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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: freidenken

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PHP Project Management With Git Subtree Split strategy

PHP Project Management Pengenalan GIT Subtree Strategy Taufan Adhitya 2014-03-01 - Unitomo

who is this guy? ● ● ● ● ● Full time Father Part time Lead Developer @Bizgym Heinekken Caffeine Fans Enterpreneur wanna-be https://github.com/toopay

Apa yang akan kita bahas? 1. Mengenali tanda-tanda Project/Aplikasi Monolitik 2. Penggunaan Git Subtree Dalam Project Berskala Besar

Mengenali tanda-tanda Project/Aplikasi Monolitik

Mono(poli)tik?? Generally, a monolithic design is given when a software provides its functionality centralised in one huge boilerplate.

Masalah buat loe? ● However, in case of providing a lot of functionality such an approach may lead to unclear or sleazy code as there is no clear separation to other areas of the software.

Masalah buat loe? ● It is hard to manipulate or change existing code, also extensions may be hard to realize. So, developers are well advised to implement more flexible code when a certain dimension of functionality is reached.

Tendensi Monolitik yang umum ● analysis paralysis ● cargo cult programming ● death march

Penggunaan Git Subtree Dalam Project Berskala Besar

GIT : Global Information Tracker Git For Dummy CLONE PULL REBASE MERGE DIFF COMMIT PUSH

GIT Mantra : Sekarang aku bisa meng-undo kesalahan Aku adalah Time-Traveler

Ketika project bertendensi monolitik Apa yang bisa kita lakukan dengan GIT?

Git Submodule To The Rescue Submodules allow foreign repositories to be embedded within a dedicated subdirectory of the source tree, always pointed at a particular commit.

ARRGGGHH!!! And you call this as helpful idea?

Kenapa Git Submodule bisa menjadi Ide yang buruk? ● Submodule sejatinya adalah clone baru dari repository ● Artinya kita harus memastikan sub-module selalu update ● Perubahan pada submodule tidak dapat mengikuti git workflow (push tidak dapat dilakukan secara langsung)

GIT now become…. Goddamn Idiotic Truckload of sh*t

Wait…. Wait…

Apa itu Git Subtree The idea of the subtree merge is that you have two projects, and one of the projects maps to a subdirectory of the other one and vice versa.

GIT Subtree In 5 lines $ git remote add -f Bproject /path/to/B <1> $ git merge -s ours --no-commit Bproject/master <2> $ git read-tree --prefix=dir-B/ -u Bproject/master <3> $ git commit -m "Merge B project as our subdirectory" <4> $ git pull -s subtree Bproject master <5>

GIT Subtree In 5 lines ● Name the other project "Bproject", and fetch. ● Prepare for the later step to record the result as a merge. ● Read "master" branch of Bproject to the subdirectory "dir-B". ● Record the merge result. ● Maintain the result with subsequent merges using "subtree"

Subtree Strategy Benefits ● Share code without hurt your current workflow ● All revisions history are intact ● Provide clean, two-way communication between shared code/repo

Who uses this strategy? ● ● ● ● Symfony2 Zend Framework2 Laravel4 … and many more ● And probably you, in the near future!

Thats it! Question Time!

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