: ACTIVITIES OF MAHINDRA AND MAHINDRA EDUCATION . FINANCIAL SUPPORT. RECOGNITION TO RURAL PEOPLE. EMPOWERMENT OF C HILDREN. Slide 68: SATYAM COMPUTER SERVICE LTD. IT AIMS AT TRANSFORMING AND SUPPORTING AND STRENGTHING THE VULNERABLE AND UNPRIVILEGED SECTIONS IN URBAN INDIA. ACTIVITIES OF SATYAM COMPUTER SERVICE LTD. EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN AND UNPRIVILEGED. PROBLEM OF ILLITERACY. Slide 69: ANAND CORPORATE SERVICE LTD. AIMS : ANAND CO. SERVICES IS A FIRM THAT VIEW CORPORATE GOALS MUST BE ALIGNED WITH A LARGER SOCIETAL GOALS. IT AIMS AT COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT. THE LONG TERM ‘GOALS ’ OF ANAND’S TOWARDS CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IS TO IMPLEMENT CONCEPTS OF ZERO TOLERANCE ZONE FOR CHILD LABOR. . Slide 70: ACTIVITIES OF ANAND COMPANY : HEALTH. EDUCATION. NATURAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT AND LIFE SKILLS . WELL BEING OF HUMANS. Slide 71: APTECH LIMITED AIMS: APTECH LTD. , IS A LEADING EDUCATION PLAYER WITH A GLOBAL PRESENCE . IT PLAYS ROLE IN ENCOURAGING AND FASTERING EDUCATION THOUGHOUT THE COUNTRY . Slide 72: IT IS IN ASSOCIATION WITH NGO’S WHICH PROVIDE TRAINING AND AWARNESS CAMPS FOR UNPRIVILEGED. THE APTECH COMPANY STRONGLY BELIEVES , AND SUPPORT SOCIAL FABRIC , BASIC EDUCATION AMONG UNDERPRIVILEGED. Slide 73: ACTIVITIES OF APTECH LTD. PROMOTING CHILD EDUCATION. AWARNESS TRAINING CAMPS. SUPPORTING SOCIAL FABRIC. ENVIROMENTALLY PROTECTION. Slide 74: AVON CYCLE LIMITED AIMS : THE AVON CAME UP WITH THE IDEA OF HOPE GIVES WAY TO DESPAIR. RESENTLY THE HOSPITAL HAS TOOK THE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IN REMOVING THE CONCEPT OF ‘SONS ONLY TO END ’ BY BRINGING THE CONCEPT OF CELEBRATE ‘FEMALE’ CHILD. Slide 75: ACTIVITIES OF AVON CYCLE LTD. HOSPITALS. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. Slide 76: CISCO SYSTEM LIMITED AIMS : CISCO IS ABOUT STRONG BUILDING AND PRODUCTIVE GLOBAL COMMUNITIES IN WHICH EVERY INDIVIDUALS HAS MEANS TO LIVE , OPPRTUNITY TO LEARN , CHANCE TO GIVE BACK . EDUCATION IS THE TOP PRIORITY AS THEY BELIEVE IT IS A KEY OF PROSPERITY AND OPPORTUNITY.. Slide 77: ACTIVITIES OF CISCO LTD : IT PROMOTE A CULTURE OF CHARITABLE GIVING. PROVIDE SCHOOLS , EDUCATION. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT. Slide 78: ICICI BANK LIMITED MISSION. IT WORK WITH A MISSION TO BUILD THE CAPACITIES OF THE POOREST OF POOR TO PARTICIPATE IN THE LARGER ECONOMY ICICI BANK BELIEVES THAT IT CAN BUILD THE CAPACITIES OF INDIA’S POOR TO PARTICIPATE IN LARGER SOCIAL ECONOMIC PROCESSES , WHICH WOULD THEREBY SPUR THE DEVELOPMENT OF COUNTRY. Slide 79: ACTIVITIES OF ICICI BANK : IT BREAKS THE INTERGENERATIONAL CYCLE OF POOR HEALTH , NUTRITION. ENCURE ESSENTIAL CHILDHOOD EDUCATION , SCHOOLING. FINANCIAL SERVICES. Slide 80: INFOSYS TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED AIMS : INFOSYS ACTIVELY INVOLVED IN COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES . THEY HAVE SET UP AND EXAMPLE IN THE AREA OF CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP AND INVOLVED ITSELF IN KEY NATIONAL BODIES. Slide 81: ACTIVITIES OF INFOSYS LTD . RESEARCH AND EDUCATION. WEL-FARE ACTIVITIES. HEALTHCARE. EDUCATION. ART AND CULTURE. Slide 82: ITC LIMITED IT HAS PARTNERED THE INDIAN FARMER SINCE A CENTURY IT HAS ELEVATED ITS PARTENERSHIP TO NEW PASADIGM BY LEVERAGING INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. IT HAS IMBMRACED A HOST IN SIGNIFICANTLY WIDENING BE FARMER BY GIVING AWARENESS. Slide 83: ACTIVITIES OF ITC LTD. : HELPING TRIBALS. IRRIGATION DEVELOPMENT. EMPOWERING RURAL WOMEN INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT. BUILDING SCHOOLS. Slide 84: TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES AIMS. IT WORKS WITH THE MAIN AIM OF ADDRESSING THE PROBLEM OF ILLITERACY. ACTIVITIES. EMPOWERMENT OF RURAL PEOPLE. PROVIDING EDUCATION. Slide 85: DALMIC CEMENT (BHARAT) LIMITED. AIMS : IT WORKS TO PROVIDE WATER TANKS / DEEP BOREWELLS TO STORE WATER AND PLANTING TREES ACROSS THE DALMIC CEMENT FACTORY TO IMPROVE THE ECOLOGY IN THE AREA. ACTIVITIES. PROVIDE WITH WATER / BASIC AMENITIES, ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. Slide 86: DCM SHRIRAM CONSOLIDATED LTD AIMS : IT WORKS FOR UPLIFTMENT OF YOUTH, WOMEN, EDUCATION. ACTIVITIES : PROVINDING AMBULANCE. FAMILY PLANING . MEDIACAL CARE . SCHOOLS , EDUCATION. SCHOLARSHIP. INFRASTRUCTURE. Slide 87: GOODEARTH EDUCATION FOUNDATION OBJECTIVE. ITS MAIN OBJECTIVE IS TO INCLUDE EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES AND PRE-PRIMARY EDUCATION TO ALL CHILDREN, QUALITY OF EDUCATION BY ENSURING THAT IT IS RELEVANT , EFFECTIVE AND ACTIVITY BASED. ACTIVITIES. PROVIDE EDUCATION. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. EQUAL RIGHT TRAINING CAMPS. Slide 88: HINDUSTAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY AIMS IT PLAYS ACTIVE ROLE IN THE FIELD OF HEALTH , EDUCATION , DISASTER MANAGEMENT. ACTIVITIES. HEALTH CARE. PROVIDE EDUCATION. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. Slide 89: INDIA ALUMINIUM COMPANY LIMITED AIMS : IT WORKS FOR WOMENS EMPOWERMENT. ACTIVITIES . ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT. Slide 90: LARSEN AND TOUBRO (L & T ) Limited AIMS : EMPOWERMENT OF RURAL SECTION ACTIVITIES : IT HAS HELPED IN BASIC TRAINING : FORMWORKS. CARPENTRY. ELECTRICAL WIRE WORK. EMPOWERMENT OF RURAL PEOPLE. Slide 91: HERO HONDA MOTORS LIMITED AIMS : IT TAKES CONSIDERABLE PRIDE IN ITS STAKEHOLDERS RELATIONSHIP A ESPECIALLY ONES IN DEVELOPED GRASSROOTS. IT HAS MANAGED TO BRING UP ECONOMICALLY ,SOCIALLY, BACKGROUND REGION. Slide 92: ACTIVITIES OF HERO HONDA MOTORS LTD : CLEAN WATER. PRIMARY SCHOOL. SPORTS COMPLEX. VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE. ADULT LITERACY. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT. Slide 93: LUPIN LTD. AIMS : IT FOCUS ON LESS PRIVILEGED SETIONS OF OUR SOCIETY. IT ACTS AS A CATALYST AND AS OBSERVER OF SELF - ENVOLVING, SELF -SUSTAINING , SPECTACULAR TRANSFORMATION. IT HAS BECOME THE PROACTIVE PARTNER IN NATION BUILDING. Slide 94: ACTIVITIES OF LUPIN LTD. DEVELOPMENT OF POVERTY. EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN. SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. INFRASTRUCTURE. FUNDING. EDUCATION. Slide 95: BAJAJ ELECTICAL