11 Stupid Simple Ways to Make Money Online

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Published on June 25, 2014

Author: Bennewcomb1

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In this PDF I share 11 Stupid Simple ways to make money online and a little bit about each one of them and how I have used them to make money.

11 Stupid Simple but Profitable Ways to Make Money Online My name is Ben and I have a passion for helping people get out of their jobs. I help them build online assets so they can generate enough money in their spare time to at least be able to pay their bills. If they choose to quit their job once they have enough money coming through the door then that is awesome too! I worked in the fast food industry since I was in high school. I hated every minute of it and I never felt like I was making enough money to make ends meet. I never had enough money to pay rent for my own place and frankly I was lucky I got free meals at work because I wasn’t able to pay for food some days. I am not by any means saying I’ve struck it rich but now I do spend a lot of time with my wife and I make my money online. In this free report I am going to share with you some of the websites that I use to generate income so that I will never have to get on the fast food treadmill again. If you decide to take action then I might be able to help you get off of the fast food tread mill too and get to living your life! Wouldn’t it be nice if you were able to travel, take time to be with your friends and family when you want to? Imagine heading into your favorite store and knowing that you’ve made enough money online to buy the things you’d like and that you’ll still have money left over! So enough jibber jabber let’s get into the meat, shall we? Top ways I use to make money online:  Kitsy Lane  Blogger  YouTube  Network Marketing  Affiliate Programs  Udemy.com  Facebook  Info Barrel  Zazzle or Café Press  Etsy  Adf.ly

Kitsy Lane Obviously, women love their jewelry. It is amazing how many women will look at a piece of jewelry my wife is wearing and give her a compliment on it. Kitsy Lane is an online Jewelry boutique that can be set up in a matter of minute and is completely free. For every item you sell you make a 30% commission. Not too shabby. Just drive some traffic to it and you’ll be making money in no time. See my Kitsy Store by clicking here Blogger You make money on Blogger by writing a lot of blog posts. You’ll want to write at least 1 per day. After a while you will be able to put google adsense ads onto your blogger account. Once you can put these ads onto your account you will start to receive small amounts of money for every click that an ad receives. You can’t tell people to click the ads or click the ads yourself. If you do adsense will shut your blog down. Although I do blog on Blogger.com for some additional revenue I actually use a much more powerful blogging platform for most of my blogging. I will share about that later. YouTube Once you have your adsense account all set up you can start to monetize YouTube videos. YouTube is a great way to make some extra cash. All you need to do is record videos and click a little green button that allows YouTube to put ads onto your YouTube account. Every time someone clicks the ad you get a small amount of revenue. Adsense will pay you once you have reached 100 dollars in revenue. They will pay through a check or direct deposit. The more videos you share the more revenue you will be able to make! Network Marketing Network marketing or MLM is a great way to make some extra cash. A lot of people have become millionaires through these programs because they allow you to leverage the time and efforts of other people. You’ll also be helping them make money too!

Do your research before joining any of these companies to make sure they are a legit company. There are several that I like and do business with including:  Empower Network  World Ventures  Organo Gold Coffee Empower Network was the company I was talking about before when I said that I use a more powerful blog than blogger. The way this company works is you blog and when people find your blog posts they click a banner and buy the blogging system for $25 a month for unlimited blogs. This creates an immediate cash flow of about 18 dollars a month in income per customer. Then they are sent through a series of upsell videos. These videos sell products that teach people how to promote their blogs and make money online. In total every customer that comes through my Empower Network blog could be worth more than $5,000 dollars in income. Affiliate Products There are a lot of companies out there that are looking for people to promote their products. These companies can be found in directories like Clickbank.com. These companies will pay you whenever a sale of their products is made through a link that is attached to your account. For example, a while back I was selling Hello Kitty watches through an affiliate program. I took a picture that was provided by the company and placed it on Craigslist.org. People would click the link and buy the watches and when they did that I made a small commission from the sale. This strategy is outdated though because you can no longer post html links into Craigslist.org but that doesn’t mean you can’t do the same thing on other classified sites. You can also sell affiliate products through blogging and YouTube! This will not work on blogger.com as far as I know because you can’t post affiliate links but it will work on the Empower Network. Make a video about a product and then share it to YouTube. Now you’re making money from the ad revenue that is being generated through YouTube. Then put a link in the description box on your YouTube video to your Empower Network blog post about the item. Put your link for the person to buy the item you are promoting into the blog post and when they click it and buy the item based on your recommendation you make a commission. Did you catch that? You made money from the people who clicked your ad and went away from your video and you are making money from people who are taking action on your video! Cool, huh? Wait it gets even better in a moment. Udemy.com

