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Published on March 21, 2008

Author: Laurence

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Lehigh Lab:  Lehigh Lab A university-wide experiment in technology enhanced learning 0 Tim Foley & Christy Roysdon What we will cover:  What we will cover Overview of Lehigh Lehigh Lab – why, what, & how Results to date 0 Lehigh Overview:  Lehigh Overview Founded in 1865 4700 undergrads, 1200 grads, 450 faculty, 1200 staff Four Colleges (Arts & Sciences, Engineering, Business, Education) Research Extensive Ranks 32th among national universities in US News and World Report’s annual survey 0 Library & Technology Summary:  Library & Technology Summary Blackboard, Luminis & MyLibrary portals Over 200 licensed software programs - centrally served Labs & classrooms centrally managed - 85% of classrooms upgraded by 2005 ($1.5 million) Synchronous communication tools (Centra, Elluminate) High performance computing options (SMP, Parallel and Grid) Integrated e-Library Collections 0 Issues & Trends Impacting Teaching and Learning:  Issues & Trends Impacting Teaching and Learning Most universities are risk averse environments Little or no campus dissemination of best practices Faculty development valued but not seen as locus to facilitate innovations in learning Rapidly expanding technologies & internet resources 0 Reasons for Lehigh Lab: Thinking Differently:  Reasons for Lehigh Lab: Thinking Differently Faculty course redesign & risk taking Faculty development Intra-campus communication Dissemination of best practices Getting entire community to think differently about instructional support (design, pedagogy, learning environments & assessment) 0 What is Lehigh Lab?:  What is Lehigh Lab? The Lehigh Lab Experiment: Innovation and Support of Innovation In Teaching & Learning Lehigh Lab provides a locus for faculty and students to advance the adoption of innovative technologies and techniques that enhance teaching, learning and research. The Lab concept is founded upon the idea that the University as a whole is a laboratory in which faculty, staff and students work and experiment together, across departments and disciplines, to advance learning. Central to the effort is the Technology Resource Learning Center. http://www.lehigh.edu/lehighlab 0 Supporting the Lab:  Supporting the Lab Unique Integrated Support Model Libraries Technology Support Services Faculty Development Enterprise Systems Distance Education 0 Our President’s thoughts :  Our President’s thoughts Recognized need for new faculty development initiatives Intrigued by campus “continual learning” model A bunch of names with acronyms Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) Instructional Development Support Center (IDSC) Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) Just call it “Lehigh Lab” 0 Slide10:  0 Foundation for Lehigh Lab:  Foundation for Lehigh Lab 1997 big change in organizational structure Created client based x-functional teams serving colleges and administrative offices Sometimes it feels like “herding cats” Creation of an Instructional Technology support team 0 Getting Lehigh Lab Started:  Getting Lehigh Lab Started Initial Concept Create a Technology Resource Learning Center Created a white paper outlining key components (all major constituents involved) 0 Key White Paper Objectives:  Key White Paper Objectives Promote student & faulty technology enhanced innovations in education Provide training programs for students, faculty, & staff Develop new strategies for adaptable classrooms Implement a permanent accessible database of digital media 0 White Paper Objectives (cont):  White Paper Objectives (cont) Develop methods for the evaluation of the effectiveness instructional tools and services Classroom observation and consultation with individual faculty members about their teaching Develop strategies and guidelines for the best use of technology in instruction. 0 Key Staff Members:  Key Staff Members Faculty Fellow Director of Faculty Development Instructional Technology Team Leader Media Services Team Leader Director of Library Collections & Systems Director of Client Services Director of Distance Education Faculty Advisory Committee 0 Results to date -- 1:  Results to date -- 1 Faculty testimonials Web-based first year classes (Clipper Project) Online “bottleneck” courses International online program in Education Digital library of graphic materials Integration of digital library projects into courses Information literacy assessment/tutorials 0 Slide17:  0 Information Systems:  Information Systems Enrollment 70 students (Online) Use of the Blackboard’s group feature for small group collaborative assignments. Ongoing Asynchronous Discussion Forums. 0 Prof. Chitra Nayar COE: International Program:  COE: International Program Students from around the world. Course entirely online Features: asynchronous discussion forums, quizzes and group projects. Lectures are captured & video streamed Counseling and Therapeutic Approaches 0 Prof. Arpana Inman Slide20:  0 Digital library of graphic materials:  Digital library of graphic materials 0 Information literacy:  Information literacy Assessing first year student level First assessment pretty good Revising to get more in-depth assessment of students levels Developing tools to enhance students skills Based on assessment Based on faculty input 0 Using Digital Library Projects:  Using Digital Library Projects The Problem of the Planets Co-taught by Physics and Philosophy Professors 0 Prof. DeLeo & Levine Slide24:  0 Slide25:  0 English First Contact: Then and Now :  English First Contact: Then and Now Archive Project – transcription and interpretation of early American letters from “I Remain” project. Used Teams LX tool (Blackboard) to create collaborative web documents & synchronous communications tools for class sessions 0 Prof. Ed Gallagher Slide27:  0 Trans Results -- 2:  Results -- 2 Teaching modules to replace a course Lehigh Lab forum Financial services lab 0 Business Excel Proficiency:  Business Excel Proficiency 0 Joseph Manzo (TA) MS Excel proficiency modules Prepared for Business students to pass their proficiency exams TA is filmed in front of green screen and instructions are streamed to students over the web Lehigh Lab Forum :  Lehigh Lab Forum Promotes Lehigh Lab's mission of fostering excellence and innovation in teaching, learning, and research at Lehigh:   Exemplary uses of Blackboard Fostering great discussions Laying the Groundwork for Student Research in the  Age of Google Scientific Computing Integrating Research into Undergraduate Education Teaching Creatively: Disciplinary Perspectives What Is It and Why Should I Care? 0 Investments & Portfolios:  Investments & Portfolios Financial Services Lab State of the art hardware & real time financial data Response system to avoid deer in the headlight look 0 Assessment:  Assessment Blackboard annual assessment Information literacy assessment Annual classroom faculty survey LibQUAL 0 Coming attractions:  Coming attractions New innovations in teaching, learning & assessment Library transformation – Linderman renovation Digital library expansion, links to courses, e.g. Whitman site National/international virtual classrooms, seminars, institutes & collaboratories – beyond the institution 0 Keys To Success:  Keys To Success Positive/Supportive Academic Environment President, Deans, Provost, Department Chairs Shared Institutional Vision of Innovation in Teaching, Research, Scholarship, Learning Faculty willing to take risks Good Sound Pedagogy/Course Design Proactive, Visible, Faculty Support Infrastructure 0 Slide35:  THANK YOU tim.foley@lehigh.edu cmr0@lehigh.edu Questions? 0

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