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St. Matthew's University SCHOOL OF MEDICINE “Improving Life By Degrees” Official Catalog Volume 2, No.II; 2008 Grand Cayman • British West Indies A T T H M E . W T ' S S IM S PR E OV E IN GR G LIFE BY DE U Y N T I V S I E R For more information St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine Regatta Office Park Leeward Three, West Bay Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands B.W.I. Administrative Offices 12124 High Tech Avenue, Suite 350 Orlando, FL 32817 800-498-9700 Fax 407-488-1702/800-565-7100

St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine Official Catalog A T T H 2008-2010 M E Grand Cayman • British West Indies . W T ' S S IM S PR E OV G RE IN DE U G LIFE BY Y N T I V S I E R Welcome From the Deans 1 The SMU Difference 2 Mission 3 Credentials 3 Locations & Facilities 3 Online MBA Program 4 Affiliations 4 Admissions 5 Tuition and Fees 8 Financial Aid: Options and Obligations 8 Scholarships 10 Calendar 11 Curriculum 12 Basic Sciences Program 14 Clinical Sciences Program and Clerkship Rotations 18 Third-Year Core Clerkship Curriculum 20 Fourth-Year Selectives and Electives 21 Faculty & Administration 22 Standards for Academic Performance 32 Standards of Professional Behavior and Academic Honesty 34 Student Life 36 Health and Immunization Information 37 Student Government and Organizations 37

A T T H M E . W T ' S S IM S PR E OV E IN GR G LIFE BY DE U Y N I V I T E R S Dr. R. Senthil Kumar., M.D., F.C.C.P John Randall, M.D., C.M. Dean of Basic Sciences Dean of Clinical Sciences First, I would like to extend to you a warm welcome to St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine. I am Hello Clinical Students. Upon your completion of Basic Sciences, it will be time to apply what you have happy that you chose St. Matthew’s to pursue your medical education. You can rest assured that you have learned in the classroom. St. Matthew’s offers rotations at hospitals and clinics throughout the United States, made the right choice. We at St. Matthew’s have a student-centered mission. We do everything we can to help Canada, and the United Kingdom. At St. Matthew’s University, we strive to meet your individual needs by you reach your goal, to become a successful physician. working closely with you to ensure that you have the experience and credentials necessary to achieve residency in the setting and field of your choice. Our committed clinical staff works with a student-centered dedication and passion Here at St. Matthew’s, you will find the friendly faculty and staff ever willing to assist you to meet your educational needs. that is unparalleled in Caribbean Medical Schools; we are constantly striving to improve for your benefit. This is complemented by our faculty and student mentoring programs, where we offer personalized care in dealing with your educational andpersonal issues. At St. Matthew, you will find the curriculum is carefully crafted to maximize your success Our highly trained Clinical Chiefs come from a variety of backgrounds and specialties appropriate to their disciplines. They in the USMLE examinations. Our excellent first-time USMLE Step-I pass rate is a testimony to it. This success can be work continually to ensure you are receiving the best clinical experience possible and are here to support you in times of attributed to the high quality of our faculty, who have been chosen from all parts of the world and are experts in their field success and difficulty. At St. Matthew’s University, our online, overarching curriculum via SMUcourses.com, allows students of teaching. to develop a personal relationship with our Clinical Chiefs and to develop self-learning and communication skills. An outstanding preclinical curriculum and the clinical shadowing programs at local hospitals and clinics help our students Our clinical office is based in Orlando, Florida where we have a friendly, cooperative staff eager to assist you in your clinical understand the powerful link between Basic Sciences and clinical practice. This is a great way to bridge the gap between the pursuits. We will continually strive to place you where, geographically, it is most suitable for you and with our large number theory and practice of the art of medicine. The state of the art IT infrastructure and online learning platforms at St. Matthew’s of clinical sites this is for the most part possible. University are better than even many of the mainland U.S. medical schools. It is this part of your curriculum where you begin to prepare yourself professionally to interact with patients and to become St. Matthew’s University also boasts a one-of-its-kind Center of Excellence in Medical Education, which is constantly an effective physician and an attractive residency candidate. Becoming a physician is a long developmental process however, involved in developing more effective and powerful teaching & learning methodologies. The Office of Research at St. St. Matthew’s hopes that by combining our excellent clinical sites and our overarching online curriculum with initial close Matthew’s University greatly encourages the involvement of our students in research projects starting from the first semester guidance that by the end of your journey, you will become an independent thinker and a competent physician. of your medical schooling. The emphasis of our clinical curriculum is on a strong work ethic, being a team player, having compassion for the patients, Apart from academic activities in the University, Grand Cayman also offers you limitless entertainment, which will help you and a continuing curiosity for the developing science of medicine. We welcome your interest and look forward to you relax after an intense study schedule. Grand Cayman boasts some of the world’s best beaches and a vibrant night life. All choosing St. Matthew’s to study medicine. this comes to you with an exceptional safety profile of the island. Sincerely yours. I can assure you that St. Matthew’s University will offer you the kind of learning environment ideal for you. I look forward to meeting you here. Good luck! St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine Visit our Web site: www.stmatthews.edu 1

