11 Tips For Women To Stay Stress Free

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Published on February 25, 2014

Author: rubybaxx

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The woman of today is smart, brave, beautiful and unfortunately, a little unhappy. After all, she's got a lot on her mind. These simple tips (11 in total) will definitely help you get through the rough times and stay that way as well.

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STAY HEALTHY STAY HAPPY! Best ways to release stress Brought to you by www.gcextract.com

1. LAUGH | LOL | LMFAO Laughter is truly the best medicine. It will relieve any of your stress and dramatically lower your blood pressure. Go watch Miss Congeniality right now!

2. Drink cranberry juice Cranberry juice will help you keep your internal system clean and flush out toxins. A clogged up stomach or colon can lead to annoyance and major stress. Drinking cranberry juice will also prevent you from becoming a Zombie, Zooombiee, bieee, ugh huh, ugh huh (Sorry I had to do that).

3. Get your fibre on! Ladies, all diseases start in the stomach and get worst in the colon. Fibre keeps the flow smooth so to speak. Eat oatmeal for breakfast with some blueberries and you will not only feel good overall but will drop them pounds as well. Brought to you by www.gcextract.com

4. Go to sleep You must get in 8 hours of sleep. If you are fairly active, at least get a minimum of 4 hours. Sleeping is necessary for us to get energized and their is no shape in it. Enjoy your sleep and your dreams. An awesome way to release stress.

5. Have fun at work Most women get sick because of work related stress. Enjoy your work. Be happy that you have it because it helps you do other things as well. In these tough times, you have a lot to be grateful.

6. Be compassionate We don’t want to say things like let the past go or just forget about it because let’s face it, it’s not easy. However, try to be more compassionate and forgiving of the little things (Someone cutting in front of you while you are in queue). Stay happier, live happier.

7. Go to the movies! Go to the movies either with your friends, or even better, by yourself. There is no shame in enjoying your own company. Get lots of food at the movies, sit down and just forget about everything. Make sure you go in the afternoon when their are hardly any people.

9. Become a monk (Almost) Yoga is great but you can start meditating right now. The more you meditate, the calmer you will be in tense situations (Because you will think much more clearly). Plus it’s one of the best way to get rid of stress. Try meditating for 5 minutes and work your way up. Once you reach the 15-20 minute mark, that’s where the magic happens.

10. Eat chocolate Contrary to popular belief, eating chocolate (Especially dark chocolate) can be quite delicious, healthy and will naturally relieve you of any stress. When life gets tough, eat chocolate.

10. Get some fresh air Opening the window and taking a deep breather doesn’t help (Okay maybe a little bit). However, one of the best ways to be stress free is by just going outside. Go for a walk, sit next to a pond or something. Just be there . . . Some people do this on a regular basis to keep a leg up on their stress levels.

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