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Published on March 1, 2014

Author: donmardak1

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Armageddon and the 4th Timeline Review

PRLog - Global Press Release Distribution Christian Mysticism & Spiritual Growth Book Review Source: Grand Circle Publications Dated: Feb. 27, 2014 Armageddon and the 4th Timeline, by Don Mardak, was reviewed in the early spring, 2014 Mindquest Review of Books. Mardak’s riveting novel is Christian mysticism at its best. DEL RIO, Texas -- From the many book submissions received a few noteworthy books are approved for a no-charge recommendation and review in the Mindquest Review of Books, published by Lightword Publishing. The mission of Lightword Publishing is to provide free and low cost promotions for books by self-published authors, small press, and university press. The prophetic story line is about Eric’s quest to prevent Armageddon. The novel mirrors today’s dangerous realities. Some military actions, intelligence modalities, people and events were fictionalized, and in some cases readers can make the correlation to today’s people, situations and events. The book contains three parallel and crossing themes; the war against terrorists, time travel to the past , and ascending to 5th-dimensional awareness. We are reminded if we do not solve our differences and stop the hate the terrorist nuclear threat could propel us back to the stone age. The Nuclear Terrorist Threat The book mirrors today’s real threats. At any one time some 30,000 ships and 300,000 private aircraft are active. It’s difficult, if not impossible, for our security forces to track them all leaving vulnerable gaps in homeland security. The book’s heart pounding account of the Coast Guard boarding a ship 135 miles off the southern coast of Maryland, with a nuclear bomb on board, is presented in thrilling detail. Today’s nuclear threat will bring to mind recent lax activities of some security forces whose collective hands are on the nuclear trigger. The prophetic story line includes nuclear dirty bomb use by terrorists, and reminds us of what life will be like if we undergo this tragedy. Time Travel to the Past Eric seeks guidance from a Tibetan Master in order to ascend above today’s conflicts. To accomplish his quest to prevent Armageddon he must be spiritually prepared, and by transcending the 4th-dimensional universe of space-time he makes three journeys back in time where he connects with several Biblical personalities and events. Higher Awareness Tools The author’s book dedication states the "book is dedicated to all seekers of Truth...for answers to their most basic questions about life and the nature of ultimate reality..." The book is designed to provide spiritual insights into "Divine Truth." Mardak provides intriguing entertainment while helping those desiring Self-discovery and higher awareness to enter a path leading to 5th-dimensional awareness. Don Mardak is a 40-year scholar of Christian mysticism. He has conducted classes on "Living the Mystical Life." His primary mission is to help others "open to the inflow of the Spirit." He believes by this process readers will find answers to their concerns leading to a "search for Truth and ultimately their own personal spiritual destiny." He is author of two other books: An Adventure in Mysticism and Spiritual Healing for Today & Beyond. Page 1/2

PRLog - Global Press Release Distribution Author Web Site: Grand Circle Publications http://www.donmardak.com Amazon Reviews: http://www.amazon.com/Armageddon-4th-Timeline-Spiritual-Eternity/dp/0964422816/ Contact the Author: don.mardak@imsbarter.com --- End --Email Phone City/Town State/Province Country Industry Tags Click to contact author 830-776-0590 Del Rio Texas United States Books, Entertainment christian mysticism, spiritual growth book, terrorist nuclear threat, time travel past, higher awareness tools Link http://prlog.org/12288580 Scan this QR Code with your SmartPhone to* Read this news online * Contact author * Bookmark or share online Page 2/2

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