Our Mission The St. Matthew’s University Difference St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine was established in 1997. At the core of our mission is a commitment to the success of our students. Our aim is to provide qualified students Street, Suite 1414, Tallahassee, FL 32399. The toll-free telephone from around the globe with the best medical training available. St. Matthew's University School of Medicine Locations & Facilities number is 888-244-6684. Grand Cayman is not only a beautiful destination; it is also one of • St. Matthew’s is approved by the State of New York for develops socially responsible medical doctors skilled in the art and science of medicine. We are committed to the safest islands in the Caribbean, boasting one of the lowest unlimited clinical rotations and residencies. Please visit the New achieving our mission by: crime and poverty rates. As part of the British West Indies, the York State Education Department Office of the Professions’ Web Cayman Islands combine British civility, American efficiency, and site at http://www.op.nysed.gov/medforms.htm to view the • Providing students with the knowledge and skills needed to practice medicine in the 21st century. Caribbean charm. Caymanians have achieved outstanding listing of approved schools. educational standards and one of the highest standards of living • Helping students acquire the judgment and confidence necessary to become competent doctors. in the world. SMU students enjoy many of the luxuries of home thanks to advanced telecommunications, a stable and growing Grand Cayman • Motivating students to pursue knowledge outside the classroom, both during their tenure at St. Matthew's and infrastructure, a booming financial center and thriving tourist Within the vibrant blue waters of the Caribbean is Grand Cayman, throughout life. industry. As part of the British West Indies, the Cayman Islands islargest of the three Cayman Islands. Not only does Grand Cayman an English-speaking country. With strong attention to healthcare offer some of the most pristine beaches and world-class diving, it • Creating an environment in which students and faculty interact with each other, their patients, and the in the population. There are two excellent hospitals, and Grand boasts numerous attractions, shopping opportunities and points Cayman boasts one of the highest ratios of physicians to its of interest, including the capital city of Georgetown. As the largest community with compassion and integrity. population in the Caribbean, on the island, making it an ideal of the three islands, Grand Cayman offers many familiar amenities location for a medical university. Direct flights are offered from and modern conveniences from dining to transportation, • Engaging faculty and students in the understanding and active practice of research which furthers their numerous major cities including Atlanta, Chicago, entertainment and healthcare, you are sure to feel at home. knowledge of the process of science and increases their appreciation of the balance between research and the Charlotte, Miami, Houston, New York, and Tampa. Grand Cayman Only 480 miles from Miami, Florida, 50 miles south of Cuba and artful practice of medicine. is only an hour's flight from Miami. 180 miles northwest of Jamaica, the island is easily accessible. There are at least 55 flights per week entering Grand Cayman and 28 from Miami, Florida alone. Major carriers such as Cayman Credentials Airways, American Airlines, Continental, Delta, Northwest and US • The World Health Organization lists St. Matthew’s in the World Air offer flights from major cities including Chicago, Detroit, Proven Quality of Education Commitment to Student Success Directory of Medical Schools http://www.who.int/hrh/wdms/en Toronto, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Atlanta, Sensitivity is as important to patient care as a mastery of clinical At St. Matthew’s University, we are as committed to your dreams • The Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates Houston, Tampa, Orlando, Miami and London. skills. We believe patients are cared for – not “processed” – and as you are. Throughout your 10 semesters with us, we will do officially recognizes St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine therefore our faculty is committed to teaching students to everything we can to ensure your success by supporting all aspects www.ecfmg.org incorporate social, cultural, and spiritual perspectives in working of your education and life at SMU. We offer a groundbreaking U.S. • The Government of the Cayman Islands, B.W.I., has fully with patients. A healing partnership with patients grows from Medical Licensing Examination review course, utilizing chartered St. Matthew’s. mutual respect and understanding. At St. Matthew’s University we internationally-known subject area experts who are flown to • The accrediting body for St. Matthew's University is the Cayman Islands • British West Indies believe that learning to balance analytical skills and people skills