LIMITED AIMS : EMPOWERMENT OF YOUTH , WOMEN , CHILDREN. Slide 96: ACTIVITIES BAJAJ ELECTRICAL LTD. : CONSTRUCTIVE WORKERS FOR NATIONAL CAUSE. CHARITABLE TRUST. CATALYST FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT. EDUCATION . MEMORIAL TRUST. CONSUMER PROTECTION. ELIMINATING POVERTY. Slide 97: VIDEOCON INDUSTRIES LTD. AIMS : IT SUPPORTS MATERIAL , MASS PASSION. ACTIVITIES. HOSPITALS. SCHOOLS. CHARITABLE TRUST. SPORTS . SPONORSHIP. ENERGY CONSERVATION. Slide 98: Corporate Social Responsibility In Multinational Company. Slide 99: Corporate Social Responsibility in Multinational Company According to Multinational Companies CSR is a mixture of Monitoring , Managing , Controlling, accomplishing the ethics and Social Responsibility Slide 100: The study in UK states 85 % code are Mandatory ,14 % code are advisory nature. Corporate Social Responsibility Codes are negotiated amongst multinational companies based in continental Europe than US and UK. Slide 101: Industrial Sector. Manufacturing. Service. Other Production. 4. Corporate Social Responsibility Codes are widespread in manufacturing than service sector company. Slide 102: Corporate Social Responsibility In Europe. Slide 103: Corporate Social Responsibility In Europe. Corporate Social Responsibility is dynamic concept It can be parented in 2 standard economic variables i.e. Size and Sector on Corporate side and variables (socio –cultural) on country side. Slide 104: Guidelines of European Level. Lay down a single framework and of standards and criteria that company should follow. Promote Global Responsibility. Annual report of Corporate Social Responsibility activities. Set in quality and transparency in Production chain. Slide 105: Objectives in Europe regarding Corporate Social Responsibility. Its mission is to help company achieve profitability , sustainable growth and human progress and providing online publication , best practiced information , tool kits. Providing managers with print and online publication. Provide manger with learning , benchmarking , capacity building opportunities. Slide 106: Principles in Europe regarding Corporate Social Responsibility. Conduct business responsibly by contributing to the economic health , sustainable development of the communities in which they operate. Offering employees healthy , safe working condition , good communication, equal opportunity for employment and development. Bring and operate for highest standards in business ethics. Slide 107: Corporate Social Responsibility In China. Slide 108: Corporate Social Responsibility In china Origin : The main idea for Corporate Social Responsibility came when their was an opportunity to increase the market share and desire to mitigate risk of operation in Global economy. Slide 109: What is Corporate Social Responsibility in China. It is a typical break down of community outreach, environmental health , safety and environmental protection. Slide 110: ACTIVITIES IN CHINA COMMUNITY OUT REACH . ENVIRONMENT HEALTH AND SAFETY. EDUCATION. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT. Slide 111: thanks

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