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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: ryanjurewicz

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List Of Cool Technology All Teachers Should Learn

10 Cool Things Teachers Should Learn Regarding Technology Created By: Ryan Jurewicz

1) Universal Design Technology can be used to enhance equitability in the classroom; By utilizing technology, a wider spectrum of students can be reached, resulting in more opportunities for more students to successfully master concepts. Offering a tool such as this can help ESOL students.

2) ACCESSIBILITY Technology allows anytime learning experiences.

3) Wearable Technology: Upcoming products include Google Glass and technological body wear (gloves, watches) Could potentially revolutionize physically handicapped students (hearing aids, prothestics, visual aids).

4) Virtual Discussion Boards Applications such as Drop Box, Google Apps, Prezi, Skype, Twitter, etc., make communication possible almost anywhere on the planet. Thus, staying connected virtually to students potentially enhances learning experiences, and allows for intellectual online discussion and collaboration.

5) The Debate Without question, the use of technology in the classroom has sprung a two-sided debate. Teachers should understand the debate, weigh pros and cons, stay relevant, and find ways to maintain innovative lesson plans- with or without technology. Debate: http://thejournal.com/articles/2007/ 11/08/the-great-debate- effectiveness-of-technology-in- education.aspx?m=1

6) Virtual Field Trips With Google Maps, field trips can happen any time! This especially might aid schools with lower budget caps.

7) Personal Web Page As a teacher, one priority should be maintaining a website for students and parents. You can add accommodations for specific students, and allow for effective communication for all parties. A calendar can be added, and everyone can remain on the same page.

8) Webinars & Podcasts Webinars and Podcasts are great tools to provide information outside the classroom. They also provide opportunities for students to create unique presentations.

9) The Arts And Physical Education These fields might be overlooked when considering technology integration. However, with hands-on apps that allow students to create pictures, art classes can benefit; also, there are apps available for mini keyboards, or song building. Additionally, physical education can benefit from technology by utilizing video playback, online quizzes, and PE websites.

Horizon Report The new Horizon Report offers valuable information about upcoming technology and utilizing it in the classroom. Every teacher should familiarize themselves with this edition as it provides unique and contemporary perspectives.

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