campus from around North America. Before our students move Accreditation Commission on Colleges of Medicine (ACCM). The is vitally important to a doctor’s success. With dedicated faculty, a onto their clinical semesters in the U.S. or U.K., they receive United States Department of Education recognizes the ACCM as low student-professor ratio and advanced technology available extensive pre-clinical training utilizing Cayman's world class using accrediting standards similar to the accrediting body for both inside and outside of the classroom, our students are health care system. We are available to assist you with housing, medical schools in the United States. In 2007, the ACCM granted groomed to be successful not only in their studies at SMU but also financial aid application and counseling, academic tutoring and St. Matthew's University accreditation for six years, which is the in their lifelong roles as healing physicians. With US Medical more. Faculty advisors and student mentors are also assigned to longest accreditation period available under their protocol. Licensing Examination Step One pass rates of over 90%, our incoming students to ease the transition into medical school. We • The FAIMER International Medical Education Directory students' performance is far above the average level of students welcome both traditional and nontraditional students because we (IMED) of the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical from other non-U.S. schools (61%). Over 800 of our graduates value the diverse perspectives they bring to our community. Graduates (ECFMG) lists St Matthew's University in its listing of have been placed in outstanding residency programs, including Academic scholarships are also available to outstanding students. approved medical schools. recent placements at the Mayo Clinic, Northwestern University SMU also offers students the opportunity to earn a MBA or MPH by • St. Matthew’s is licensed by the Commission for Independent and Vanderbilt University. Along with these outstanding way of our partnership with Davenport University while Education, Florida Department of Education (Florida license residencies, our graduates have earned residency or permanent completing their medical degree. number 2634). Additional information regarding this institution licensure in 43 states as well as Canada and Great Britain. may be obtained by contacting the Commission at 325 West Gaines St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine 2 Visit our Web site: www.stmatthews.edu 4

Island & Student Life What’s Around Campus Student Life The Cayman Islands' remarkable success as a financial Dining center and tourist destination has transformed the nation In the last five years, Cayman has emerged as a culinary into a dynamic society that has every modern convenience playground for chefs and a paradise for people who but still retains the charm and vibrancy of the Caribbean. appreciate excellent food. From Haute Cuisine, to casual People from more than 100 countries live and work in this waterfront bars and restaurants, to Jamaican-style quot;Jerkquot; British Overseas Territory, creating a lively and unique blend chicken and pork at roadside stands across the island, there of cultures. is something for everyone. Diners can choose from traditional Caymanian, While the diverse accents and idioms of Caymanians, Mediterranean, American, Indian, Chinese, Thai and Tex Jamaicans, Europeans, Hondurans, and Filipinos may take Mex restaurants, or even familiar franchises like Burger some getting use to, there is no denying the hospitality of the King, Wendy's, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Domino’s Pizza. local people, the superb weather, stunning beaches and great Choices range from 5-star Sushi to pasta Alfresco served by restaurants and nightlife that make the transition to this new serenading Italian waiters. country easy, as well as exciting. How about Tea at the Ritz? The Ritz Carlton, Cayman serves As an integral part of this exceptional community, St an elegant tea with all the trimmings in the Silver Palm Matthew's offers students a quality of life that few universi- Lounge every afternoon (pre-booking highly ties in any part of the world can match. recommended). The Cayman Islands: Craving for local food, such as turtle stew, fish rundown and • Provide world class health care system with one of the stewed conch, can be satisfied at Caymanian hot-spots like highest ratios of physicians to its population in the Welly's Cool Spot, Champion House and Corita's Copper Caribbean. Kettle. •Enjoy one of the highest per capita incomes in the world. Diving •Offer stability, a strong tourism trade, a safe community, Some of the most vibrant coral reef systems in the world exist and highly developed technology and health care in Cayman waters, which offer wonderful opportunities to resources. scuba dive, snorkel and swim in tropical seas that are warm • Has one of the lowest crime rates in the Caribbean. year round. Since the main campus and residence halls are just steps Country Per Capita GDP Physicians per 1,000 Crimes per away from the famous Seven Mile Beach, students can 100,000 Cayman Islands $39,801(c) 1.4(c) 5,416(c) literally walk out of their class and across the street for a Dominica $3,800(d) 0.5(e) 8,845(a) quick swim, snorkel, sunset volleyball game, or even to study Grenada $3,900(d) 0.5(e) 10,117(a) on the beach. St. Kitts $8,200(d) 1.19(e) 5,543(a) St. Maarten $15,374(b) 1.28(b) 6,265(b) The calm waters and 200-foot visibility under water make USA $43,500(d) 2.56(e) 4,118(d) the Cayman Islands an ideal place to build experience and confidence in scuba diving and snorkeling. Divers and (a) Harriott, Anthony (2002). Crime Trends in the Caribbean snorkelers can swim with the friendly rays at Stingray City, or and Responses. