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Published on December 16, 2010

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Slide 1: Team Members: Merisa, Irene, Lester, Grace, Rex —— BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER : BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER OUTLINE Introduction Body Language What? Why? How? Body Language in Different Situation Business Royalty Service Conclusion BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER : BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER What is body language? Why does people use body language in our daily life? Function and role of body language. The types of body language. How to use the body language in manner? Introduction BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER : Your subtopics go here BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER : BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER Business Etiquette Business Posture Business Communication Business Meeting Business Negotiations BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER : Good Manners in Business Etiquette 1. Shaking hands 2. Standing and Sitting with good posture 3. Staring at the talker 4. Smiling 4S: BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER : BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER Manner—Business OVER BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER : BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER Royal Etiquette There is a different culture in different country, as well as that different country has different royal etiquette. BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER : BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER Chinese Feudal Dynastic Manner British Royal Etiquette VS BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER : BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER Chinese Feudal Dynastic Manner Long period of feudalism Strict feudal hierarchy Kneel to higher rank British Royal Etiquette Strict feudal hierarchy Get down on one knee PS: Modern Do not bow or curtsy if you are not British. BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER : BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER A story 1793年,一个闷热的午后,83高龄的乾隆皇帝在避暑山庄小憩。此时,官员送来了英王的礼物,大多为西方的精巧机械,他观看之后,颇为高兴。早些时候,乾隆接到沿海商人代禀的英国使团信件,其中说到,皇帝83大寿时,未及来贺,今特遣使节前来进贡,因信中“情词极为恭顺恳挚”,他已经允准使节马嘎尔尼等来京觐见,并命令沿海官员妥善接待。   使节未到,礼物已先期到达,这让乾隆相当满意。因为有了皇帝的旨意,马嘎尔尼一行一路受到各级官员的礼貌接待,对中国人的“彬彬有礼”大加赞赏,并向中国官员表示:“敝使昧于贵国风俗,今后各事,请各大人就贵国习尚中所有者便宜行之,敝使决不稍持异议。”   然而,正是双方都小心翼翼遵守的“礼仪”,却差一点使英国使团觐见“中国大皇帝”的行动夭折——矛盾就发生在马嘎尔尼一行即将面见乾隆的前夕,双方就朝见礼节进行商讨时,中国官员要求马嘎尔尼等向乾隆行三拜九叩大礼,而英国使团坚持要行面见本国国王时的单膝跪拜吻手礼。争执激烈之时,马嘎尔尼甚至以不见皇帝相威胁。眼看原定觐见日期将至,双方终于达成一致:英国使团官员以单膝跪拜礼见皇帝。 BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER : BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER The importance of manners in service industry Sitting and Standing positions Eye contact and Facial expressions Keep Distance Manners in Service Industry BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER : BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER The importance of manners in service industry 1) Make the service is welcomed by the consumers. 2) Enhance one’s quality 3) represent the company Manners in Service Industry BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER : BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER Sitting Positions BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER : BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER Standing Positions BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER : BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER Eye contact & Facial expressions BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER : BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER Keep Distance BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER : BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER Conclusion For those body language we mentioned above, people in different situations don’t act the same. Their body language vary form culture to culture and may be different because of social background. Conclusion BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER : BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER QUESTION TIME BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER : BODY LANGUAGE--MANNER 1.Curiosity 2.Confusion 3.Disinclination 4.Rejection 5.Observation 6.Self-satisfaction 7.Welcome 8.Decision9.Secret 10.Exploration 11.Concentration 12.Anger13.Excitement 14.Relaxation 15.Suspicion 16.Stealth 17.Shyness18.Thinking 19.Overdoing

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