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Information about 12 TIPS - Become a GREAT PUBLIC SPEAKER

Published on January 28, 2016

Author: AkankshaVir

Source: slideshare.net


2. www.ignitejoy.com Believe in Yourself People are only going to remember you if you stand out. And there is only one way to guarantee that – Believe inYourself and BEYOU! 1

3. www.ignitejoy.com The ‘Storyteller’ A relevant Story connects with emotion and creates a powerful wave of engagement with the audience. No matter where you are, be a storyteller! 2

4. www.ignitejoy.com Get comfy in your clothes Don’t get into something you can’t carry.The better you look and feel, the more ready and professional you will project yourself to be. 3

5. www.ignitejoy.com ‘Carry Home’ Message Always provide something tangible and specific that the audience can do almost immediately. Like a quick to-do item that will stick with them for weeks even after the session is over. 4

6. www.ignitejoy.com “It's much easier to be convincing if you care about your topic. Figure out what's important to you about your message and speak from the heart.” ― Nicholas Boothman

7. www.ignitejoy.com A 10-second Pause Include a 10-second pause in the middle of your speech.A 10-second pause always looks intentional. It reflects that the speaker is allowing the audience the space to connect and follow. 5

8. www.ignitejoy.com Don’t EVER read the slides Your audience does not need you on stage to read the slides.Your slides should accentuate your key points;They should never ’be’ the point. 6

9. www.ignitejoy.com Speak slow enough Always watch your speed.Allow time for your content to seep in. Speak slow and repeat yourself, to maintain the engagement level with the audience. Don’t let them lose track! 7

10. www.ignitejoy.com Respect Your Audience Always respect your audience and know that their collective intelligence is far more than yours; yet they have chosen to be here and listen to you. Respect them, and choose your words and gestures accordingly. 8

11. www.ignitejoy.com Power-Up People always remember your energy.Your enthusiasm for your subject and content should ooze out in your speech. People connect with emotions far more strongly than with language. 9

12. www.ignitejoy.com Anticipate Possible Questions If you know your stuff well, you can almost always guess the questions that will come up with your speech.And this is your chance to prepare and impress with good answers. 10

13. www.ignitejoy.com EYE CONTACT Try to maintain a warm eye-contact with each person, without breaking your gaze. Do this with as many different people in the audience as you can.This creates a deeper connection and the entire audience can feel it too. 11

14. www.ignitejoy.com Know Your Stuff Do your research, know your topic and what you're going to say about it and how you would like to say it on stage.The more you know, the more confident you will be up there! 12

15. www.ignitejoy.com Experience Peak Performance Coaching To build your Image & Personal Brand w/ International Certified Professional Peak Performance Coach Akanksha at www.IgniteJoy.com for unparalleled success

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