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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: jordannethorpe

Source: slideshare.net


Within this task we were told to create a poster for a music venue advertising a gig with four different artists playing, we were given the correct information we needed to include within the poster, however we were told to sued no images or graphics what so ever. I began with deciding what were the most important aspects of the event, and concluded that the venue and date of the event were the two most important things to include within the poster, so I opened InDesign and created a blank A4 document with no grids of guides. I started developing my idea of having a black background with the first letter ‘F’ of the venue almost the full size of the page, with the rest of the letters of the venue inside the ‘F’, I thought this was a visually clever way of advertising the venue and saving space too as there was a lot of other white space on the page, which was automatically broken into three different sections by the prongs of the letter. This gave me perfect space to add the date of the event to the very top of the page, and in a large bold font and colour spanning the width of the page like a mast head, I used the colour red as this is a typical colour used for mast heads and would make the information more bold and eye-catching. I then had two sections of the page free for information, so divided the four artists in half and decided that two would be placed in each section created by the ‘F’. I proceeded to find appropriate fonts for each band, which would each be in different colours too, making them all individual which would mean that they were almost a graphic in itself advertising each artist. I placed them into the two sections and titled each section with times that the band would be on, in a smaller font size, but in a bright colour so that it would be noticed. I added the Facebook and Twitter address of the main band to the bottom of the page (below the band’s name) and made sure that the font’s colour matched the colour used in the band’s name in order to visually connect the three. I then added the last aspect of the poster, the price of entry into the venue. I imagined that on any other poster this would be included within a star or blob, but because we could not use any graphics within this task, I had to use a clear bright font and colour with a slightly tilted alignment and a central orientation to make it visible to the audience. Overall I think that I have used InDesign very well to create a poster of a high quality without using any graphics what so ever and still be bright, bold, and promotional to the band, venue and event.

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