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. experience the magic of swimming among a school of (b) Statistical Info. (2007) Central Bureau of Statistics, Yellowtail fish, or see up close various species of turtles, Netherlands Antilles - Website parrotfish, lobster, eels, sea urchins and squid that populate (c ) Compensium of Statistics (2005). Economics and the famous coral reefs. Statistics Office, Government of the Cayman Islands. As a premier dive destination, Cayman has a wide choice of (d) CIA World Factbook local dive operators that offer beginner and advanced scuba (e) World Health Organization Statistical Information System courses, as well as affordable dive trips for certified divers. - Website For those with hectic schedules or divers who want to avoid a crowded dive boat, there are plenty of gorgeous dive sites that are an easy swim from shore. shopping • dining • banking • health & beauty • leisure St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine 4 Visit our Web site: www.stmatthews.edu Visit our Web site: www.stmatthews.edu 5

Island & Student Life Island & Student Life Leisure & Recreation Cingular and T-Mobile in the USA, and Rogers Wireless and • Driver’s license and passport (they will photocopy your Cayman also offers rentals, leasing, and has numerous Aside from the word class diving, Cayman has a plethora of Microcell in Canada. license and the pages of your passport); dealerships for purchasing a vehicle. The island also has a activities and points of interest. From Stingray City where For more telecommunication information please visit • One form of physical address confirmation, such as your wonderful bus system with seven bus routes, and the buses you can swim with the rays, to the Cayman Islands National http://www.caymannewresident.com/page_id_30.html local Cayman electricity bill; each have a distinctive colored circle on the front and rear Museum which overlooks George Town harbor and houses • Full name and residential address, your phone and fax with a route number in the middle, which get you where you natural and cultural histories, Cayman offers a unique mix of Health Care number, your nationality, date and place of birth, occupation need to be. Residents also have the option of having their island entertainment. Just like at home, Hollywood Theaters Offering both state and private health care facilities, Cayman and the name and address of your employer. vehicles imported onto the island. at Camana Bay offers a state of the art, six screen, stadium has an excellent health care system. A wide range of special- seating cinema. With over 33 sporting associations you are ists, including visiting doctors from the US and elsewhere Moving with Pets Please visit New Resident for further details http://www.cay- bound to find a league whether its baseball, cricket, cycling or operate from private clinics. Grand Cayman is well served by Pets are allowed to be brought to Cayman, a import permit or mannewresident.com/page_id_9.html soccer. There also multiple gyms on the island as well as private dentists and optometrists. There are also two hospi- valid animal passport issued by the Department of endless water sports including diving, sailing clubs, and tals on the island, The Cayman Islands Hospital and The Agriculture, and an official health certificate issued by a Schools kayaking. Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital as well as numerous government employed or accredited veterinary inspector in The Caymanian school system is based upon the English Nightclubs along Seven Mile Beach provide a wide choice of pharmacies. Many have multiple branches, and both Foster’s the country of origin is required for the importation of dogs learning system. Cayman offers primary schools in each dancing, including hip-hop, reggae, disco, rave, country and Food Fair and Kirk Supermarket have in-store pharmacies and cats. district for children 4-11 years of age as well as Government western, and Latin. open 12 hours a day. For further information, please visit the high schools, a community college, a university college and a Hotels and restaurants, such as the Wharf, Marriott and the For a list of local health care contacts please visit Chamber of Commerce at http://www.caymanchamber.ky/ law school. Private schools are also abundant on the island Ritz Carlton, are sparking off new trends with themed nights http://www.caymanchamber.ky/relocation/healthcare.ht relocation/pets.htm. including but not limited to, Cayman Prep & High School, on a monthly or weekly basis, such as disco or smooth Latin m or http://www.caymannewresident.com/ Cayman International School, First Baptist Christian School, beat by the pool. For a more casual experience, numerous page_id_11.html. Transportation Montessori By The Sea and St. Ignatius Catholic School. The bars and pubs dotting the island offer a cold beer while There are many options for navigating the island. People classes are taught in English, as it is the main language of the watching the sun set over the ocean or their favorite sport on Currency from, all the major European countries, most major English island. TV, or joining in a noisy game of Dominoes - a popular Cayman has its own currency – the Cayman Islands Dollar speaking countries (including the United States, New Children starting pre-school can begin at the age of two and Caribbean pastime. (CI$). The exchange rate is CI$1 = US$1.20. The cash rate is Zealand, Australia, Canada and South Africa), and the for primary school the starting age depends on whether they traded at CI$1 = US$1.25 which means that US$20 cash is following Caribbean countries – Jamaica, Barbados, will be attending a British school such at St. Ignatius or Climate worth CI$16 or US$5 is worth CI$4. When making Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Trinidad and Tobago, are American school such as Cayman International School. The weather in Grand Cayman is pleasant year round with transactions the common change will be in CI, not US entitled to obtain a Cayman driving license without having to British schools require children be the age of four by temperatures ranging from 70˚ to 90˚. Rainy season usually Dollars. US Dollars are accepted everywhere as are travelers take any further tests. If in doubt call the Licensing September and American schools require the age of five by lasts from May to November however the rains are usually checks. Almost all shops, restaurants and hotels accept credit Department on 945 8344 or visit www.geocities.com/ September. brief and the sun will soon return. In these summer months cards and there are ATMs throughout the Cayman bkkriders/law/unc/. You must apply for a Cayman license For further information and a detailed listing of schools, humidity is high and the sun’s rays are strong, so sunscreen Islands. Currency denominations are CI$ 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 and within three months of arriving. Please remember driving is please visit The Chamber of Commerce at : is highly recommended. Cayman does have a winter, from 100 dollar bills. on the left side of the road like in the U.K. http://www.caymanchamber.ky/relocation/school.htm December to April which is when the rain subsides and the or New Resident at : cool breezes return. Hurricane season runs from June 1st to Banking http://www.caymannewresident.com/page_id_13.html. November 30th and Cayman is well prepared. Hurricane As the fifth largest financial district in the world, banking information packs are available from the Government options in Cayman are endless. Butterfield Bank, Cayman Information Services in Cricket Square (Tel: 345- 949 8092) National Bank, Fidelity Bank, FirstCaribbean International Bank, Scotiabank, and Royal Bank of Canada offer electronic Telecommunications and on-line banking. ATMs are offered by Butterfield Bank, State-of-the-art telecommunications services are offered by Cayman National Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, Fidelity, over five companies. These services include local and long FirstCaribbean International Bank and Scotiabank. distance calling, mobile phones, faxing, cable and Internet. When opening a new account, banks may require all or some Service is comparable to that found in the US. The main of the following information: providers are Cable & Wireless, Digicel, WestTel, and • Bank reference from your current bank. This must be TeleCayman. addressed specifically to the bank in the Cayman Islands and All Cayman mobile phone service providers use GSM must include how long you have banked there (i.e. technology. It would be best to consult with your existing minimum of three years), the average balance and manner provider to ensure that your mobile phone is compatible. As in which your account has been conducted; a guideline, CDMA is the technology used by Verizon and • A letter from your Cayman employer stating the origin of Sprint in the USA, and Telus and Bell in Canada. GSM is the your funds, the position or job you have with the company technology used by Vodaphone, O2 and Orange in Europe, and the length of time you will be employed with them; St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine 6 Visit our Web site: www.stmatthews.edu Visit our Web site: www.stmatthews.edu 7

Admissions Island & Student Life Davenport University Prospective students who choose this option are awarded an Admissions Committee Advance Standing and Transfer acceptance into St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine St. Matthew’s University offers a rolling admissions process MBA or MPH Online contingent on their successful completion of the with no deadline to apply. However, seats in each class are Students pre-medical coursework at the University of Sussex. competitive and early applicants will have the advantage of St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine only provides Prospective students from Europe or outside the U.S. may St. Matthew's University has partnered with Davenport securing a place in the semester of their choice. Semesters advance standing to qualified transfer students from medical wish to contact our European Administration offices based University to offer a unique opportunity for St. Matthew's begin in September, January and May. The committee schools recognized by the World Health Organization. in London: University medical students to attain a MBA with a selects students who exhibit the strongest potential to Transfer students undergo the same admissions process as M and D Europe (UK) Limited concentration in Health Care Management or MPH online , flourish in a medical school environment and execute the first time applicants, in that they must submit a complete Challenge House, while completing their Basic, Preclinical and Clinical duties of a medical doctor ethically and professionally. If the application packet to ensure a timely review. Acceptance of 616 Mitcham Road Sciences semesters. student’s credentials meet the admissions criteria, the transfer credits is at the discretion of