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Published on February 6, 2014

Author: olibrandon

Source: slideshare.net

Task 4 Oliver Georgiou

Long exposure Past Discoverers Moon Stars Life Evolution Old Fashion Space Self Discovery Reflection Urban Joiner method Skateboarding Physical Discovery Desire Paths Discovery Sports Destinations J.Grant Brittain Aliens, Ghosts Progression Scanography Harris shutter Architecture Mystery Heaven/Hell Places to skateboard Multiple Exposure Light paths Blurred lights from buildings

Reflective Technique Light paths Different coloured images Black & White Tilt shift Building/ light reflections Long exposure Different Perspective Urban Landscape Colour Bright clothes Bright lights Upper Class Discovery Teenagers Inner City Stereotypes Urban Skateboarding Nature Other worlds Woods Landscape Sky Cityscapes Puddles Quick shutter speed Joiner Out of focus Multiple Exposure Portals to other worlds Reflections

Mood Board • • • • I like the idea of using the Joiner technique to put together a city scape which is lit up by the building lights. Long exposures of the roads and sparklers and of the light path of the cars and the circle with sparks flying off are good because it makes a patter or a long strip of light. The long exposure of the stars is good as it could relate to the space idea on my mind-map. I could do this myself by using a remote shutter for my camera and taking pictures of the stars in a less light polluted area. I like Multiple-Exposures because of the use of two images. I could have a blurred cityscape inside the body of person on a skateboard. The shadow of the skateboarder who looks like he is meditating could imply that his skateboard is the thing that keeps him calm and takes his mind off everything else. Showing that it is not just a sport to pass time and be competitive with other people.

Mood Board 2 • • • • • • Desire paths could represent the discovery of a way around the main path which is what a desire path is. I could have an image of a person with a picture of a desire path and use the multiple exposure technique. The multiple exposure of three different images makes the images all look faded which makes them all almost fade into one image. The blurred lights shows the city but it shows the circles of light which are caused by the image being in focus. It makes it look quite abstract and hard to tell what it is the is why I like it. I think combining two techniques together would be good like having a long shutter speed and taking the image of a reflection. The skateboard photograph could give off the impression that he is the most superior around that group as all eyes are on him and he is the main focus of the image. The picture of the water could be a good representation of discovering Heaven and Hell as it shows a Fiery red side and a calm blue side.

Mood Board 3 • The image is quite blurry and simple but looks very good. The blur gives it an abstract look and the man walking makes it a kind of mystery as he is on his own in the dark. The orange/red wall could also represent that walls of hell in a way. • The black and white photo is very eerie as the long shutter speed has merged all the people together to make a big blurry crowd which makes it look very mysterious almost like ghosts. The black and white effect make it more spooky because a lot of older photos where there was no colour cameras are quite mysterious, also the connotation for black and white is mysterious. It is like it is showing people that aren't really there like shadows. • The reflection photographs are good because it gives a blurry look which is a bit different to changing the lens barrel on a camera. Also the uneven floor surface makes it look blurry as well. The blur again makes the image look quite abstract and almost like a painting.

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