12 Secrets to Having a Romantic Relationship

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Published on January 13, 2013

Author: Nigelsth

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You choose a partner as a reaction to your previous partner – you end a relationship with someone and for your next partner, you don’t just choose someone different, but someone who is completely opposite to your previous partner. Example, your ex-boyfriend was boring and predictable; your new boy-friend would be irresponsible.

SOLUTION: If you have come out of a particularly unsatisfying or frustrating relationship, be extra cautious about rebounding to a partner who is the opposite of the one you just left. Discover all the qualities you need in a mate, and look for a relationship that is balanced.

12 Secrets to Having a Romantic Relationship Is This The One?won’t. Keep the past in the past and stay focused on thepresent.Make having fun a priority in your relationships and in yourlife. Having fun means different things to different people.Figure out what having fun means to you and do those thingsand create those experiences on a regular basis.Is it a Yes or is it a No? What does it mean in regard to yourrelationship? Whether we realize it or not, our ability to makeconscious decisions about the things in our relationships and inour lives will largely determine our happiness. We constantlymake choices, either consciously or unconsciously, about howwe will use our time, who we will be with, and what we will do.All these decisions (or lack of decisiveness) positively ornegatively affect our happiness. What happens when we don’tmake a definite “yes” or “no” is we get stuck in “maybe land”and others decide for us by default how we’ll live our lives.

Here is an example of what I am talking about. Imagine youand your partner or you and a friend decide to go to the moviesthis Friday night. There are several possible choices of moviesat the theater and you begin talking about what you’d like tosee with your partner or friend. Imagine that your partner orfriend has a strong preference toward one movie and you’dreally like to see another but don’t say anything. You give yourpartner or friend a weak, “maybe” or “I don’t care” and you endup seeing the movie they want to see. Later, you feel resentfuland angry because this always seems to happen and you “neverget to see the movie you want to see.”It’s very important to empower yourself to make consciouschoices to create the relationships and life you want. Secret # 5 What Women Really WantAlthough modern women are independent and assertive, theirfemale natures will seek out strong men who can provideprotection. They still want to be protected but in a different

sense. Women now look to men to provide the emotionalclimate in which they safely explore their feelings. When a mancan listen to a woman’s feelings and allow her to articulatethem without responding negatively, she is not only veryappreciative but more attracted to him as a result.Security is the most important gift a contemporary man cangive a woman. When a woman feels secure enough to share herfeelings with a man she loves and he can listen without beingwounded, the relationship will thrive.Women are under such pressure to be loving and sweet, thatthe freedom to be themselves is the greatest gift a man can givethem. Even if he doesn’t understand her feelings, the attempt todo so calmly makes her feel powerfully supported. Sometimes awoman doesn’t understand her feelings until she freely talksabout them. If she doesn’t have to worry about her partnerlosing control or withdrawing his love, she is doubly relievedand deeply grateful.A woman admires a man who has the sensitivity to consider themerits and validity of what she is saying. They don’t want to beboss in an intimate relationship. They want to be equal

partners. If a man respects a woman’s primary need to be heard,she will respond by becoming equally respectful of his wishes.Nigel St. Hill is a life and money management coach helping people to discover the path toprosperity so that they could live the life of their dreams. He is the author of the book, MoneyManagement Caribbean Style and several eBooks including 8 Simple Ways to Live AnAbundant Lifestyle, The Easy Cash Flow System and How to Keep Your Doors Open in aRecession.For the full version see our digital products in our online shopFor more information visit my website: http://www.moneyandabundance.com/

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