110 Blog Post Ideas for 10 Different Business Types

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Information about 110 Blog Post Ideas for 10 Different Business Types

Published on March 10, 2014

Author: pushingsocial

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Having trouble coming up with your next blog post idea? Here are 110 ideas to jumpstart your writing.

Pushing Social 110 Blog Post Ideas Stan Smith | PushingSocial.com !1

Pushing Social !2 Professional Services Blog Post Ideas

Stan Smith - PushingSocial.com ! Explain why readers need your services! Explain why you offer your services in your community! Outline what readers should know before selecting a professional! Describe the type of businesses or situations your service is best suited for! Detail what licensing, regulatory, or ethical guidelines govern how services are delivered! Explain the “red flags” readers should look for when working with a professional services provider! Help readers understand how much should readers prepare to pay for different levels of service and why! Show how to do due diligence before selecting a professional! Describe how to prepare themselves or business to get the most from a specialized service provider! Show readers what online research resources are available

Pushing Social !4 Local Business Blog Post Ideas

Stan Smith - PushingSocial.com ! Who how your business is different than the “big box” competition ! ! Tell why you chose to start a business to serve your community ! ! Describe why customers trust your business and choose it over alternatives ! ! Inform readers about specials and events! ! Showcase specific services that are unique to your business and how to use them ! ! Describe how your business gives back to the community ! ! Answer frequently asked questions concerning your top products or services ! ! Show how to install, prepare/cook, maintain, or enhance products sold by your business ! ! Write about unusual ideas and applications for using your service or products ! ! Highlight educational resources customers would find helpful before and after purchasing a product from your business.

Pushing Social !6 Trade Businesses Blog Post Ideas

Stan Smith - PushingSocial.com ! Why the readers should hire a professional ! ! What type of jobs are DIY-friendly and which jobs should be handled by a professional ! ! How to select a professional to handle their job ! ! How to research the background and customer service history before hiring a professional. ! ! How to request a quote that will help the readers decision-making process ! ! What regulatory, bonding, or licensing requirements the reader should look for before starting a project ! ! Common installation or maintenance mistakes ! ! Reviews of new materials, services, or product offerings. For example, my friend Marcus Sheridan wrote a popular blog post explaining different swimming pool types ! ! Easy ways to diagnose problems and determining when something needs to be replaced ! ! Online DIY resources the reader to consult for smaller jobs and projects

Pushing Social !8 Trade Businesses Blog Post Ideas

Stan Smith - PushingSocial.com ! Why the information presented is important to the reader ! ! Why you are offering the information and how you are different from alternatives ! ! What are the core principles for understanding your subject? ! ! What research, studies, or endorsements add credibility to your approach or methodology ! ! Case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of your information ! ! How to apply specific techniques to achieve the reader’s goals. ! ! How to diagnose a problem and understand root causes requiring your information. ! ! How to determine which course offer the best solutions for specific problems ! ! Third party resources and articles the reader can use to learn more about your subject ! ! Reviews of software tools and how readers can best use the tool for their situation

Pushing Social !10 Information Businesses Blog Post Ideas

Stan Smith - PushingSocial.com ! Describe the problem that your product solves and how it impacts your reader ! ! Celebrate your customers. Show them actively using your product and telling their story about why they believe in your business. ! ! Tell the story of how your product was created starting from the idea to manufacturing to the website. ! ! Show the culture of your business and how it is focused on delivering a concrete benefit to the reader. ! ! Showcase complimentary products and distribution partners that contribute value to your product or service. ! ! Invite customers and users to write short guest posts detailing how they discovered your product. ! ! Describe your “manifesto” and the beliefs that underpin your businesses’ culture ! ! Describe specific use cases for your product showing how it is uniquely suited to solve a diverse set of problems. ! ! Highlight founders and personalities from businesses that reflect your culture and core values ! ! Show unusual ways to use your product.