Before I tell you how to make even more money just by having people click on stuff I want to take a moment and tell you about a few more really cool sites. Udemy is a great site for generating cash if you will put some time into creating an online course. You will need to take the time to create videos that are high quality and you will need to teach something in the course you create. For example one of the projects I am working on is a photography course. My friend Paul is a great photographer so we are putting together a course that explains how he gets the results that he does. My first course through this program is not complete yet but I thought you might want to know that it exists. You could even get paid to produce the course by selling a live webinar series that you record before you upload the course to Udemy. This is an advanced strategy. I do not recommend that you do this if you are unreliable or don’t have the proper equipment then do not do this strategy. Here is what to do.  Decide what is going to be in the course.  Make a basic outline.  Put together some marketing materials.  Schedule the course 10 weeks in the future.  Now go sell the course.  You will be delivering the course live to the people who buy it.  After you have sold as many as you can in the first 9 weeks then you will put together a slide show in power point that is professional.  You’ll deliver the course through a webinar and record the course at the same time.  Make the course 5 weeks long  For the next 5 weeks record the courses live and then give your attendees the finished product  After your course is over edit the bad bits out of your course and then upload it to Udemy  Get testimonials if you can from the people in the course and post them to Udemy to. If you really get this you will realize that you are selling a course that doesn’t exist. You are selling it before you are able to deliver it. That is why you’d better get the presentation of your course completed in the last week. Then over the next 5 weeks you will complete a course per week that will be your end product. You are being paid to create a product! Facebook Facebook might seem like a strange thing to place on this list because there is no money generated from the Facebook website that you can participate in. However with that said you can set up fan pages based on things you enjoy doing.

Once you have set up the fan page and built an audience then you just need to promote those affiliate offers that we spoke about earlier. Through Facebook custom tabs you can even start to build a list of people that you can email over time and sell even more products to. If you follow my blog you will learn a lot more Facebook strategies. Check out my Facebook page here InfoBarrel InfoBarrel is a website that will pay you for writing content for their website. I personally have not tried this strategy but Pat Flynn over at SmartPassiveIncome.com recommends it. If you want more information on this strategy check out Pat’s website or just go straight to InfoBarrel.com Zazzle.com and Café Press Zazzle.com and Café Press are both interesting websites. If you are an artist I recommend uploading your art to both of these sites and putting your art onto their products. All you need to do is put your art onto their site and their easy editors allow you to make thousands of products with a few clicks of a mouse. They handle everything else including the shipping and creation of the products. This allows you to spend the time you want on creating art and these companies will help you make the money from your work. Etsy.com Etsy is a website that helps you sell your handmade items. There are small fees associated with this way of making money but you get access to their customers. So if you love to make handmade jewelry or arts and craft type things the Etsy might be for you. This is not a long term strategy though because if you were to scale up your operations then you won’t be able to use Etsy for too long because everything must be made by hand and a large organization can’t sell their stuff on Etsy. It is a great way to get started though. Adf.ly The final website I want to talk to you about is Adf.ly. Again this isn’t going to be a huge income stream but it can get you some more ad revenue. Whenever you tell someone to click on something or you link back to an article you can shorten the link using Adf.ly. Adf.ly will serve up an ad when someone clicks the link. For every 1,000 clicks you get you will receive a whopping $5.00. Like I said you won’t get rich off of this strategy but if you put enough of these shortened links into your articles on your blog then you just might make a few bucks here and there. Adf.ly is banned on Facebook for being too spammy but it is not banned on your Empower Network blog. So use it. There are several different ways that you can use making these links less spammy and I recommend using the alternative ways so you won’t get too many complaints.

Well there you have it. Several ways to make money online. Don’t get overwhelmed. Just pick one and start doing it today. I’d love it if you would join my Empower Network team and start working with me on blogging. It is the highest revenue generating thing that is mentioned in this report which is one of the reasons I am recommending it but if that isn’t your thing I get it. Maybe you don’t want to blog and make money from this strategy. It is all good. Just make a decision and take action today To Your Success, Ben Newcomb

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