the University. Croydon Surrey CR0 3AA England Davenport University, with its main campus located in Grand candidate will be interviewed in person or by telephone Students are limited to a maximum of two semesters of Rapids, Michigan, offers its MBA or MPH program UK Tel: 0871 7171 291 before a final decision is made. It is the applicant’s transfer credit toward the St. Matthew’s University degree completely online, including registration, textbook Overseas: +44-8709914440 responsibility to make sure the application is complete. program. purchase, and financial aid application, with no on-campus Fax: +44-8704871785 Applicants should submit materials early to ensure a timely We encourage applications from people with work experience requirements at all. Students can attend classes anytime, e-mail: smuadmin@readmedicine.com decision. The admissions committee will not review in healthcare. However, chiropractors, podiatrists, dentists 24/7, providing the convenience and flexibility for a busy incomplete documentation. and physician’s assistants will not be granted advanced medical student. Financial aid is available for students who Each candidate is evaluated on the basis of these factors: standing based on work experience. These students may use qualify in the Davenport University MBA or MPH program. • Academic background Course Semester Hours Quarter Hours completed coursework to qualify for admission. Students • Overall grade point average Inorganic (General) Chemistry+ 8 12 with advanced degrees (Ph.D.) in a subject may be provided St. Matthew's students receive a twenty percent tuition Organic Chemistry*+ 8 12 discount at Davenport University. Students may be eligible • Science grade point average Biology+ 8 12 credit. to transfer up to 15 graduate credits toward their program • Strength of major/minor Language Arts (English) 6 9 The University will submit transcripts to any university or • Letters of reference College Math or Computer Science 3 5 college for a student requesting a transfer. However, provided they were completed with an earned B or better. Physics (recommended) 4 6 The MBA concentration in Health Care Management focuses • Personal statement Humanities (recommended) 3 5 acceptance of credits is at the sole discretion of the other on strategic, financial, and ethical decision-making skills in • College activities that demonstrate service to the + These courses must have laboratory work institution. * A student may substitute a semester/quarter of Biochemistry for the final an evolving health care environment. Davenport University’s community. semester/quarter of • Personal interview Organic Chemistry. Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) Master of Public Health degree prepares you to lead in both the public and private health sectors. Davenport's faculty are • MCAT scores The MCAT is requested of North American resident students. academically credentialed, trained and certified to teach Non-U.S. Transcripts Admitted students are to submit their test results prior to online, many of them leaders in their field. The Davenport curriculum is continually updated with the help of business Admissions Criteria Students with academic transcripts from outside the United States must have them evaluated on a course-by-course basis enrolling into St. Matthew’s University. There is no minimum score below which an application is automatically professionals, assuring graduates that they will have the skills Most candidates have earned an undergraduate by an evaluation service such as World Evaluation Services rejected. and knowledge to make an immediate impact wherever they degree from an approved college or university in the United (www.wes.org), Josef Silny & Associates, Inc. The MCAT is offered online multiple times per year. work. Davenport University is accredited by the Higher States, Canada or a recognized international institution. (www.jsilny.com), www.gceus.com, or a service that is a Information on the MCAT testing dates is available at Learning Commission, North Central Association of Colleges However, a student who has earned 90+ semester credit National Association of Credential Evaluation Services www.aamc.org. and Schools. hours of college credits will be considered for admission. (NACES) member (www.naces.org). We recognize that since medicine deals with people, an Information regarding your application, dates and locations understanding of literature, art, history, ethics and should be directed to: philosophy is an asset to a physician. Science and humanities University of Sussex–Brighton, are not mutually exclusive and both are viewed as necessary Association of American Medical Colleges Medical College Admissions Test for the practice of medicine. England, United Kingdom It is necessary that students be computer literate. 2450 N. St., NW Washington, DC 20037 Phone: (202( 828.0690 Pre-Medical Program The following list of courses and credits indicates the minimal prerequisites that all applicants must complete Application for the test must be made approximately one St. Matthew’s University is affiliated with the University of month prior to the designated testing date. St. Matthew’s prior to admission to the medical school. Applicants with MCAT code is 919. If using the MCAT (THx) system, please Sussex at Brighton, England. The affiliation is related only lower grade point averages are encouraged to apply if other to the pre-medical program offered at the University of use the school name. MCAT scores must be submitted to the accomplishments or work experience demonstrate their

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