Pushing Social !12 Consulting Blog Post Ideas

Stan Smith - PushingSocial.com ! Explain your discipline and your unique approach ! ! Describe the principles that guide your consulting approach ! ! Tackle big problems in your space and offer easy-to-understand ways to begin finding answers ! ! Showcase clients who prove that your approach works and yields repeatable results. Remove identifiable names and situations to use case studies without revealing private information. ! ! Create a series of posts describing each phase, step, or principle of your consulting process ! ! Show readers how to diagnose their specific situation and understand their next steps ! ! Showcase thought leaders in your space that complement or reinforce your consulting approach ! ! List common pitfalls that threaten your reader’s goals and how your approach can help avoid them ! ! Offer a step-by-step plan for solving a particularly aggravating problem. ! ! Review tools and software resources that your audience will find helpful

Pushing Social !14 Nonprofits Blog Post Ideas

Stan Smith - PushingSocial.com ! Explain why your nonprofit is key a player in your space ! ! Explain the impact the problem your nonprofit addresses is critical and requires attention ! ! Offer a “tour” of the resources your nonprofit offers. Focus on resources that are underused or underappreciated by your membership. ! ! Showcase members who have used your organizations and experienced positive results ! ! List the challenges faced by your organization and simple ways the reader can help make a difference ! ! List other complementary association who offer valuable resources your membership would find valuable ! ! Write a series of “focus stories” that show how your cause related nonprofit is making a significant impact on its constituents ! ! Celebrate key donors and show how their funds are being used to make a difference ! ! Publish a motivational post about your volunteers and their dedication to your organization’s goals. ! ! Create “Live blogs” describing your live events including tradeshows, expos, or meet and greet networking events.

Pushing Social !16 State and Local Government Blog Post Ideas

Stan Smith - PushingSocial.com ! List and explain the overlooked resources offered by your organization ! ! Highlight key people and departments that offer helpful resources to constituents ! ! Showcase community members and other constituents that play a role in delivering your services ! ! Provide a comprehensive index to key data, statistics, whitepapers, and other resources available across the government. ! ! Highlight specific challenges and describe how your organization is taking a leadership role in finding solutions and encouraging collaboration ! ! Explain your department’s charter and your plans for the immediate future ! ! Describe interesting factoids and stories about your organization, staff or constituents ! ! Provide a problem -> resource post that help readers quickly find someone to help with specific problems. ! ! Live blog events, conferences, or public meetings provide perspective along with photos, video or audio ! ! Show how your department contributes to the overall agenda/plan of the government. For example, describe how an Economic Development event is key for revitalizing the state’s manufacturing base.

Pushing Social !18 Network Marketing Blog Post Ideas

Stan Smith - PushingSocial.com ! Describe who can best take advantage of your network marketing opportunity ! ! Describe the benefits of working “for yourself” ! ! Showcase top performers and their “secrets to success” ! ! Offer a “First 30-Days” action plan showing new members how to set the foundation for success ! ! Publish a weekly tip that teaches an important success habit ! ! Explain the organizations core values and how they contribute to the reader’s success ! ! Focus on resources members can use to improve their business and downline ! ! Highlight common recruitment challenges and how to address them. ! ! Celebrate new members who are succeeding despite significant disadvantages ! ! Highlight productivity, time management, and motivational apps that help keep members on task and on purpose

Pushing Social !20 Medical Blog Post Ideas

Stan Smith - PushingSocial.com ! Provide simple checklists for diagnosing symptoms and safe next steps ! ! Offer preventative steps patients can take to address common ailments ! ! Describe your services and it’s benefits in easy to understand (non-jargon) terms ! ! Showcase your practice’s contribution to the community and key organizations ! ! Describe unique services provided by your practice and how it enhances your patients health and comfort ! ! Explain new services and treatments that patients should ask about during their next visit. ! ! Look for opportunities to address medical topics that are in the news. Provide a relevant perspective. ! ! Offer advice on how to prepare children for their first visit (or their 10th!) ! ! Write “Did you know” posts that describe the doctor’s hobby’s and interests. ! ! Send weekly health tips to keep preventative options top of mind with patients between visits.

Pushing Social !22 YOU! Blog Post Ideas

Stan Smith - PushingSocial.com ! Tell how your personal story shaped your approach to your business or career ! ! What are your obsessions and quirks that influence your perspective? ! ! Who are your heroes and role models and why? ! ! Describe a particularly poignant setback and what you did to overcome it ! ! Show a “Day in the Life of You” from waking up to bed, what are the habits that keep you on track and moving to your goals ! ! Explain your personal manifesto and how it benefits your readers ! ! Create a list of your Top 10 Books ! ! Maintain a list of your Top 10 Motivational / Inspirational Movies and videos. ! ! Live blog any conference or events you attend providing your unique viewpoint ! ! Write your boogeyman post ! ! Describe the one tool or personal ritual that you can’t live without?

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