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Published on February 29, 2008

Author: The_Rock

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  Virtual Combat Convoy Trainer (VCCT) and Close Combat Tactical Trainer – Reconfigurable Vehicle Simulator (CCTT-RVS) Supporting Tactical Convoy Operations & Training Lockheed Martin Simulation, Training & Support Orlando, Florida 32825 2 February 2006 An Evolving Training Mission:  An Evolving Training Mission We’ve focused initially on individual and vehicle crew drills . . . Variable terrain in a mix of weather, visibility, and threat conditions Small arms, crew served weapons, radios and other C4I devices Medical and fire support coordination 2004 LM STS Convoy Trainer Evolution:  LM STS Convoy Trainer Evolution VCCT- L VCCT IRAD 360 / Reconfig 2003 2004 2005 2006 LM STS & team develop virtual devices supporting mechanized forces OEF/OIF demand convoy trainers. LM STS leverages CCTT expertise to win. Army leases VCCTs while USAF places system on order . . . USMC gains systems. Army considering long-term VCCT solution, leveraging CCTT investments. Convoy Trainer Overviews:  Mainstream CCTT-Reconfigurable Vehicle Simulator for heavy forces . . . brings Gun Trucks and other convoy vehicles into the M1 Tank, M2/3 Bradley, BFIST, and Apache virtual battlespace . . . . Immersive Combat Convoy Trainer for light forces . . . provides Gun Truck training venue consistent with support and combat operations in the Contemporary Operating Environment . . . Convoy Trainer Overviews Combat Convoy Training Approach:  Combat Convoy Training Approach General and specific driving and engagement skills Collective, immersive 360-degree virtual environment with precision weapons engagement system, C4I connectivity, and supporting air & medical representation Urban and rural geo-specific terrain with non-combatant vehicles, pedestrians, and a full range of threat capabilities Common CCTT vehicle software, databases and AAR Clear growth path to US Army Synthetic Environment Core, Objective-OneSAF, and Soldier CATT Flexible solution allows for rapid integration of lessons learned (i.e. IED Task Force, Center for Army Lessons Learned, NTC, JRTC) Creation of a Virtual environment suitable for all manner of combined arms training VCCT + Configurations:  VCCT + Configurations VCCT+ systems can be configured as mobile or fixed site training systems . . . system composition is flexible, though each site generally hosts four full-scale HMMWV trainers networked to represent a single convoy. High demand called for Mobile systems initially, giving way to Fixed sites over time. VCCT+ Components:  VCCT+ Components Full-size HMMWV mockup - Driver controls, full sound, FBCB2 interface, 360-degree view - Up-armored & other variants Weapons Engagement System - Four M16 rifles, one crew served weapon per HMMWV - Validated ballistics, full recoil, sound, and optics - weapons include M2, M9, M16, M4, M249, M240, M2, Mk19, M203, M1200, AT-4 Instructor/Operator Station & After Action Review (AAR) - Scenario Generation - Real-time tailoring - Playback Tools supporting training crawl, walk, & run strategies Slide8:  CCTT-RVS Configuration CCTT Fixed Sites US Army -Ft Hood -Ft Knox -Ft Bliss -Ft Riley -Ft Carson -Ft Stewart -Ft Benning -Korea CCTT-RVS made its debut in December 2005 at I/ITSEC, demonstrating interoperability with existing VCCTs and AVCATT . . . the RVS design equips each trailer with two reconfigurable vehicle mock-ups supported by an Instructor station & AAR. Distribution will complement CCTT sites beginning in 2006. CCTT Mobile Sites US Army: -Friedberg -Schweinfurt -Baumholder US Army National Guard: -California -Louisiana -Tennessee -South Carolina -Pennsylvania CCTT-RVS Components:  CCTT-RVS Components Reconfigurable vehicle mockup - Driver controls, full sound, FBCB2 interface, 360-degree view - Five variants per mock-up Weapons Engagement System - Validated ballistics, full recoil, sound, and optics - Weapons include M2, M9, M16, M4, M249, M240, M2, Mk19, M203, M1200, AT-4 - Tetherless weapons option via Bluetooth technology Instructor/Operator Station & After Action Review (AAR) - Scenario Generation - Real-time tailoring - Playback Tools supporting integrated combined arms training with the full CCTT ground & aviation family. Summary :  Summary Convoys are an indispensable element of modern operations and a key target for the foreseeable future. Virtual training technologies provide the environment needed to develop critical individual, crew, and collective convoy operations skills. VCCT+ and CCTT-RVS trainers occupy the mainstream of emerging convoy training systems, combining historical lessons-learned and manufacturing expertise with state-of-the-art software and hardware training technologies.

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