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Published on February 16, 2014

Author: lucillemcelroy

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Quiet Title Action recommended.

1064 Willard Saga continues

Joseph Policarpio On January 27, 2014, a Monday, I received a call from Gemma to call Joseph Policarpio at (818)385-5415. Policarpio called Manong Jose Malavega. Jose did not want to speak to me. Since Lucille Atillo McElroy has given express authorization regarding matters of 1064, Lucille calls Joseph.

Reason of call Joseph Policarpio The reason I called Manong Jose is because I have helped him over the years to be able to stay longer at the house. Now the auction sale is causing a delay because there are residents. Residents must be evicted.

Lucille relays message Response is for Joseph Policarpio to return the $3,000 paid to him for modification of loan. Joseph assured he was going to review his records and get back to me. To date, 2/15/14, Joseph Policarpio has not returned call nor responded to follow up calls. A copy of the agreement was requested (text) but Policarpio never responded.

Joseph Policarpio Joseph Policarpio, associated with Sky Unlimited Inc., a state of California defunct/ suspended corporation; and 7K Islands, Inc., entities that have caused title to be clouded by forging signature of Jose Malavega, the owner, mortgage holder with Capital One on 1064 Willard. Sky Unlimited Inc. has a $108,000 EDD lien on property for unpaid payroll taxes.

Policarpio/ Sky/ 7K • Policarpio, who acknowledged working with Sky and 7K had foiled attempts of an Unlawful Detainer and Notice of Eviction. Judgment was vacated.

Next suspected plot • Hiring Strategic Property Management to confuse tenants.

Previous foiled attempt of Sky Unlimited Inc. (scammer) Incident report • • • • • • • • • • Date of Incident: 11/13/13 Time of Incident: AM Incident Location: 1064 Willard Ave., Glendale CA 91201 Name and Title of staff member completing this report: Lucille McElroy Name and Title of all people involved (if applicable): Harold Q. Do and Andrew Hower Description of Incident (who, what, where, why, when, and outcome): _ When Harold just got out of shower, he heard someone tampering the locks from the kitchen door. The man identified himself as from Sky Unlimited and the Filipino man ordered Harold and all other occupants to pack up and leave the place. Harold called but Lucille was at work, was not able to pick up phone Wed. Nov 13, 2013 11:31 AM "Lucille, this is Harold. There is a gentleman from Sky Unlimited International. This is pretty much an emergency. They are changing the locks right now and pretty much kicking us out. I'd like to get answers form you." Lucille received a second call from Andrew which she was able to pick up. Andrew gave the phone to the man who instructed me to call Sky Unlimited International at (888)522-7077 ext. 703. When Lucille called, it was an invalid extension. Andrew and Harold were already outside. No one was else in the house. Lucille calls locksmith but when Art of Hollywood Locksmith arrived, when he saw a sign - blue sticker which locksmith thought was a Sheriff lockout, but is not.

Joseph Policarpio other outstanding complaints http://www.dre.ca.gov/files/pdf/loanmods/H36 744LA.pdf

Joseph Policarpio other outstanding complaints http://www.dre.ca.gov/files/pdf/loanmods/H36 744LA.pdf

Bounty hunters welcome Email lucille.atillo2@gmail.com on reward in disclosing whereabouts of Joseph Policarpio, Sky Unlimited Inc. and 7K Islands, Inc. Documents available upon request. District Attorney investigation

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