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Published on November 27, 2008

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Labor of Love : Labor of Love Building the Foundations of Health Care in Taiwan Maternal & Child Heath Care Main Health Projects for Maternal in Taiwan : Main Health Projects for Maternal in Taiwan Premarital stage Genetic health services Prenatal stage Postnatal stage Mother-child friendly medical institutions Breast-feeding promotion 10 free prenatal examinations of NHI Family planning Family planning Main Health Projects for Infant and Young Children in Taiwan : Main Health Projects for Infant and Young Children in Taiwan newborn 1day Newborn screening 1month 6 month 1 year 4 years infant Preschool children Early Detection and Reporting of Children with Retarded Development Children Vaccine preventive services Injury prevention and Safety Promotion Hearing Health Visual Health 6years Oral Health Child health check-up of NHI preventive services Management of Rare Diseases 3 years 5 years Birth reporting system Genetic Health Services Network : & Laboratories Biochemical Genetics Cytogenetics (26) Molecular Genetics (14) Delivery Hospitals Clinics (180) Newborn screen centers (3) Prenatal Diagnosis (276) Genetic Examination Pre-marital Examination Newborn Screening (698) Referral Hospitals (18) / The Medical Centers for Genetic Counseling (11) Government Social Resources / NGOs Primary Health Care Genetic Health Services Network The Genetic Health Law, 1985 The Rare Disease and Orphan Drug Act, 2000 Slide 7: Newborn screening for congenital metabolic disorders Screening rate 99.9% The Service Flow Chart of Children with Retarded Development : The Service Flow Chart of Children with Retarded Development Early Screening: Prenatal exam. Newborn screen Public health nurses Developmental organization Pediatric clinic/hospital Nurseries and kindergartens Early identification: Referred center Assessment: 24 joint assessment centers in Taiwan Arrangement: Settle down for the retarded development children in related organizations Assessment: joint assessment center early identification: Reporting to Referred Center Early Screen Arrangement: Hospital, Special school, NGOs. Slide 9: Children born to spouses of foreign origins (1998-2005) Slide 10: Care for Spouses of Foreign Origins and their Children Reproductive Health Care Enrolled into pregnant Women Health Plan Health-card Management system Multi-language Education Materials Subsidy for prenatal Care or birth control Volunteers of foreign Origins facilitate Communication Slide 11: past now future 2005 World Health Day Make Every Mother & Child Count Respect Equality Humanized birth Mother-child friendly medical institutions Adolescent healthcare … Universal NHI Health care for foreign-born wives & their children Health care for aboriginal Prevention and care of rare disorders… Our special experiences, resources, and achievements that it can share with the world Retrospection Innovation prospect ion

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