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Information about 10x10-Trade-Show-Booths

Published on March 1, 2014

Author: sandydewyer



PowerPoint Presentation: 1 (888) 291-2989 10x10 Trade Show Booths PowerPoint Presentation: About VersaTruss Plus VersaTruss Plus has been one of the leading purveyors of exhibit, display and lighting truss for over three decades. Our modern manufacturing facility can fabricate any configuration of aluminum exhibit and lighting truss from arcs, full circles to compound angles and long spans. We offer our truss products in two cord “ladder truss” , three cord “triangular truss” and four cord “box truss” Our product line incudes: Prefabricated truss trade show booth kits Custom truss trade show booths Lighting Truss Event and theme truss archways, entrances and exits Aluminum truss structures for crowd control and guidance Truss start and finish lines Truss banner stands Kiosks Custom designed truss creations for any application At VersaTruss Plus, we take pride in our work. Quality is in the forefront at all times. All of our products are fully inspected and fit checked before they are released for shipping to the end user. email Phone: 1 (888) 291-2989 2 PowerPoint Presentation: Modular Truss Trade Show Booth Kits Shift your trade show exhibit plans into high gear with one of our pre-fabricated truss trade show booth kits. In most cases we can have your modular truss trade show booth kit in transit within 24 hours if not the same day. It’s all about modularity…… All of our truss exhibit kits are inherently modular in design allowing you to increase the size of your display footprint as your business grows simply by adding additional components. If at some point you want to step outside of the box and create a custom trade show booth, for the most part, your existing components can be incorporated into you future design saving you valuable dollars down the road. Quality comes first…… Our modular truss trade show booth kits are manufactured out of structural aluminum that will not only give you a lifetime of use but will hold its beautiful luster for years to come. Within our manufacturing process, quality is not only built in but each and every component must go through a number of inspection stations before it reaches the final kit stage where we perform a full up assembly before releasing the display kit to our packaging and shipping department. Get in the game quickly and stay ahead of the competition with a one of our pre-fabricated modular truss trade show booth kits. Email: Phone: 1 (888) 291-2989 3 PowerPoint Presentation: Pre-Fabricated Truss Trade Show Booth Kits Email: Phone: 1 (888) 291-2989 4 PowerPoint Presentation: 5 email Phone: 1 (888) 291-2989 5 10x10 Truss Trade Show Booths PowerPoint Presentation: 6 email Phone: 1 (888) 291-2989 6 10x10 Truss Trade Show Booths PowerPoint Presentation: 7 email Phone: 1 (888) 291-2989 7 10x10 Truss Trade Show Booths PowerPoint Presentation: 8 email Phone: 1 (888) 291-2989 8 10x10 Truss Trade Show Booths PowerPoint Presentation: Email: Phone: 1 (888) 291-2989 9 10x10 Truss Trade Show Booth Specifications PowerPoint Presentation: VersaTruss Plus Exhibit and Display Truss Specifications At VersaTruss Plus we fabricate two main sizes of exhibit and display truss. Our main line which consists of 2” main cords and our smaller line with 1” main cords for lighter duty applications. Both sizes are available in two cord “ladder truss” three cord “triangular truss” and four cord “box truss” Email: Phone: 1 (888) 291-2989 10 PowerPoint Presentation: Our main line of exhibit truss is fabricated from structural aluminum tubing with 2″ (50 mm) OD x .065″″ (1.6 mm) wall thickness and 1/2″″ (12.7 mm) webbing providing a robust, extremely strong and resilient truss assembly that is ascetically perfect for trade show booths and simple to exotic exhibits and displays. Our 2″ exhibit and display truss assembly has a full 10″ outside assembly diameter. 2 ″ Exhibit Display Trusses are stocked in 0.2 meter / 8″ increments, however, can be manufactured to any specified length. Corners add: 400 mm / 16″- T junctions add: 550 mm / 21 3/4″ Email: Phone: 1 (888) 291-2989 11 PowerPoint Presentation: Box truss load ratings are 30% greater than triangular truss ratings 12 Email: Phone: 1 (888) 291-2989 PowerPoint Presentation: Get The VersaTruss Plus Modular & Custom Aluminum Truss Advantage Email: Phone: 1 (888) 291-2989 13 PowerPoint Presentation: email Phone: 1 (888) 291-2989 14 Email: Toll Free 1 (888) 291-2989

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