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Published on February 15, 2014

Author: Allie10

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Concepts related to the socialization process.

Socialization Process  involving  exchange  with  the  natural   and  social  environment  whereby  people   acquire  culture  and  a  sense  of  self.     Socialization  is  a  form  of  social  control  that  is   essential  to  human  existence  and  individual   development.

Why is socialization important? O   essential  link  between  the  individual  and   society   O   source  of  self-­‐‑awareness  &  identity  formation O   essential  for  healthy  human  development     O   provides  survival  skills,  makes  group   memberships  possible O   is  a  life-­‐‑long  process  that  promotes  adjustment   to  change  in  society  and  life   O   essential  to  the  survival,  order  and  stability  of   groups  and  societies   O   preserves  cultures  and  promotes  progress  

How does socialization promote order and stability in society? O   relevance  of  functionalist  perspective  and  norms   projects  to  the  question  above   O   effective  socialization  experiences  are  geared  toward   producing  internalization  in  individuals,  which  means   that  a  person  now  conforms  based  on  values  and   norms  that  they  have  accepted  and  share  with  the   larger  group/society. O   thus,  they  will  generally  not  engage  in  deviance  or   crime  that  is  significantly  disruptive  to  the  larger   group  or  society. O   according  to  the  functionalists,  social  order  is  derived   from  general  consensus  on  cultural  values  and  norms,   which  is  produced  via  socialization.  

Nature and Nurture O   foundation:  all  humans  are  products  of  heredity   (nature)  and  environment  (nurture)   O   debate  on  role  and  relative  importance  of  each  is   often  characterized  as  futile  as  the  two  are   inseparably  influential  and  equally  important O   most  sociologists  focus  their  theory  and  research  on   the  social/cultural  experiences  influencing  human   behavior  along  with  the  potential  for  human   development  if  individuals  are  exposed  to  adequate   or  enabling  socialization  experiences  (nurture)

Very extreme social isolation and child maltreatment: known cases O   importance  of  socialization  (especially  early  socialization)  is   supported  by  cases  of  extreme  isolation  &  child  maltreatment     O   Genie  (language  acquisition,  ability  to    understand  and  reason) O    hKp://www.youtube.com/watch? v=dEnkY2iaKis&list=PLAED0A0A876E65441 O   Anna  and  Isabelle  (mediating  factors  in  treatment  outcomes) O   cases  of  less  extreme  isolation:  children  of  the  understaffed   orphanages  and  holocaust   O   relevance  of  meaningful  social  interaction  and  particularly  in   early  childhood  (core  concept  2)   O   individuals  must  have  more  than  their  physical  needs  met  to   develop  normally

and Socialization O   preservation  of  culture O   sustain  culture  and  society  across   generations   O   individual  memory  is  functionally   essential  to  everything  human  (complex   biogenetic,  neurological  aspects)   O   beyond  individual  aspects,  there  are   memories  shared  socially.

Memory & Socialization O   collective  memory  is  evident  in   many  forms:  holidays,   monuments,  rituals,   ceremonies,  stories,  history,  etc. O   For  example:  in  the  United   States  we  collectively   remember  our  nation’s   independence  during  4th  of  July   celebrations  and  various   holidays  place  emphasis  on   important  aspects  of  our   cultural  heritage.

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